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The platform is one of the oldest in the freelancing arena and has helped millions of gig workers find work. On Guru freelancing platform, there are small to big gigs posted every day in various categories, so you can pick the one you like.


Guru is:

  • One of the most reliable, oldest and secure platforms for freelancers.

  • Popular for a wide variety of gigs in numerous categories – from content writing to legal, sales and marketing to design and architecture. There’s a lot to choose from.

  • Choose any payment method and mode of work – task-based, hourly, recurring, or fixed-price.


The site is exclusive to remote jobs. Flexjobs has been around for many years and is known for its high-quality remote, hybrid, work from home and freelance job options. The expert team at Flexjobs vets every job before it is posted for workers. It also provides regular workshops and skill courses to keep remote workers productive and competitive in the job market.


Flexjobs offers you:

  • Freedom to work in any mode you like – hybrid, remote, work from home, freelancing.

  • 100% payment safety and the best pay rate for your work.

  • Resources to up your skills and chances of getting a job – resume, career coaching, workshops, skill-specific training courses.

  • Gateway to work remotely with top brands like Apple, Salesforce, Dell, Xerox, SAP, United Healthcare and many more.

freelancer.jpg was once one of the top platforms to work on before Upwork, and Fiverr took the top positions., the Australia-based freelance site, is still a top place to make money online by bidding on thousands of jobs posted daily by clients from around the world.  With a 65 million strong community on which has posted around 20 million jobs and contests so far, freelancers in any field can find a gig to work on. The scale on which operates is massive, and its freelancer-friendly interface gets you a job real quick. is:

  • Regarded as one of the top places to start your freelance career

  • One of the top sites in the freelance economy.

  • Operating on a large scale. No matter which country you are from, the chances of you finding a gig are high.

  • Full of different categories you can work in – content writing, web designing, software development, virtual assistant, data entry, data research, MS excel work, graphic design, 3D, AI, translation, SEO and many more.

  • On, the variety of jobs is the largest compared to any other freelance website.


Working as a professional automotive technician on YourMechanic is flexible – you can choose to work on gigs in the evening, on weekends or even full-time. You can easily make up to $70 per hour, which is at least 2 to 3 times more than local car dealers and car service workshops pay.


YourMechanic is a great platform to find gigs on because:

  • The pay per hour is one of the best in the industry.

  • The company has tie-ups with Uber and Lyft ride-sharing apps.

  • More than 2.5 million people visit the YourMechanic site every month.

  • The work is very basic - brakes, timing belts, tire rotations,

  • alternators, 30/60/90k service, A/C, etc. Nothing complex. 


With Respondent, you can make money by participating in research. If you hold professional experience in any field, there are chances to be part of research that can help you make money. 

The professionals who regularly get research participant offers on Respondent are software developers, marketers, business executives, enterprise software users, sales and support and business owners. Depending on your profile, you can make anything from $100 to $700 in hourly pay.


To work on Respondent

  • Create a profile and get it verified.

  • Get matched with research studies you can be a part of.

  • Answer a few screening questions from the researchers.

  • If selected, you will be part of the research.

  • Get paid immediately after the project is over.

  • You can also make money online on Respondent by referring friends and colleagues to paid studies.


The site is famous for its editing, writing, graphic designing and writing service. The exclusive nature of the Servicescape website means specific clients with specific requirements for the freelancers working on the site. Servicescape has been around for over 20 years and has many big brands as its clients.


The platform is absolutely for freelancers – free registration and no charges if a client hires you for virtual work. The Hubstaff freelancer marketplace is open to both individual freelancers and freelance agencies. The jobs available are of many types – virtual assistant, UI/UX designer, customer success manager, hosting support, accounting and finance, frontend developer, paid advertiser, or anything you can offer as a freelancer or remote worker.


The freelancer website has been around for many years. Truelancer offers jobs in many categories ranging from web designing to blog writing, data entry to customer support, finance and accounting, sales and marketing and much more. For freelance jobs, work from home jobs and all other online jobs, the Truelancer site guarantees authentic clients. The jobs are posted through the dashboard, and your hiring depends on your bid.


The platform offers remote jobs from major companies across the globe. The jobs listed on JustRemote are in different categories – HR and admin, sales and marketing, social media management, customer service, article and blog writing, and many more. The remote job site focuses entirely on fully and partially remote jobs, so it is one of the best options if you want to make money through remote jobs.


The platform is a top option for freelancers with profiles on multiple platforms like Fiverr, Upwork and others. The SolidGigs platform does not offer you direct freelance work. Instead, it is a lead generation platform for freelancers. 

You punch in some key details regarding your freelancer work profile, and SolidGigs matches you with the ideal freelance job posts across platforms. SolidGigs also provides you with resources to convert those leads into a final freelance work offer. And all of this lead generation and conversion for a fee of $35 a month or $21 a month for annual subscriptions.


How about having new freelance graphic design jobs emailed to you every morning? It’s that easy with Dribbble. You can register on the Dribbble platform if you are a graphic designer and specialize in any subcategories, including animation, illustration, product design, mobile design, etc. 

Besides receiving emails for hundreds of jobs every week, you can also search for jobs on the Dribbble dashboard. And with features like Pitch and Calendly integration, you can increase your chances of getting a freelance graphic design gig.

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