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Here is an exclusive service for Shopify store owners. And freelancers can make good money from it. Storetasker is a members-only network best suited to the developers, designers, and marketers on Shopify, the world’s leading ecommerce website builder platform.


Working as a freelancer on Storetasker has many benefits:

  • Less competition compared to all other freelance websites as the site is a members-only platform.

  • Its Shopify exclusivity means a large number of online store owners looking for freelancers here instead of on other freelancing websites.

  • Access to a curated dashboard of freelance work opportunities.

  • Choose the leads you want to work on.

  • Bill the client as per your price. No restriction on what price you set for your Shopify freelancing service.


It’s one of the leading ecommerce platforms if you want to make money by selling items you no longer use. Pets, makeup, dresses, electronics, home appliances – the categories on Poshmark are many, so you have plenty to choose from. 

The best thing about selling on Poshmark is that the platform has a large community looking for branded items – everything from Nike to Chanel and Michael Kors to Louis Vuitton.


Being a seller on Poshmark ensures:

  • Quick sales if your items are of famous brands and in good shape.

  • You are part of virtual parties where items sell fast – Posh Parties.

  • One of the simplest shipping processes through PoshPost.

  • A large community for you to build social connections and makesales fast.


Here’s a platform with more than 150 000 custom songs written, produced, mixed and recorded by freelancers. Songfinch is a unique website for artists writing and recording custom songs. The platform is really easy to work on and make some quick money in a side hustle.


With Songfinch:

  • You receive a request from the platform with a 24-hour timeline for accepting or declining.

  • Work flexi hours and be sure of payment safety.

  • Be part of a large artists' community.

  • Earn $100 per song and more for every added verse.

  • Freedom to work in multiple genres.


The iFans tool is for content creators on YouTube, Instagram, TikTok and many other social media platforms. You make money by posting exclusive content for your audience, and your income increases as the number of fans keeps going up.


With iFans, you can:

  • Earn up to $1000 in side hustle.

  • Choose from a wide range of social media channels that the platform supports.

  • Promote it with photos with links and keep building an audience to make more money.


The food delivery business is hot right now, and it is set to remain like this in the future. If you love cooking food and want to make money from it without investing much, Foodnome is the best platform. From a home-based kitchen, chefs and home cooks can make as much as they want to. It is one of the best side hustles in the food domain.


Foodnome is best if you want to:

  • Start a food business with very low investment.

  • Receive regular orders from a large community that loves home food.

  • Get registered easily – experts help you at every step – from insurance to food safety certification.


Brands love their customers, so they do all the things to help them get nicely packaged and well-displayed in the local stores – whether small or big like Whole Foods, Target, Sprouts, Publix, Kroger, Ralph’s and many more. Brands want to see where their products are displayed, if they are within customers’ reach or not, the packaging is new-like or not. This is where Pickl comes in – for side hustlers who want to make money while shopping. You need to visit any of the stores, look around for products, click pictures and answer a few very simple questions and get paid for it by the Pickl app. Every task gets you $5. Easy as it gets.


With Pickl app, you:

  • Can make money with your smartphone - $5 for every task. It adds up fast, so the income potential is high.

  • Help brands get their product packaging and display, and feedback right. Earn money while doing that.

  • Take up as many gigs as you want to and request more if you want to do that regularly.


Top brands for top talent – that’s what Toptal freelance platform aims at. If you are talented enough to make it to the platform (acceptance rate 3%), you can earn big with Toptal. The platform has more than 21 000 premium clients looking for software designers, project managers, finance experts and other high-end workers in related domains.


If accepted as a freelancer on Toptal, you get to:

  • Work with top organizations like Shopify, Motorola, Udemy, Zendesk, etc.

  • Be part of a community that is highly talented. The platform has freelancers and remote workers from organizations like SpaceX and Google.

  • Get the best fee for your services compared to many other popular platforms.


It is an innovative platform for content creators. If you are an artist, live streamer, podcaster, creative writer, crafter, photographer, filmmaker, cosplayer or anything that has helped you build an audience, Ko-fi is the right place for you. Bring your fans to the Ko-fi platform and make money instantly.


On Ko-fi, you:

  • Pay only 0-5% fees, so accept donations, earn through membership tiers, sell on your online shop and take the maximum from what you earn.

  • Be part of a platform where content creators have earned more than $100k in donations alone.

  • Integrations with leading tools and platforms like Discord, Zapier, WordPress and more.

by me a coffee.png

The platform works with a philosophy that prioritizes creators over businesses. Buy Me a Coffee claims 500 000 creators on its platform. The platform allows you to create a page, bring your followers and start making money online through donations, memberships and subscriptions. You can make a recurring income by selling anything online.


Buy Me a Coffee platform is:

  • Open to all creators – writers, musicians, developers, gamers, artists, etc.

  • Easy to use as followers can pay creators with a single click.

  • About freedom, as it allows 100% ownership of your supporters and fans.


The freelancer platform is exclusive to writers. With Constant Content, content writers and copywriters can work with top clients and get the best rates for their work. The platform works on a unique model – you submit your articles, and the brands buy them. This is entirely different from all other platforms where brands order and then content writers write.

With ConstantContent, you get to:


  • Work with 100s of top brands who need high-quality content.

  • Make as much as $90 000 a year if you prove your writing skills with top content.

  • Be a freelance writer in any of the categories – ebooks, articles, marketing copies, white papers and much more.


It’s one of the best in business for side hustles. If you want to make money while doing any of the tasks, you can lend a helping hand to busy people in your locality, TaskRabbit is the perfect option. 

Gig workers in any of the categories – wall mounting, electrical, plumbing, personal assistant, IKEA furniture assembly, baby proofing and many others, can make anything from $15 to even $50 for an hour. TaskRabbit is popular in many cities, so you keep getting regular tasks to keep your side hustles going.


With TaskRabbit, as a gig worker, you get:

  • The best per hour pays for your tasks.

  • Listed and start getting tasks from clients in your local area.

  • Set your own rate based on your experience, and work on a schedule you set for yourself.

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