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Changing Default Notification Sound on iPhone - Apple iOS News

Tired of iPhone default notification sound? Here’s some news, Apple consistently works to provide the best experience to its customers. Continuing the trend of consistent innovation, here’s something for you if you dislike the default notification sound on your iPhone. With the arrival of iOS 17.2, Apple finally gives you the long-awaited option to customize the default notification sound for all apps on your iPhone!

Previously, you were limited to choosing from a handful of pre-installed sounds or buying new ones from the Tone Store. Now, you have complete control over how your notifications sound. Just like the ring tone, text tone, custom alert sounds for email, calendar, and reminder alerts, you can change the notification sound in iOS.


Changing the default notification sound on iPhone

Here's how to change your iPhone default notification sound in iOS 17.2 and jazz up your Apple iPhone.

1. Open the Settings app

2. Tap on Sounds & Haptics

3. Select Default Alerts

This will open a list of all available notification sounds. You'll see a mix of Apple's built-in options, any custom sounds you've downloaded, and also the option to have no sound.

4. Choose your preferred sound

Tap on the sound you want to use as the new default. You'll hear a preview of the sound. You don’t need to tap further. The preview is automatically set as the notification sound on your iPhone.

5. Adjust the haptic feedback (Optional)

Here’s more to the new notification sounds. If you want to be a little creative and further personalize your notifications, you can adjust the haptic feedback that accompanies the sound. Tap on "Haptics'' at the top of the screen. Now, choose from various pre-defined patterns or simply create your own.

6. Have fun with the new notification sound on iPhone!

It’s set. Now, whenever you receive a notification on your iPhone, it will play the sound you've selected from the list. This means you can finally do away with the generic "Tri-tone" or any other sound that you find boring.

Additional tips – Notification sound on iPhone

  • You can also change the notification sound for individual apps. Go to the app's settings in the Settings app and tap on "Sounds".

  • If you want to download new notification sounds, visit the Tone Store and go to the Sounds & Haptics settings.

  • You can also create your own custom notification sounds. Do this with GarageBand or other audio editing apps that are best alternatives to GarageBand for Mac.

To sum it up

Keeping your phone on silent or vibrate mode is another thing but if you are someone who loves great notification sounds, Apple has finally provided you the option to choose the one you like. So no more those dull notification sounds on your iPhone. With iOS 17.2, you have endless possibilities for customizing your iPhone's notification sounds. Go ahead, and explore the options. Find the perfect sound that reflects your style and personality and impress everyone around you with a cool sound on your iPhone! And in the future, this might roll out on Macs and Apple Watch too so stay tuned for all the news on Apple’s latest launches.

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