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Local SEO and Google My Business - GMB


Digital marketing has been reshaped by the advancements in artificial intelligence (AI). Google algorithms keep changing based on AI and it presents a new challenge for you to rank on top in Google. To keep pace with the latest updates in SEO and Google search engine policies, we train ourselves consistently. We use the best AI-based tools and the tried-and-tested methods. This simply means we remain relevant and advanced irrespective of the changes in Search Engine Optimization (SEO) algorithms.

Despite the AI's big impact, it's important to recognize the avenues it unveils for both current and future business models.

Understanding Local SEO

Through extensive analysis of user search behavior, Google has laid down the importance of delivering relevant results based on proximity. Their local search algorithm integrates a proximity factor, which means that Google considers your location even when you don't explicitly include a city name or "near me" in your search.

Key benefits of Local SEO

1. Enhanced Conversion Rates

Crafting an engaging marketing strategy is pivotal to converting customers online. Targeted traffic streamlines the conversion process, and digital marketing facilitates two-way communication with customers and leads. Unlike traditional marketing methods, digital enables meaningful interactions.

2. Increased Revenues

Effective digital marketing strategies that focus highly on local search drive higher conversion rates. Small and medium businesses can bolster revenue growth and workforce expansion opportunities through well-planned local SEO approaches.

3. Strengthened Customer Relationships

Customer satisfaction stands as a cornerstone of any successful business. In the past, maintaining robust client relationships was a challenge due to limited avenues for connection. However, the advent of digital marketing, particularly through social media and website ranking in Google search, allows businesses to foster customer relationships. Engaging with customers and responding to their feedback on social media and GMB reviews is now essential for cultivating loyalty.

Exploring Google My Business (GMB)

With a Google My Business profile, you can:

1. Showcase Product Catalogs

Product catalogs, introduced in October 2018, have gained a significant update. Now, they can be featured in both desktop and mobile search results. This expanded visibility enhances the potential for engagement and customer interaction.

2. Generate Custom Short URLs

A notable enhancement for your Google My Business Account is the ability to create customized short URLs, also known as "short names." This unique URL makes sharing your GMB profile straightforward. For instance, users can access your GMB profile by visiting "[yourcustomname]." Reviews can also be accessed by adding '/review/' to the URL.

3. Share Positive Reviews Through Google Posts

Another valuable feature allows you to spotlight positive reviews. GMB suggests positive reviews that you can share as customer testimonials through your Google Posts.

Power Up Your Digital Presence with Local SEO

Discover our comprehensive Local Search Engine Marketing Packages to amplify your online presence in your area. Learn about our range of services at Zimbola. Our dedicated team of local SEO experts is committed to delivering the service you envision, while offering the knowledge to strategically elevate your local business. Reach out directly or follow the link below to explore plans tailored to your business goals. Don't delay - embark on your local business's digital transformation journey today.

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