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Are you running a small or mid-size business and want to save money by hiring a trusted freelancer instead of a digital agency? Here’s everything you want to know about hiring me as your online content specialist.

Wondering how to make money online fast or looking for the best online side hustle and passive income through website ideas? Here’s how I can help you as an online content writing, SEO and website specialist who performs at par with the best digital marketing agency associates and at a lower cost.

  • What are the additional services you offer?
    Almost every service in the digital marketing field. We are experts in website designing and every other thing that you need to succeed in your online presence goals. One of the core areas in this aspect is content writing and getting high-quality links at affordable prices. If you need to hire a content writer or an outreach specialist, you should not think twice about hiring an expert from Zimbola. What you get: ​ 1. Professional content writing (articles, blogs, guest posts, FAQ, website content, downloadable ebooks etc.), 2. High-quality, affordable link building (outreach specialist). Using tools like SEMrush, Ahrefs, Moz, Ubersuggest, BuzzSumo, etc. 3. SEO and website maintenance and designing – keyword research, optimizing existing content, updating old content, WordPress and Wix management. ​ For more details on what we offer, visit Our Services and content we write pages.
  • A digital agency/popular online service provider manages my website(s)for content writing and link building/guest posting, so why should I work with you?
    This might sound outright, but that’s how you can up your game - you should rethink your existing contract. You can cancel your digital agency contract and save 100s or even 1000s of $$$ working with me. The trend in digital agencies for many years has been to hire freelancers. The agencies hire some core staff in sales and marketing, client relationship managers, web design heads and others to present themselves as worth tying up. ​ The other side is that almost all of the work digital agencies or highly-paid digital marketing specialists commit to you is done by freelancers like me. It is entirely outsourced to highly talented freelancers in other countries or small-size professional agencies like ours. So why not hire directly, save money, and save the hassle of signing contracts and paying hefty fees to digital marketing agencies to run your website? ​ And to do all that work, it does not mean micromanaging at all. The number of years we have spent in this field makes us capable of freeing up our clients from micromanaging. We handle most of the tasks that a digital agency does. So that means big savings in terms of money and time, and you get free from a formal contract. ​ In case some work requires more than a couple of digital marketing professionals, we collaborate with freelancers who are known to be powerful goal-oriented workers in their respective fields. The idea is to accomplish every task professionally, on time, and within the budget, so nothing beats the idea of forming a cohesive unit of freelancing rockstars. ​
  • What is the pricing? Is it really cost-effective to buy a Zimbola package instead of a digital marketing agency?
    Our packages are very flexible when it comes to pricing. No set pricing like you see on the homepage of websites under ‘our pricing’ or the offers digital agencies send you in files. We offer a range of packages that suit every need and something that’s within your budget. Since the best of the agencies outsource work to high-quality small-scale agencies that easily match their level of work, we have worked with plenty of them. Zimbola offers premium services but at an affordable price. You get professional agency-level websites at a very less price. That means more $$$ saved, which you can use to get more content or more links or maybe just save for great fun on the weekend. 😊 ​ With recession looming, it’s the right time to cut costs. Or, if you think the recession will not hurt you much, you still need to respect the fact that cost reduction increases revenue. The thing is – save, save and save if you can.
  • What industries do you cater to? What’s your specialization?
    Literally everything. Do not be surprised by this long list. It’s natural to work with a varied set of clients when you have a long-standing career of 12 years. ​ Technology is our favorite – SaaS, Cloud computing, cybersecurity, data analytics, DevOps, digital marketing, edtech, healthtech, crypto, blockchain, fintech, technical documentation, product guides, user guides, and templates. And we have a special love for things that pick up online or are in trend or remain in trend forever, like CBD (cannabis), fashion, health supplements and gym products, pet products, business (money, HR, finance, sales and marketing, supply chain and logistics), education, make money online ideas (affiliate marketing, ecommerce - Amazon or Shopify stores, personal ecommerce websites, freelancing, blogging, side hustles from home, social media, personal portfolios for coaches), gaming, anime, sports… the list is endless. Local businesses – plumbers, electricians, local stores, casinos and online gambling sites, AC repair experts, licensing and certification (boating, ESA pets, hunting, private pilot), doctors, dentists, renovators and builders, real estate and property management companies/agents and brokers, car repair services, lawyers (personal injury, divorce, bankruptcy, IP, criminal, immigration, DUI and DWI, etc.), accountants, film actors. ​ Read here for more niches we cover and content we write.
  • Can I cancel the project halfway through?
