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Jobs in Metaverse for Technical and Non-Technical Workers and The Business Opportunities

The Metaverse jobs and business opportunities

The name ‘Meta’ might not have sounded like the best for people across the world, but tech enthusiasts knew that Facebook owner Mark Zuckerberg would soon show to the world that it’s much more than a common tech word. The young tech wizard is an idol for many, and it was really novice to write him off because of a simple-sounding name.

Metaverse jobs

Led by Mark Zuckerberg, the way Meta is now working aggressively to create Metaverse and offer a completely immersive virtual world to everybody around the world has taken many by surprise. Those who know how Metaverse is capable of changing the world forever have already started planning to create businesses around it and tap into the immense opportunities it is going to provide once it starts taking shape.

Metaverse jobs availability

Metaverse is set to provide millions of jobs to both technical and non-technical people. It will also help build new businesses that will be in some way connected to the idea of Metaverse. It has been one of the most trending keywords online right after Zuckerberg announced it, and people finding ‘Metaverse jobs near me’ and ‘Metaverse jobs hiring near me’ are already storming the search engines. And why not? Every wise person knows how disruptive Metaverse will be in the digital world.

How big can Metaverse actually be?

Metaverse is a whole new world that will require a massive amount of knowledge workers to build, implement and run. It’s a dream project for Mark Zuckerberg, and experts predict it to be a $1 trillion revenue opportunity. But that’s not a very accurate prediction because it’s understating the actual opportunity by a long margin. If Apple is able to reach the $3 trillion mark in 2021, Metaverse will be much bigger when it’s fully implemented.

What exactly is Metaverse?

You can call it a combination of Virtual Reality (VR), Augmented Reality (AR) and Mixed Reality (MR). The most appropriate thing to call it will be Extended Reality (XR), something that transports you completely to a truly real-like digital world where it becomes impossible to differentiate between real and virtual. To take things to the next level, it offers full control to you over what you want to do, where you want to be and how you want to interact with other people and objects in the environment you are in.

How can you get jobs in or around Metaverse?

The most-benefited lot by it will be the knowledge workers. There will be opportunities in many forms for everyone, but the biggest share and the coolest returns will be for the technical workforce. Certain types of job areas are predicted to be the most in demand, and we have prepared a comprehensive list of those in the next sections. You can start preparing yourself by analyzing the requirements around these Metaverse job areas to be benefitted from the next tech revolution.

How can you join the Metaverse, and what can you do there?

Well, you can do practically anything there. Work, play, travel, study, socialize – and most realistically as the lines between real and unreal are blurred by the experience XR offers. Currently, some platforms offer a good XR experience - Sandbox, Mirandus, and Decentraland. But all these platforms are good only to the extent that they give you an idea of what Metaverse is intended to be. The real thing from Meta will, of course, be entirely different.

The top job opportunities in Metaverse and the business ideas around it

Here are the top jobs that Metaverse and the platforms directly related to it currently offer and will offer in the future, for remote jobs, office jobs and freelancing opportunities. The list will also give you a glimpse into what business opportunities will come up with advancements in this field.

Metaverse – for business graduates

Once Metaverse gets fully functional, advertising will be like never before. The businesses will see new opportunities to engage the audience and advertise their products and services. This means a great job opportunity for MBAs who are really tech-savvy. Understanding the market needs and business opportunities, preparing key metrics and developing roadmaps to capture the target audience in a way that is best suited to the digital world will be the key.

The science and nature lovers

Imagine the need that crypto has created for faster and better processors, green power generation, recycling specialists, etc. Now, put that need the crypto world creates in a whole new large digital universe and analyze the demand it will create for people who can bring scientific innovations to the forefront to minimize energy usage and produce compact devices that last longer and are highly recyclable. So if you love science and are passionate about making the planet green, there will be a lot of jobs for you in the Metaverse.

Metaverse stylists

DressX is the first digital store in Metajuku, a shopping district in Decentraland, run by Republic Realm, a Metaverse real estate development and investment company. It provides digital clothing for the Metaverse avatars. There has even been a fashion show on Metaverse in 2021.

There will be a huge demand for avatar stylists who can make you look the best when in the virtual world. Everything from hairstyle to dressing has to be perfect, and there are specialist jobs coming up for that. In fact, some companies already provide these services to their customers.

Metaverse hardware experts

The Metaverse will need the best programmers, but every software needs hardware to run. Smartphones, sensors, computers and many related accessories for other gadgets and smart devices will remain important to run the Metaverse. That means a big opportunity for the manufacturing businesses, which will directly create a large number of job opportunities for you in the hardware manufacturing field.

