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Join me as a freelancer


Welcome freelancing rockstars!

Work is my passion. I have worked on building work speed while ensuring no compromise is made on work quality. It took me years to master that, but positive results have made me believe that speed + accuracy is achievable.

It gives us a lot of free time (have a gala time with family, pursue hobbies, play sports, watch movies or do anything you want to, even during weekdays). Same time, on the work front, you get optimal results and achieve your targets without slogging or putting in extra hours. 


At work, the biggest thing that excites me is having like-minded people around me, whether clients or someone I collaborate with to complete a project. If you are of the same thought process, scroll down.


If you are passionate about work, think that your wavelength matches mine, are a specialist in any of the areas I work in and have an OUTSTANDING track record of delivering high-level projects to your clients, get in touch with me. 

  The freelancers I team up with include specialists in:

  • Content writing – blogs and articles, ebooks, product descriptions, reputation management posts, social media posts, guest posts for link building, genuine product reviews, website content, landing pages and bridge pages, copywriting and emails and newsletter writing.

  • Website designing – Wix, WordPress, Shopify, WooCommerce, BigCommerce, Squarespace

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) – link building, on-site and off-site SEO, technical SEO

  • SMM - Social media marketing specialists

  • Email marketing specialists 

  • PPC - Pay=per-click ads


What I look for in a freelancers profiles before I add them to my team:

  • High-level rating and glorious reviews (at least 20) on a popular freelancing platform.

  • Work experience in a top company.

  • High-level professionalism. Respect for clients and seriousness for every single project.

  • Great online availability. That does not mean 24/7. It simply means you give importance to completing your work and replying to emails/messages on time or super quickly when needed. 

  • A great planner who knows what ‘smart work’ is. Slogging is for unorganized people. I look for freelancers who know how to complete work in less time and with higher quality. 


Email me here if you want to work with clients who want to boost their business or people looking to make money online with cool websites.

Let's give wings to their dreams.

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