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If you love writing blogs, making money on Medium is easy. The longer the time the readers spend on your blog, the more money you make. Medium is the largest collaborative blogging platform with over 100 million readers. It saves you the hassle of building a website, hosting and other things related to running and maintaining your own website. 


You simply need to register on Medium and start writing blogs. Your quality of writing and content optimization matters a lot in building an audience on Medium.

With Medium,

  • Make money in proportion to the time spent by readers on your blogs.

  • Earn through referrals. Every new member referred by you to

  • Medium gets 50% of the subscription fees. 

  • Charge from clients or brands who approach you with an offer to write or mention them in your blogs.

  • Get eligible for the paid program with only 100 followers on Medium.


This is the king of side hustles if you love driving. Uber is one of the top companies in the world in tying up with the best means you make money fast. Uber provides you with flexible drive and delivery opportunities. The ridesharing app is available in every city in the US and also many other countries. If you don’t have a car, you can hire one with Uber’s partner program.


With Uber, you get:

  • Safe and timely payments. You can cash out up to 5 times a day.

  • Work with your own car or by hiring/leasing through the partner program.

  • Safety and assurance – insurance coverage and 24/7 driver support.

  • Great potential to make money as both full-time and part-time Uber drivers.

  • Start driving right after the document verification process.


Shopping is fun, and if it can get you money while you do it for others is simply the best idea. Dumpling gives you the power to shop for others and make money with it. You can turn this side hustle into a small business with their pro plan.


Keep shopping for your customers in your local area, and Dumpling will ensure that you keep getting new orders. With this platform, you:

  • Can choose either an individual or a pro plan if you want to hire a team and do business on a large scale.

  • Get a 60-day free trial.

  • Create your own personal webpage.

  • Get access to quality training material with which you can grow your local shopping business.


There are fitness niche creators on Playbook that make up to $1 million a year. If working in the fitness domain makes you happy, you can make it a high-paying side hustle or even a full-time content creator business through the Playbook app. It’s free to register on Playbook, and you pay only 20% of what you earn through subscriptions.


With the Playbook app, you get:

  • Your own app and a checkout page.

  • To work in any niche fitness niche – yoga, aerobics, sports, celebrity trainer, athletes, wellness gurus and many more categories.

  • Integration with Facebook and Instagram-ready templates.

  • Option to sell merchandise.

  • Rights to your content. It is never locked.

  • Access to customer data.

cambly logo.png

This is a platform that makes it easy for you to teach English and make money online. With Cambly, you don’t need a formal certification or a degree to teach English. If your command of language is strong and you possess the right skills to teach, Cambly is the perfect place for a side hustle for English tutors. You get paid for every minute you chat with your students.


With Cambly, you:

  • Get paid $10.20 for an hour and $12 an hour for chatting with kids.

  • Get paid weekly.

  • Access to a global audience – anybody who wants to learn the English language.

  • Learn about different cultures and people while working.


It is one of the most popular and largest online marketplaces for creative people to make money in ecommerce. It is highly popular for digital products but also provides a good scope for physical products. Anything that is creative sells fast on Etsy. It allows you to build your own store on the platform and even run a personal .com address for your customers.


With Etsy, you can:

  • List a product for as less as $0.20 with a 4-month active window.

  • Access to millions of buyers worldwide.

  • Sell in any of the three categories – handmade goods, craft supplies and vintage items (older than 20 years).

  • Access to seller handbook, newsletters and advice from the seller community for tips and guides for success on Etsy.


The platform is the easiest one in the ecommerce world to start selling and make your first dollar online. The beauty of the platform is the scale at which you can operate – sell an emoji, sell a blog instead of an ebook, sell video courses or any physical product you want.


Simply put, Gumroad allows you to sell every possible thing at the smallest scale.

With Gumroad:

  • Start selling with anything you own, or you can create.

  • Sell anything you want to – open to both digital and physical products. 

  • You get superb integration features for all your favorite apps.

  • Sell without any previous experience and grow quickly with its seller-friendly interface.


Here is a unique platform for content creators. You can pilot episodic stories on Tales and make money through revenue sharing, whether you hold previous experience or are a newbie. The options for creators include creating books, comics, games, and audiobooks.


With this modern publisher platform, you get:

  • Analytics tools to monitor your sales and boost them further with powerful insights.

  • Tools to edit, convert and refine your content. No-code tools to remix your stories.

  • Join a strong community of 25,000+ novelists, screenwriters, and game writers.

  • Creator-friendly rights compared to Kindle, Wattpad and Radish.


If you own vacant land where there are hikers, campers, glampers, RV owners or any outdoor sports and activities enthusiasts, host them through Hipcamp. The unique concept offered by Hipcamp means you can make money from your vacant land by renting out camping and parking. 

With tourism on the rise and outdoor enthusiasts looking for affordable places, your income from raw land can go high quickly and offer you a steady income throughout the year.

With Hipcamp, you

  • Earn up to $21,000 within eight months (based on what previous

  • Hipcamp side hustlers have earned)

  • Make $35 from a basic site and up to $300 for group camps with private lake access.

  • Up to $1 million insurance to protect the hosts from any unwanted occurrence.

  • Start for free and keep 90% of what you earn through hosting.


The parking management company offers various remote positions in sales, coding, etc., but the coolest part here is the gig it offers to everyone – no experience and no formal degree required.

You need to scan the license plates with your smartphone.


As a parking enforcer, you play a role in keeping illegal parking in private areas under control. Scanning gets you money, and you can work as much as you want to.


With AirGarage, you:

  • Make quick money by scanning license plates of illegally parked vehicles in private parking areas.

  • Work with a company that is growing fast and has received funding from various investment groups.

  • Opportunity to work in other roles if you possess the right skills.

vip kid.png

If you love teaching and make the maximum from it, VIP Kid is the perfect platform to try. You can make anything from $14-$22 working remotely. If you are fluent in English and keen to teach K-12 kids, sign up on the platform to get started. There is a 6-month contract, but you can choose the number of hours you want to work. With VIP Kid, you can expect:

  • Fair pay and incentives.

  • Work from the comfort of your home and decide the number of hours you want to work for.

  • Focus entirely on teaching as the platform provides you the lesson plans.

  • Simple hiring process – a short demo class.

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