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Originality AI vs Copyleaks AI Content Detection Tools Comparison

Originality AI content detection tool – An overview

Our major focus is on finding out if AI blogs and articles that help in SEO ranking can be detected by the tools or not. Although there are many tools for this, Originality outperforms others in this regard. To make the work easy for web publishers and content marketers, Originality AI checker focuses highly on detecting content generated by various content writing and paraphrasing tools.

content detection tool copyleaks originality ai

Some of the writing tools even claim to humanize AI text with which you can bypass AI detection. The creators of tool know this clearly and this is why they have come up with an outstanding tool that makes fake content detection look easy. Its accuracy is the best in the category and its color-coding to help you identify which parts are AI-generated makes it a great tool to work on. So whichever AI writing tool you may use - ChatGPT, Gemini, Jasper - Originality AI checker is capable of detecting fake text easily. Even if you humanize AI text or paraphrase in Quillbot or any other tool - it’s detectable.

Originality AI content detection tool result interface
Originality AI tool interface showing check result

Copyleaks content detection tool – An overview

Copyleaks is a tool that offers AI text detection for both blogs and articles and also for academic papers. Still, we can’t say that its focus is diverted because the results it offers are quite good, and at the same time, we cannot say that its results are as good as Originality AI tool. The tools excel in providing good results with color highlights for fake content but the overall performance is not as good as of Originality AI checker.

Copyleaks AI detector frequently confuses human content as AI and AI as human. This makes it difficult for the writers as they have to rewrite the content which is already purely human-written. There is an option to provide feedback with thumbs up and thumbs down but that does not help much because it does not change the check result. The option is maybe to train its model further.

Detailed comparison – Copyleaks vs


Originality.AI – As mentioned above, Originality AI tool provides outstanding results. There is nothing called 100% accurate in this field but instead of focusing on that, let’s stick to how trustworthy it is. Well, on most occasions, its results are worth trusting in detecting AI-generated content.

Copyleaks – Copyleaks is of course not as accurate as Originality.AI for AI content detection, but it’s still much better than many other free and paid AI detection tools that claim to be the best – like Winston, Writer, Content at Scale, etc.

Winner on this parameter - If you want a tool that can help you bypass AI content checks, then Originality is certainly the best for content creators and publishers.

AI detection tool Originality AI
Originality AI content detection tool makes it easy to understand AI check results with color highlights

Speed of checking

Originality.AI tool provides more in-depth analysis of its scans than Copyleaks but still, the time it takes is similar to Copyleaks.


Originality.AI - Since the tool focuses entirely on web content and blog posts, the primary focus is on the English language.

Copyleaks – From Russian to Chinese and Hebrew to French, Copyleaks offer much more than English language support. It supports 30 languages for both plagiarism and AI detection.

Other key features

Originality.AI - The tool provides a simple user interface because it aims to provide exclusive service to web publishers and content creators. So if your focus is on your website content AI check, this is the tool to go for.

Copyleaks – The tool offers integrations with various learning management systems (LMS) for plagiarism and AI content checking. It’s perfect for educational institutes.

Free trial/version

Originality.AI - It allows some free runs for up to 300 words so if you are ok with small-size AI text checks or multiple runs, Originality AI tool free option is good. Also, by installing the free AI detection Chrome Extension, you get 50 free credits from 1 credit scans 100 words for you so that’s basically 5000 words scan free.

Copyleaks - It offers a certain number of free AI content checks and also checks long-form content in a single run. But the downside here is that it’s a basic check only. For its ‘enhanced’ check feature, you need a paid subscription.

Here's a more detailed comparison in verdict for the two AI content detectors - Copyleaks and Originality.AI – to help you choose the best one for a paid subscription.

Our verdict - Choosing the best AI content detection tool

Now that you know about the pros and cons of both the tools – Originality AI and Copyleaks – it’s time to decide which one you should actually go for. Here’s a recap that will help you in making the right choice.

The tool purely for high-grade AI content detection

Originality AI is really one step ahead of Copyleaks. It’s made with the sole purpose of checking web content and not educational which gives it a big edge over Copyleaks in terms of accuracy of results.

Plagiarism checking (Multilingual)

Both are good tools but results from Copyleaks are slightly better than Originality AI. It’s not a deal breaker though as our main focus here is AI content detection. For plagiarism, Copyscape and a couple of other players are still the best. Otherwise, too, plagiarism is something that good writers are always aware of in their minds. They know about it even without a check.

Most accurate AI content detection results (English)

Certainly Originality.AI is much ahead of Copyleaks. Although none of the tools guarantees 100% accuracy, still anything in the high 90s is considered good. Originality AI tool claims 97% accuracy based on its findings. Copyleaks claims 99% accuracy but that’s simply not possible in an ideal scenario.

Educators/Institutions with an LMS

Copyleaks' LMS integration capabilities make it a winner in this regard. But again, this is not a feature that web publishers need so this can easily be ignored.

Ease of use

Originality.AI content detector is built for a specific purpose. Its interface is simple so it’s rated better than the Copyleaks tool.


Originality AI costs $14.95 for the full features option. This includes 2000 credits where 1 credit will scan 100 words for plagiarism and AI. Copyleaks costs $13.99/mo for up to 1,200 credits for both AI and plagiarism checks. So Originality AI is much cheaper than Copyleaks. 800 extra credits for around a dollar more is a much better deal.

Overall, if you are a web publisher, content writer on Upwork or Fiverr or any other freelancer platform, marketer, blogger or a digital marketing agency owner, an AI content checker is a must-have in today’s AI-driven world

And for this, Originality AI content detection tool is a clear winner.

Copyleaks AI tool free trial interface
Copyleaks AI detection interface

The benefits of using an AI content detection tool

There is no doubt that both tools are good at detecting fake content. The benefits of using an AI detector tool like Originality AI or Copyleaks are many.

  • They ensure that Google does not penalize you for posting AI content. A check in these tools will give you assurance that your content is not fake and is safe to publish.

  • AI content checkers help you in bypassing AI detection. It’s basically reverse engineering. In case you use AI writers, run it in one of these tools and check. Based on the results, you can edit or rewrite the parts that are marked as AI-generated text. You can humanize AI content with the help of a writer or by yourself. You can do that in a tool as well but we do not recommend it though as most of the AI to human content tools simply paraphrase the content while ignoring many key aspects of human writing.

  • They help you in checking the text from your outsource partner like a freelancer or content writing agency to ensure that the text they provide you is genuine – means 100% human-written.

  • If you are a writer and have written it entirely by yourself, you should still use a content checker tool for AI. Search algorithms sometimes work crazily so a check will ensure that your text is safe to publish.

  • Algorithms keep changing and if you have invested time and money in SEO, do a complete website check in AI text detection tools to be sure at all times that your text is considered human by the ever-evolving AI text detector models.

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