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The famous live streaming platform Twitch is owned by Amazon. With Twitch, you get access to millions of daily visitors across different categories – gaming, music, sports, food and drink, chatting and much more. Live gaming made it a highly popular platform but it has expanded greatly and is now equally popular in all other categories. 

To make money on Twitch, you can make money through Twitch bits, ads, donations from the community, affiliate marketing, selling merchandise, monetization, sponsorships and many more ways.


With Twitch:

  • You can make money online with anything creative you can stream and build an audience around it.

  • Get the most out of your skills by live streaming.

  • Build a community and expand the scope of your gig. The platform is huge, so there’s no limit to what you can do or how much you can earn.


Selling digital products online is in trend, but the problem online sellers face is the hefty charges of the ecommerce platforms, which ranges from 10% to even 25%, plus a lot of other hidden charges. Termed as the top alternative to Gumroad, Flurly is picking up. With it, you get 99% of what you get for your digital product from the buyers.


Flurly sellers can:

  • Make more money selling digital products than other platforms. 

  • Sell any kind of digital product.

  • You can upload product samples. And win more customers with it.


It is one of the apps that stood against Apple’s 30% charge policy from app owners. The reason – Fanhouse aims to provide maximum earnings back to the creators. This is the concept with which it works, and content creators love it for this reason.


On Fanhouse, you can:

  • Register as a creator and bring all your fans in one place.

  • Restrict your content to your most loyal fans.

  • Use coins from the web to save most of what you earn.

  • Be part of a community with top names, including The Chainsmokers.


With Tiptapp, you can contribute to the green planet drive in many ways and also earn money while doing that. It is a beautiful concept where if you own a vehicle, you can help people in your neighborhood move things (in and out) and pick up items for recycling and giveaways. So make money driving your vehicle and contribute to a social cause. The app is from Sweden.


With Tiptapp, you can:

  • Earn up to around £260 after paying your own expenses with just 8 pickups in a day (around 8 hours)

  • Find people in real-time and offer help while being paid by the app.

  • Make money while contributing to a cleaner and greener planet drive.


The art-exclusive UK-based platform is a social marketplace and community working for the betterment of the art industry. Brushwrk helps independent artists showcase their work and make money with it.


With Brushwrk, you get:

  • The best money for your artwork.

  • Access to a platform that uses the best algorithms to put your work in front of people who love and buy art.

  • To work for a platform that is exclusive for artists.


This app is one of the best for gamers. You create challenges, compete, showcase your gaming skills and let the community have fun with it. The 1V1ME platform is exclusive for gamers who know their game well and want to make money from it.


With 1V1ME, you can:

  • Increase the fun and thrill of gaming to newer levels.

  • Make money through gaming – challenges, competitions, and staking.

  • Experience a platform for serious gamers and have fun with player vs. player games.


This is the biggest freelancing platform in the world. Gigs start from $5, and that makes them attractive to buyers. As a seller on Fiverr, you can list anything that you want to sell – content writing, SEO, web design, voiceover, animation video making, programming, data, lifestyle, photography, social media marketing – basically, any skill-based service that you think someone might buy from you. Subcategories are endless on Fiverr, and you can price your gig the way you want to. 

Unlike Upwork or several other freelancing platforms, you do not get access to all the jobs available. Instead, clients send you an offer directly on your gig, and you get paid after completing the job. 

Competition is tough, and due to the fact that the platform has been around for many years, there are more freelancers than the jobs on offer, it can be tough for beginners to make money on Fiverr and might even take months or years to actually get into the flow of things.


With Fiverr, you:

  • Work with the best and largest freelance platform.

  • Be part of a freelancer community where many gig workers have

  • made several hundred thousand dollars with their gigs and rank as top earners in the freelancing world.

  • Once you enter top seller levels, gigs come regularly from top buyers.

  • You get paid what you want. If you show good work and get top ratings consistently, your chances of getting gigs increase, and you can hike your gig price based on demand.


This is an exclusive platform for graphic designers. Whatever your strengths are – logos, business cards, t-shirt designs, book covers, web/app/social media page designs, banners, product packaging design, labels, etc. – there are a lot of choices for you as a designer. 


You can make either directly from a client who orders a design from you or by participating in competitions. It is one of the most famous platforms for designers, so there is plenty of work available if you showcase your design skills.


With 99Designs, you:

  • Make money through a safe, stable and popular graphic design freelancing platform.

  • Be part of a large designer community where you can compete and learn and be a better designer with it.

  • Get the best price for your work. 99Designs has paid more than $250 million to its freelance designers for their work. 

  • Focus on your freelancing career while the platform finds new clients for you.


Teaching on your own terms and making money as per the price you set is simply cool. Outschool makes it happen for the teachers. Whether you hold a formal certification/degree or not, you can teach through this platform if you have a passion for teaching students. It is open for all subjects and anyone who is experienced in teaching.

To work on Outschool, you can:

  • Apply if you are from the US, UK, Canada, Australia, or New Zealand. 

  • Set a flexible schedule and teach anything you hold experience in.

  • Choose who you want to teach.

skill share.jpg

The online teaching platform is for creative people who want to share their knowledge with others. Skillshare is popular for its affiliate marketing option, but it is the creative teachers on the platform who make big money online. The top earners on Skillshare make around $100 000 a year. There are main categories from which you can choose any of the subcategories you think is your strong area. The main categories for video classes include creativity, arts, design, freelancing, entrepreneurship, lifestyle, and productivity.


On Skillshare, you can:

  • Upload video classes that are around 30-40 minutes in duration.

  • Be among the top money making teachers by growing followers.

  • Get access to resources that can help you set up your video teaching courses. 

  • Be part of a creative classes platform with millions of members.


With Superpeer, you get live streams, online courses, 1:1 calls, and community in one place. With easy integration and your audience in one common place, you can focus entirely on the content creation side and let the platform do the rest of the work for you. There is no fee for 1:1 calls, and you pay only 10% for subscriptions, streams and series.


Registering on Superpeer allows you to:

  • Build amazing landing pages and profile pages for yourself.

  • Work freely with absolutely no caps on the number of attendees, stream duration, and email recipients.

  • Boost business with in-app analytics and marketing tools.

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