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Want to make money as a telehealth professional? Try for the opportunities on Talkspace. You can join as a therapist, prescriber or associate therapist and work virtually as per your own schedule.

If you are interested in behavioral healthcare, expect Talkspace to offer you $67.90 per hour for live sessions, which is nearly 2x of what its competitors pay. To be matched with clients, you must have an A LCSW, LMFT, LPCC, or Ph.D. in clinical psychology.


It is great to make money while helping brands improve their customer service and offer the best services to their customers. For interesting side hustles in mystery shopping, BestMark is one of the top options, as the company offers stability because of its strong market presence.

BestMark has been active in US and Canada markets since 1986 and offers wide coverage across the two countries. As a gig worker, you can choose any options – mystery shopper, intercept interviewer and compliance auditor. With BestMark, making money with your smartphone while hopping from one store to another is a cool option if you are a gig worker.


With a pay of around $15-25 for every gig, mystery shopping is great with SecretShopper. The company has been operating since 1990, so working with it is great for gig workers looking to side hustle in mystery shopping. 

As a secret shopper, you just need a camera and a scanner to submit proof of your shopping, and you get paid by SecretShopper for that task. In case you are in a restaurant instead of a store, you get paid for the cost of meals for two people. Alongside SecretShopper, you are free to work as a mystery shopper for any other app or site you want.


The design platform is best for graphic designers who want to work away from the crowd. The Crowdspring platform matches clients with five designers at a time for their project, which means a greater chance for freelance graphic designers to get a gig or a long-term project.


The designers can also submit their work to be sold to clients and also take part in competitions. With an army of more than 220 000 creatives on the platform, Crowdspring is one of the top places for graphic designers to work with a talented community worldwide.


The EyeEm platform allows you to sell photos and get paid for every sale of the same photos. You keep the copyrights of the photo.

With EyeEm, you can also get your work out to a wider audience as the site collaborates with top names in stock photography like Getty Images. As a gig worker, you can also be booked for photoshoots through the EyeEm site. Freelance photography and selling photos online is easy with this platform.


One of the world’s biggest stock image sites, Shutterstock, has given out $1 billion to its contributors in the last 15 years. When you sell photos online with Shutterstock, you get paid every time a photo is downloaded. 

You even get to work as a Shutterstock custom creator, submitting music – mainly audio tracks and offset. With so many options on one site, you cannot go wrong in your freelance photographer career. Working on gigs on the stock photo site pays handsomely, so you can keep your options open in this field too.

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With Adobe Stock, a freelancer can earn 33% royalties for images and 35% for videos. For photos, vectors and illustrations, you can earn $3.30 for every download in the 3 credits per month plan for buyers and $%.60 to $7.84 for every HD video in the 25 credits per month plan for buyers. 

There are a number of plans, so your earnings as a freelance photographer keep changing as per that. Earning with your photos and videos is one of the best side hustles online, and a brand like Adobe ensures your payments are safe and regular.


Freepik has quickly grown into a large platform for stock photography. With over 32 million visitors per month and more than 1200 million downloads, you can make money online fast.

Over 10000 contributors are listed on Freepik, so that means you can be a part of a growing community and learn more with time. 

With Freepik, you are free to upload the same resource to other sites and still be paid per download for your work. Working on a non-exclusive model with Freepik or Flaticon as a freelance contributor is the coolest thing about the site.


Working as a driver or a mover with Bellhop can easily make you around $21 an hour. The Bellhop platform is one of the fastest-growing in the moving business and is open to everyone who wants to work on gigs in their free time.

You can set your own schedule and be passionate about helping others in moving. Your attitude toward work and passion for succeeding in a moving job can easily help you rise in the ranks and be in a captain’s position with Bellhop.


You can create a free account on the GigSmart app and apply for jobs right after that. The Gigsmart dashboard opens access to local on-demand, scheduled, & permanent jobs.


If you are a gig worker who wants to make quick money with simple tasks, look through the dashboard for on-demand gigs. You will definitely find something that matches your work area and schedule.


Both Angi and HomeAdvisor platforms are run by the same company, Angi is more popular for small or one-off jobs, while HomeAdvisor is geared towards large or more costly projects.

On HomeAdvisor, as a contractor, you can generate leads for your work or your small business and get regular work – even in slow seasons. The HomeAdvisor site will benefit you even more if you are a beginner contractor and want to expand your business online.

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