    Of course. This is the benefit of hiring Zimbola website design services for your business or personal service. Nothing forfeited, no full-month payment, and no cancellation charges. It’s as free as it ideally should be. Buy any package and choose the affordable a la carte mini packages if you need something additional. There are absolutely no hidden charges, so you can add anything to your cart without any worries.
  • Do you use tools to ensure top-class quality content writing, link building and SEO work?
    Every tool that we use is a premium version. Grammarly, SEMrush, Copyscape. We have exposure to many other tools like, Moz, Ahrefs, Anstrex, Adplexity, and Surfer SEO. Based on client needs or if they provide us access to the tools they already have a subscription for, we can work on them. ​ We also have good exposure to collaboration tools, so whether it’s Slack or Trello, Asana or Monday, expect us to get into the nick of things within a second. ​ Read how we work and the approach we use on Zimbola Services and About Us pages.
  • My online work is a side hustle for me. I use it as a way to make money online to supplement my main income. Can I rely on you to be regular and devote the time to my website needs?
    In 2022, 40% of Americans had a side hustle. We all are ambitious, and there are numerous opportunities that we can utilize, so a side hustle or any make money online idea is the best way to give wings to your dreams. The problem is the lack of time. But with Zimbola, you can rest assured. We are pros in our field and highly respect the client's time, so your side hustle will move uninterrupted. ​ We work within our bandwidth and commit to work that we can actually take up and easily deliver on time. The ability to prioritize effectively is a significant component in setting and achieving goals. You can rely on Zimbola to achieve your goals. You just need to spare some time to share your input with us. Easy as pie.
  • I am new to the ‘make money online’ ideas on the internet. How can you help me to achieve my side income goals or make it a core business in the long term?
    Make money online is the trend. Why should you miss out on it? 40% of people in America have some kind of side hustle. It’s important to boost your income and create a golden chance of establishing a business someday and being your own boss. There are plenty of ideas to make money online from home full-time or as a side hustle. ​ Zimbola full-time professionals take care of time-consuming tasks like content writing, keyword research, link building, topic ideas, sharing tips and suggestions regularly, posting content, and image research. So you can be sure that your plan will be implemented and executed smoothly. A website or an app to make money online without investment or with little investment is possible with the help of an experienced professional. Expect end-to-end support for your ‘how to make money online’ idea or side hustle from home or the office. To achieve this, you need personalized service, something that freelancers on platforms and digital marketing agencies cannot help you with. ​ Read ‘niches we cover’ to know how we can help you win your digital marketing goals.
  • Do you offer a guarantee that your content will rank up the websites?
    There is a guarantee that we will provide our best service and ensure the content is optimized. Site ranking is a combination of many factors, with content as one of the key components. It’s a process that takes time and effort, and you need to have realistic expectations when working to rank up your website. ​ Fake promises like ‘I will rank your website on top in Google in 4 to 6 months’ or ‘I can get thousands of organic visitors to your website’ or ‘I write content that makes your product fly off the shelf’ are nothing but a way to trap people who do not know the ranking game deeply. ​ People who have experience in digital marketing know that ranking does not work like that, so such claims are not valued anymore. There are many sites that are too compelling to be ignored, and you fall for them to get your website on top in Google without any real content. It’s short-lived, so it’s better to put in the real effort and get high-quality content written by an expert who knows SEO concepts very well. There is no bigger guarantee than that. ​ Need more information on my content services – Read Niches we cover and Content we write.
  • Is link building expensive? How do you manage to publish guest posts on good, high-DA websites?
    Link building has been made expensive by the digital agencies you hire or the websites that sell links as packages. They often charge a high markup if you pay directly to the site where you post, or they charge 2 to 3 times higher than the actual price if you pay the agency directly and not the publisher. Add to it the content writing charges and the long wait to make the experience more exerting. In reality, link building is a simple process where you use a tool to find out the websites that will accept your post, get in touch with them and discuss your guest post idea. They will often talk about the high charges involved in the process and give you a cost breakup that has already been ratcheted up. ​ If you negotiate well with the publisher for your guest post, you get good discounts and other promotional offers. In the end, it’s much cheaper than you would expect. Many website owners fear building links because of budget constraints. Even a basic package from a link-building agency costs around $600-800 for 5 links on tier-3 sites and more than $1500 for 10 links on tier-2 sites. They present these sites to you as high-DA sites and promise high-quality content. ​ The truth is that these are absolutely poor-quality and spammy sites that use non-organic tactics to ratchet up their DA. Do not fall for the link building packages online that some websites and agencies offer. You should build links for cheap by working with a real professional in link building who knows what guest posting truly is. Link building for free is also possible if you contact the right sites and provide them with high-quality content for guest posting.
