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Jasper AI Review: Does it Clear Checks on Originality AI and Other Best Content Detection Tools

JasperAI (formerly Jarvis) is promoted as one of the best AI content writing tools. After ChatGPT’s arrival, there has been a flurry of AI writing tools because of the demand in the market. Everyone seems to be rushing to use AI to create content for email newsletters, blogs and articles, social media captions, and much more.

There has been criticism of AI content labeling it as fake content that is emotionless, non-engaging, low in creativity, and even factually wrong on many occasions. Still, writers continue to use it to meet one of the key aspects of social media and search engine algorithms - to post regularly. Other than that, the content produced by AI text generators is really not the one a serious content marketer or writer would love to publish. Why so? We will find out in detail in this Jasper AI review.

Google policy on AI content

In the long list of AI content writers some of them do leave us impressed with their ability to generate to-the-point content. Although it seldom matches the quality of a human writer, that’s not what we are covering here. The idea of Jasper AI review is to show how well this tool, often called one of the best AI content writers works and does it meets the top requirement from Google – to publish original, non-AI content that is people-first.

Jasper promises to produce high-quality content at lightning speed but can it truly compete with a human writer and clear the AI content detectors? After all, if it’s capable of producing good human-level text as most users want it to, it should be able to bypass AI checkers like Originality AI which are smart enough these days to spot AI signs in any text. 

Jasper AI review – The positives

Makes AI content generation simple

Jasper AI has a good capability to produce large amounts of well-structured and grammatically correct text. Once you provide it with a topic or a few keywords, Jasper AI can produce any form of content that you want - blogs, website copy, social media captions, emails, sales copy, and creative texts like YouTube video scripts or poems. This proves to be an excellent time-saver for creators who aim to post regularly on their platforms

Vast knowledge base

Jasper AI is trained on a massive amount of datasets of text and code. This enables Jasper AI writing tool to understand and respond to a wide range of prompts. From product descriptions to catchy headlines, or email marketing copies to SEO blogs, JasperAI adapts its tone to deliver what you really need.

User-friendly interface

Jasper AI has a user-friendly interface. This one of the best AI writing tools offers a wide range of templates and workflows, making it easy for you to produce content as per your specific requirements.

Jasper AI review – The limitations

Creativity still needs a human touch

Jasper AI can easily mimic human writing style but it still does not get close to human creativity and if you are a purist, you will dislike its results. Like many other paid and free AI writing tools, coming up with truly original concepts, nuanced humor, or deep emotion-evoking connections is still something that Jasper AI is learning. Overall, if you are looking for human-level content from JasperAI, I would recommend you use an AI text humanizer or hire a good writer.

Accuracy is doubtable on many occasions

Like all other AI writing tools, Jasper AI relies on the information it's been trained on. This is why factual accuracy remains a concern. We have seen in the case of big names like Google Gemini and OpenAI’s ChatGPT, that they produce factually wrong or inappropriate information many times and keep repeating that even after you suggest the right alternative.

The same is true with JasperAI and it’s even more worrying because the tool does not work at a scale that Gemini or ChatGPT do. For Jasper AI users, it's crucial to fact-check all the content generated by the tool given that every piece of content is sensitive and can cost you clicks or even harm your brand reputation.


Human writing expertise is simply irreplaceable

Some Jasper AI reviews suggest that it is popular because it is an impressive tool that helps you produce content at scale. But that’s also a big problem because Google has clearly mentioned that it is targeting scaled abuse. Content marketers are widely using AI content to manipulate SEO rankings and Google has taken note of that. In its recent update, it has clearly stated that AI texts with the intention to get a high ranking in search engines will be penalized.

If you want to play safe and are a long-term player who values Google’s search algorithms and wants organic traffic with valuable content, the only option is to hire good human writers instead of using AI content writing tools. In that case, whether it’s Jasper AI for writing or Rytr, cannot deliver optimum results. but it shouldn't replace human writers altogether.

A human writer’s ability to understand context, add insightful analysis/data/statistics, and create a truly compelling narrative that keeps your audience hooked remains the key to ranking high in Google and engaging audiences on other channels like emails and social media.

Jasper AI review: Just a valuable assistant, not a magic wand

Human creativity is still the gold standard and with the current level of AI writing tools, it’s irreplaceable. JasperAI is a good AI writing tool that can significantly boost your productivity if you want to produce content at scale. So if that’s your sole motive, go for the Jasper AI tool. But if you want to win in the long run with content that resonates perfectly with your brand and your readers love, it’s not for you.

The AI writing tool can easily generate large amounts of well-structured text and allows you to switch to various formats. This helps you streamline the content creation process and reach your audience regularly with fresh content.

