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The Urban Writers is a ghostwriting service in Toronto, Canada that offers competitive prices. They have over 200 editors who work on a variety of written content, including books, scripts, and SEO articles. 


If you want to make money through paid reviews, Slice the Pie is the place. Brands, artists, and labels – all need honest opinions from the users to improve their products and services, and this is why they need prolific reviewers.

You can make money online on Slice the Pie with this if you provide detailed and accurate reviews that help the brands and professionals work on what they offer to improve it.


With this site, you can make money doing simple tasks, which include paid surveys and polls, cashback shopping and dining, trying new apps, exploring new products and services, playing games, and much more!

The best thing about InboxDollars is that it pays you real cash, not points. The site has paid $80 million in cash rewards for the gigs people do for them. The gigs are simple and make the perfect side hustle.

For low-cost projects, gig workers find RapidWorkers to be a good site. The tasks are simple and take very less time to complete.

The tasks on RapidWorker include simple things like creating a Gmail account, signing up for some online game, upload photos, fill up insurance forms, vote for a video on YouTube or follow someone on Twitter and much more. You can register on the platform and find gigs you want to work on.


In grocery shopping, Instacart is a top choice for part-time work and side hustle. There are two main roles that can help you make money on Instacart – full-shopper and In-store shopper. The work is about buying and delivering groceries in your local area. 

The money paid by Instacart to its workers depends on various factors like the time you devote, tips you get, location and the orders you complete. For a full-shopper role on Instacart, there are no fixed terms as such because it is a contractual role, but as an in-store shopper, you need to complete at least 29 hours of work every week.


Making money by taking online surveys often comes across us. It’s true that brands pay for surveys because that is part of market research which helps them improve their products and services.

This is where ySense can help you make money with online surveys. You have to fake free surveys on the site and get cash rewards. The site also has gigs for you to try new products and services, download and explore apps, sign up for websites, watch videos and more. Every gig helps you earn an income online.


Gigs that take 5 minutes to an hour and pay you $3 to $100 are available on Gigwalk. The company is into market research and intelligence for big brands, and for that, it has several small tasks or gigs they need for compiling data. You work on gigs entirely through the Gigwalk app and do not need any timesheets.


If you are looking for part-time work, remote work or work-from-home in gaming, translation and interpretation, corporate associate in sales and marketing, accounting and finance or any other business function, Lionbridge offers great opportunities.

With 3.5 billion units translated, 2100+ customers and 350+ languages to work in, this 25-year-old company, Lionsbridge, is the perfect place for you to find remote work or gigs that come up from time to time.


Surveys as short as one question paying a $5 cash reward can probably rank as the number one gig online. Crowdtap offers simple surveys and seeks your opinion on free products. In turn, you get interviews that pay $25, $50 or even more. The surveys and options polls are mostly for brands who want to improve their products and services and be more customer-focused.

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