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Niches I write in as a freelance content writer and for guest posting (link building)

Technology niche content

SaaS, cybersecurity, software development, software testing, DevOps, cloud computing, drones, gaming, apps, AI and ML (artificial intelligence and machine learning), blockchain, cryptocurrency, computers and gadgets (mobile phones, Apple, Android, Mac, Windows), coding and programming, web designing, graphic designing, digital marketing (SEO, link building, app and website development, etc.)

Local services (location-specific, local SEO content writing)

Shuttle services, restaurants, food trucks, moving companies, building material suppliers, home cleaning services, hunting, boating and aircraft training/license/certification, elderly homes, senior care, insurance agents, payday loans/same day loans, strip clubs, local bars and restaurants, construction, roofing, plumbing, electricians, side hustle jobs, AC repair services, fire and storm cleaning and restoration, pest control, Airbnb, security companies, massage therapy spas, gyms, chiropractic centers, hair and nail salons, car repair workshops, florists, deli, coffee shops, gift shops, pet shops, book stores, window treatments, solar power solutions

Ecommerce content – blogs, product descriptions, product guides

Fashion, pet stores, toys, electronics and gadgets, digital products, health supplements, ecommerce side hustles, make money online through ecommerce or dropshipping or affiliate marketing, gift stores online

Local Businesses blogs and articles (local SEO-focused, location-specific)

Professionals - doctors, dentists (dental clinics), lawyers (personal injury, DUI and DWI, bankruptcy, intellectual property, employment law, workplace injury, immigration lawyer, corporate lawyer, divorce, criminal, legal templates), real estate agents, brokers and agencies, hosts, at-home doctors and nurses, construction field professionals (plumbers, electricians, surveyors, etc.), locksmiths, yoga instructors, mechanics of all kinds, online side hustles in local area businesses

Career and Education Content

Online education, online courses, study abroad, remote work, side hustles, jobs and hirings, interview guides, interview questions and answers, startups, CV, resume and cover letter, admission guides.

Business content - blogs and articles

Supply chain, shipping, stocks, human resources, finance, sales and marketing, remote work

Health content 

Natural remedies, bodybuilding, yoga, weight loss, tummy reduction, hair loss and growth, skin care, psychology, overall human health and well-being, health conditions.

Travel Blogging

Covered several countries for various travel bloggers, local and international destinations, hotels and flights, things to do in a specific location, what to eat, food, local travel, budget travel, student travel, make money online as a digital nomad

Trending (writing content that’s in demand)

Current news - politics, celebrity news, electric vehicles – Tesla, make money online, side hustle jobs from home, remote work, part-time jobs, personal finance, stock market, global warming, make money online fast, aggregator sites, social media marketing, content marketing

Technical Content

YouTube, social media, digital marketing, search engine optimization (SEO), internet hacks, phone hacks, online tech tutorials, step-by-step problem-solving guides for phones, computers and tech websites)

Content in the pets niche

Pet training, pet food (supplements), pet care

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