For text that demands genuine emotional connection or groundbreaking ideas, you need human expertise. In the end, you have to decide if you want to publish content for the sake of it or to engage the audience and leave them impressed with whatever volume you generate – even if it’s one blog or one or two emails or one social media post a day.

The quantity in terms of content posting is more about keeping it less and not producing at scale just to spam the platforms where your audience is. In the end, do not forget to use AI content detectors to identify fake content. Whether you have hired a freelancer or a content writing agency or you write it yourself, to be on the safer side, use the premium AI check tool It’s better to use an advanced AI content checker rather than simply going ahead and publishing text that might be fully AI or have traces of it. Keep it 100% original.

JasperAI review - Real test-based examples

All AI writing tools are trained with almost the same data and work on similar algorithms. The best AI text generators, both free and paid, have common patterns that expert human writers can easily detect even with the naked eye. But to make the work easier and provide AI content detection help to everyone, there are tools that do the job of identifying AI text. 

Everyone wants human text and they expect AI tools to do the job. The tools also market themselves as human-like text generation tools but they do not mention how well they can perform when they are run in AI content checkers.

Content generation tools are smart and so are the checkers so there is a content race between the two to come out as a winner. To see how good Jasper AI content is in bypassing AI content detectors, we did a very simple test. Although it has been comprehensively covered here on, the method we are following is different. Website Income checks various sets of text generated from Jasper AI tool on Originality AI and lists the score in terms of AI probability.

We are checking one of those sets in different AI content checkers to get an even broader view. We want to see if a premium tool like Originality AI content checker is able to detect Jasper AI content or others like Copyleaks, Saplings, etc, too. This Jasper AI review will also help us to know how good Jasper AI content is bypassing Google AI content check.

Google does not lay out any method on how it detects AI text but the idea here is that if some premium and other free tools can detect AI text from Jasper AI then it’s highly acceptable that Google is much more smart in identifying the same text. We’ll also see if some not-so-popular and free AI content detectors are able to identify the Jasper AI content or not.

If they do, then of course, it’s safe to say that Jasper AI cannot really help you if your aim is to rank high in Google with original, human content and engage your audience with it. Since Google has become extremely strict about AI text, it’s better to do a thorough check of every SEO article or blog that you use.

Jasper AI tool results in various free and paid content checkers

The basic check on the tool shows many parts written by an AI content tool. Copyleaks AI detector has basic and enhanced versions. This check for JasperAI content has been done in the basic version of Copyleaks which is free.

It’s not to be one of the best AI content checkers but it still manages to come up with outstanding results. It cannot precisely tell which tool or AI method has been used to generate text but it gives clear hints that it’s fake content generated with the help of some AI tool. JasperAI text fails here too.

GPT Zero content checker has been around for some time now. We did not do a deep scan on it. The free AI content checker version is also good and it shows almost half of the text as AI-generated. Again, not the best result but good enough to show that AI has been used.

Next on our list of Jasper AI review is Sapling. It is not usually considered as the best AI text detectors but I have used it consistently because of its impressive results. The tool shows the entire text to be AI generated.

Zero GPT is another popular tool for checking AI content. It easily detects Jasper AI text as fake. This free AI content detector is not highly reliable but as a free tool for fake content detection, it never disappoints.

Writer is a premium AI content checker with some free runs allowed. I have never been a great fan of this tool because of its inaccurate results and yet again, it shows Jasper AI content writer text to be highly human-written. The only good thing here is that it does not clear it as entirely human. So even a tool that is not known for outstanding results is able to detect some AI in the text.

Content at Scale has been around since the time AI text picked up pace. Its algorithms work quite similarly to Saplings AI checker so I was actually expecting similar results and it did not disappoint. It shows the entire text to be AI generated.

Conclusion - Jasper writer review

As seen in this Jasper AI review, AI content writers are smart, and paid tools mostly claim to be the best in the field and capable of producing human-like text. But that’s not true. The text some of these produce is good in terms of quality and might look like human text to someone who does not read much or even to some basic, free AI content checkers. 

When you use a combination of some popular AI content detectors or premium ones like Originality AI, you can expect the results to be better. They can easily tell you if the content is AI or not. Even if you humanize AI text, it will not qualify as 100% human content. Seeing that Google has become strict about AI text and readers have also developed an understanding of what’s real text and what’s fake, the best advice is to use human writers only for content generation.

Even if you use a good agency or a freelance writer, you should check the text thoroughly in or a combination of some popular free tools to see if the content is real or fake. Right now, whether it is JasperAI or some other tool, they are not capable of producing text that can consistently clear AI checks. This Jasper AI review must have helped you understand that using the text generated from the tool should be used or not because it is entirely a matter of what you need the content for.

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