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Working as a freelancer on one of the world’s largest website building platforms is fun and well-paying. On the marketplace, you can get hired as a freelancer to design, develop and market Wix users’ websites. 

Working as a gig worker on Wix is easy – register yourself, get featured and start receiving leads. You set your own rate and work terms as Wix gives you complete freedom and flexibility to work. Once you move up the level, you can show your best work (up to 20 best websites you have worked on) and start getting more leads from the Wix platform.


This is more of a resource that posts gigs from other marketplaces and provides you with useful resources to succeed in your gigs and freelancing career. In the jobs section, you can find plenty of jobs categorized as per company names, mostly freelance marketplaces and also big brands like Amazon and American Express. Apply directly and start making money with the gig offered to you.


What started as a book in 1996 is now a website for freelancers and gig workers. And it’s unique. It offers freelance jobs and gigs in adventure, outdoor education, wilderness therapy, camp and ranch, sustainable living and farm work niches. 

To make it even better, you can find work in hospitality and resorts and many other meaningful jobs. The idea behind Backdoorjobs is to do work that has heart and is not just about money. So if unique opportunities like cabin and trip counselors, trail crew, aquatics specialists and many more appeal to you, search for jobs and gigs on Backdoorjobs, and you will be delighted.

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Over 1 million jobs have been posted and in operation since 1999 - that’s Rat Race Rebellion for you. The unique platform brings you the best jobs and gigs for remote workers and freelancers in various niches. Work could be anything – customer service representative in health and fitness, video captioning, work from home virtual assistants, merchandising – basically, anything that can help you make money online through gigs or jobs. This is what RatRaceRebellion excels in.


The Steady app has provided more than 19 million opportunities to earn for freelancers and gig workers. On average, the jobs on Steady help gig workers make $5500 a year. You get hand-picked opportunities from the Steady community. With it, you can earn cash incentives through its trusted partners, which improves your overall financial health.


ClearVoice by Fiverr

On the ClearVoice platform (a Fiverr company), there are jobs for freelancers in multiple categories – the main is content writing, and then there are also SEO, video editing, graphic designing and animation. 

To make money online through freelancing jobs and gigs on ClearVoice, you need to create a profile, and once it is approved, you get jobs matched with your profile. On ClearVoice, you set your own rates and work schedule.


The art-exclusive site has over 125 000 artists who post hundreds of new artwork daily. On Artrepreneur, you show your talent and stand a chance to win prizes with it. You need to submit your artwork to Artrepreneur's open-call art competitions. 

You can work in any of the art categories – illustration, maker, sculpture, photography, drawing, painting and mixed media. Artrepreneur charges 0% commission on sales, so without worrying about heavy charges, you simply need to focus on creating art and selling it on this exclusive platform for artwork freelancers.


If you have talent in the field of music and want to make it big in the music industry, showcase your freelance music talent on SoundBetter. You can work in any of the categories available on SoundBetter – singing, mixing, producing, songwriting and many more. The list of categories for freelance musicians is endless. More than 400 000 musicians have used the platform, so you can definitely find something for yourself and boost your freelance music career.


Whether you are a full-stack engineer or a front-end engineer, Gun is the perfect platform for developers to find remote jobs. The Gun site aims to make remote jobs easy to find for the developers and let them work without any call from companies to join the office. So if you are a remote developer, register on the site and start getting jobs from top brands.


Here’s an exclusive platform for DevOps AWS engineers who want to work remotely. The X-Team site has been operational since 2006 and gives you the opportunity to find remote work with big brands like Intel, Twitter, Fox, etc. if you have expert-level knowledge of DevOps, CI/CD, IAC – cloud formation, Terraform, you can find work easily on X Team. The site has a strong community of more than 100,000 developers. The site offers long-term and full-time opportunities also.

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Big brands, the opportunity to make money while shopping and guaranteed payments upon successful completion of tasks – Field Agent app offers great scope for gig workers. McDonald’s, CVS, Costco, Kohl’s, 7-11, Kroger and Target are some of the brands you get to deal with when working on gigs from the FieldAgent app. 

You can choose any options - collecting photos and prices of the products displayed in stores, taking surveys about products, rate and review, buy and try specific products, review your in-store experience and much more. All of this is to help companies review their product quality, sales and marketing strategy and enhance customer experience. So go shopping, use your smartphone and make money through gigs. Side hustles don’t get better really.

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