  • Why are freelancer platforms unreliable and prove to be a big waste of time and money?
    Freelancer platforms are a good way to hire a worker, but certain drawbacks make the experience unpleasant. ​ Analyze this. Fiverr charges 20% of what a client pays a freelancer. This charge is extremely high. That’s demotivating, and you cannot expect a demotivated freelancer to work at their best. If they have to cover this cost, they have to charge high. Hiring a freelancer for $5 is good on paper, but that’s the most basic gig that everyone creates. In reality, all quality gigs in the content writing field on Fiverr start at around $30-50 for 1000 words and go up to $200-300 from top freelancers. A $5 gig is just a way to get you on the platform. You cannot expect a $5 content gig to boost your website. That’s too unreal. ​ Another drawback of freelancing platforms is that they are overcrowded. There are thousands of clients, and the work is plenty, so the cream freelancers are almost always taken. It’s natural that the really good freelancers are busy and lack the bandwidth to take up every assignment offered to them. ​ There is no criteria that freelance platforms set to list a freelancer on their website. For example, there is a very basic level language proficiency test for content writers on Fiverr, and that’s pretty much all you need to qualify as a content writer on the platform. Is it really sufficient for someone to be listed and presented to you as an expert content writer? It’s not. Reviews from clients who have very less knowledge of what has been provided to them in terms of quality of work and some more fake reviews might make it look like a good freelancer profile, but in reality, it’s all made-up stuff. There are thousands of stories from clients who end up wasting a lot of time and money on these sites without any satisfactory results. ​ I stepped out of freelance platforms because the competition has come down to the level that thousands of freelancers are ready to take up a job for very little. Clients fall into the trap and end up wasting their time and money scanning through applications, setting up trials, setting up contracts, checking back every now and then and much more. And by the time they receive their project - the damage is done, and there is no reversal. When they approach experienced professionals on Zimbola, their expectations get higher, the budget gets less, and there is correction work too. ​This is one of the reasons Zimbola offers plenty of website packages to choose from. You need to stay away from the crowd and work in exclusivity. For that, you need to shorten the process (post jobs, go through the gigs, shortlist freelancers, set up contracts, wait for the freelancer to take it up and in the end, see that either the freelancer has absconded or, if taken up, then the work is trashy. The baseline is – to hire real professionals with the experience and qualifications to help you achieve your business goals. This is why I started Zimbola - so that we connect where there is no crowd, no mess-ups with your job, where you are respected as a client, and pay what you actually should.
  • What is the mode of payment?
    PayPal, direct bank transfer, Payoneer. We can discuss other payment methods, too, if you prefer some other mode of payment.
  • Do you offer content revisions or fixes?
    Without any question. Every website package that you buy will offer revisions until it meets your satisfaction level. Absolutely no extra charges.
  • What is your online availability?
    For responding to client messages, we are available almost 24/7/365. If you find us offline, expect a response in the shortest possible time. The world is digital, so we really cannot afford to work in an analog mode. We believe in fast response time and quick TATs. It saves time and makes us more productive. That’s how we can achieve our goals. Go to our Contact Page to discuss your project.
  • Is there a free trial available?
    The answer for this one has to be a detailed one. Our services are not highly-priced, and we mostly work on a value-for-money model. You can start working with us for any amount in double digits. So after buying a mini package or any other website designing package, you will not at all feel that your money has not been utilized properly. ​ Just like a lawyer, doctor, electrician, or any other professional does not offer trial service, mainly because time is money for them, we are also unable to do free trials. We are sure you will appreciate this and will not mind a paid trial if you need to know more than what we have provided here (samples, testimonials, published work, and brands I have worked for). ​ So far, we have never had anyone asking for a free trial from the hundreds of clients we have worked for. That’s mainly because they know what they want, and based on their experience with us, they know how accurate we are with everything.
  • Will My Website Be SEO-Optimized?
    Yes! Your website is basically non-existent if it does not appear in the top ranks in Google. This is why Google is the king of search engines. SEO is complex, and if done correctly, it can bring in quality visitors to your site - the one that you really intend to. For this, our SEO experts do all the job for you, which includes optimized heading tags, URL structures, title tagging, meta descriptions, creating XML sitemap, indexing process load speed optimization, right-sizing the images, etc. So the technical job is done professionally by us. We want you to focus on just one thing - attracting the target audience, increasing sales, impressing your employers, or anything your website is for. And to carry on the process for maximum impact - we use exceptional level keyword-optimized blogging that is a key factor to make Google fall in love with your website.

High-level content writing, Professional link building, Expert SEO, Websites - Wix, WordPress, Squarespace, Shopify

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