It is simply impossible to list every job opportunity that Metaverse-related manufacturing will create. From a semiconductor specialist to a camera expert, it has the potential to keep everyone busy.

Metaverse lawyer

There’s already a virtual law firm in Decentraland. And that’s understandable. Wherever there are people, there will be a need for law professionals. It’s not always about the legal issues related to cyber breaches.

There are digital contracts, certificates of authenticity of your NFT holdings, copyright issues, legal agreements when you purchase assets or enter a real estate deal, writing will for your digital assets, taxation issues, business contracts, acquisitions and mergers like in the real world, and the list is endless. And to take care of all these needs, there is a huge need for lawyers who can operate in the digital world.

Metaverse storyteller

We have been talking about the immersive experience right from the beginning. After all, the real enjoyment comes when there are great stories to tell – the stories that have real-time communication with the kind of people you want, some action, adventure, humor, dark side, fun side, sports, etc. Or basically, say, on-the-edge experience in everything you need and everything serious like education, consultation (business, medical, life, career, etc.), and learning when you need it.

To build an environment where you enjoy everything and see a reason for engaging yourself in it, you need great stories. Scriptwriters, digital content creators – written or visual, artistic people who are subject experts in various fields – animation, graphics, digital character creation, editors, etc. will be in demand in the Metaverse.

Metaverse advertising experts

Here’s the biggest side or, say, the very reason that Mark Zuckerberg has committed to invest $10 billion in Metaverse or why experts see it to be a $1 trillion business opportunity. There will be ads. Facebook, Google, Instagram, Bing, Apple, Netflix, Amazon, YouTube, etc., all have their own smart ways to make money from businesses, directly or indirectly, so you can’t expect Metaverse to be ad-free.

There will be ads, and they’ll be bigger and better and presented in a way that nobody has ever experienced before. Creating ads that are perfect for the XR and placing them strategically in the digital world you spend time in will usher in new job opportunities for people who specialize in the advertising field.

Metaverse cybersecurity professionals

The internet is an unsafe place. Breaches, hacks, scams, thefts – it’s all common. And the scale of it will be even larger in an entirely digital world, and there are hackers and digital fraudsters surrounding you in digital avatars. Protecting your money, valuables, identity, data, etc., will be a big challenge, and that needs cybersecurity specialists who know the ins and outs of Metaverse-specific cybersecurity.

Metaverse financial and asset advisor

In partnership with Roblox, Gucci released a virtual handbag that sold for around $4000. Famous brands like Louis Vuitton, Burberry and other luxury brands have also joined the Metaverse and sell items via NFTs. Then there’s virtual real estate. has broken digital ground on a tower in Decentraland and expects to make money through leasing and advertising. With high-ticket sales, it is attracting many to invest in the virtual world. The amount of money it involves, you will need financial and real estate advisors for that. It has opened up new opportunities for real estate and finance professionals. After all, why should only technology people have all the fun?

Metaverse researchers

AR and VR research scientists will be responsible for developing a digital architecture that will run all other things related to the XR. That includes gaming, adverts, DeFi, NFTs, education, work, and much more. It’s certainly the best opportunity for AI and ML (deep learning, data and research scientists), software programmers (coders, testers), game developers, digital ecosystem specialists, cybersecurity analysts etc.

Metaverse tour and travel experts

We got a glimpse of what virtual tours look like right after the movement restrictions due to the pandemic. From The Louvre to Disneyland and London’s National Gallery to SeaWorld, plenty of virtual tours are available for people who want to experience these marvelous places like in reality but without traveling. Now, let’s enter the Metaverse and think beyond the places we know about.

Forget the pyramids in Egypt or the Great Wall of China and think of virtual places that are good as real and provide a more immersive experience than the real ones. You must have heard about the lickable TV by a Japanese company, so there’s a lot for food lovers too. Imagine your favorite seafood restaurants around the world which you have always wanted to visit. And to travel to so many places in the infinite virtual world, you need the best travel experts, which means a lot of jobs are available for tour and travel experts.

Jobs in Metaverse. Are you prepared?

Although we have tried our best to list every job opportunity Metaverse will provide, the list is really not comprehensive. The tech experts are still predicting what it will be, and businesses are trying to explore the Metaverse job opportunities to come up with it. It’s not complete guesswork, though. People have a fair enough idea of what the Metaverse virtual world will look like.

Job seekers searching for Metaverse jobs near me or Metaverse hiring near me, or virtual world jobs online are prepared to offer their services to companies investing in Metaverse. They are upgrading their skills and plan to pursue a course to join the Meta world at this stage and gear up for the bigger thing when Meta will finally take shape.

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