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DIY Guide to Fix the MacBook Pro Charger Problems

MacBook Pro owners sometimes complain about the charger not working. The MacBook battery won’t charge even when connected to the charger. It can be frustrating when you cannot work and have some important office work or an online class pending. The first thing you want to know is why is the MacBook Pro not charging? Or why the Notebook battery does not show as connected to the charger.

macbook charger not working

There are a few reasons for the MackBook Pro charger not working. To resolve the laptop not charging issue, you must first know the possible reasons that lead to the issue:

  1. Dead charger or adapter

  2. Damaged or broken charger cord

  3. Overcharging

  4. Mac Battery doesn’t respond

  5. Not/No sufficient power supply

Simple solutions to the MacBook Pro problem – Why is my battery not charging when plugged in?

  1. Hardware check – The first step to fixing MacBook Pro laptop charger not working issue starts with inspecting the hardware. You must check the power sockets whether they are working properly. If there’s no fault with the power supply, check the cord to see if it is in proper condition or not.

  2. Inspecting Mac power adapter connection – For smooth functioning of Notebook charger, you must check the two parts of the Apple adapter whether properly connected or not.

  3. Rebooting MacBookRestarting MacBook sometimes works. This is the most basic yet effective way to fix MacPro charger not working issue. With a simple restart, you allow the system to rest for a while and then pick up after getting a restart.

  4. Cool off time – Just like your Android smartphone or iPhone, you must let your MacBook Pro laptop cool off for some time if you see it is heated more than usual. The simple cooling method helps to extend the battery life of the laptop too. Besides, this method also works if you see MacBook Pro not charging, but the green light indicator is on. By putting the system on rest, you allow the thermal sensors to cool automatically without forcing the laptop to charge.

Other solutions to resolve “MacBook pro not charging no light” or “MacBook Pro not charging”

SMC reset

MacBook Pro has an in-built System Control Management in the form of a chip. This chip is placed on the Mac Logic Board. This powerful chip helps to regulate the battery. It also helps to display the battery indicator lights of the MacBook Pro laptop.

Reset SMC by typing a keyboard shortcut

Those who own a MacBook Pro without a removable battery must shut down the laptop. Next, press Control + Shift + Option and the power button together for approximately four seconds. Make sure that the charger is connected to the laptop. Now, restart the computer or desktop.

Use T2 Security Chip to reset SMC

A MacBook laptop and MacBook desktop both run on different algorithms, and because of that, they have different solutions. To fix the laptop, you must reset the MacBook Pro by following Apple recommended solutions. Next, shut down the laptop and press and hold the power button for a few seconds.

If the problem of the MacBook Pro battery not charging no light persists, you can try a different way.

  1. Reset the SMC by pressing Control + Option + Shift for 7 seconds along with the Power button.

  2. Add the Power button to the combination and hold on for another 7 seconds.

  3. Release all the keys, and then after a few seconds and then restart the laptop.

Maintain battery health

For all regular MacBook users, you must know that the battery life can be extended if you monitor the battery health regularly and keep track of it. Ignoring the small battery issues might affect the MacBook Pro battery, and it will wear out faster. To check the current status of the battery, select the options key along with the battery icon in the menu bar.

  1. Normal – The battery has no issues.

  2. Replace Soon – The battery needs replacement as it is not accepting the charge.

  3. Replace Now – Quick replacement is needed for smooth functioning.

  4. Service Battery – For better results, pull out the battery for servicing before it causes severe damage.

Managing MacBook Pro battery health is essential to increase the battery life. You can rely on applications that help set battery limits, avoid overheating devices and control the charging limit.

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