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305 New Service Business Ideas - Something for Everyone

In one of my posts, I covered the best small business ideas in the local brick-and-mortar category. Based on the response from readers, this article covers the 305 best service business ideas that are evergreen, can be started with little or zero investment and covers ideas for everyone – men and women, skilled, semi-skilled and highly skilled, basic education holders and highly educated, and students.

There’s something for everyone in this list of best service business ideas that guarantee stable income because they remain in demand throughout the year and have a wide customer and client base. Some of these are unique and highly profitable. There is nothing better than being your own boss and make money online and offline through side hustles and by utilizing your skills and education. Or maybe simply because you are passionate about something and want to make money out of that.

Times have changed, and skills and education that needed you to be in a regular or part-time job can now be turned into a service-based business with you as the owner. You can easily turn your favorite service idea into a consultancy, specialist work or a side hustle to make good money and live a good life.

The list has almost 305 best service business ideas in these 17 categories (full details further in the article).

And these are top service business ideas from each category (more details to follow so keep reading).

  • Stock market advisor

  • Weight loss and body transformation expert (body shaping, weight loss, weight gain)

  • Academic tutoring – online and offline tutor

  • Interior designer (designing, overseeing fit-outs, sourcing furniture, lighting, and décor items, styling and overall home layout and arrangements)

  • Makeup artist (Special effects, bridal makeup, beauty and style, theater and stage makeup)

  • Baby name expert/baby naming expert

  • Elder companion and senior care provider

  • Lawyer

  • Puppy training and dog training

  • Restaurant delivery straight from farms

  • Real estate agent

  • RV repair and maintenance

  • Social media manager - Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, TikTok, Twitter

  • Recruitment - Headhunting, tech recruiter, mass recruiter, campus hiring specialist

  • IT systems and networking consultant – Cloud, on-premise server, architecture, networking, buying and selling IT infrastructure (trading IT physical assets)

  • Airbnb accommodation design expert

  • Corporate event planner – product launch, team dinners and luncheons, conferences and conventions, annual days

  • SaaS product development specialist

There are many reasons to start a service business. Desire to be your own boss, wanting to make a fortune instead of living off a paycheck, driven by the success of others, favoring economic conditions, being laid off by your company or any other thing. The reason could be any, but the idea remains the same. The idea is – to work on a plan and achieve success.

The biggest roadblock in starting a business is the lack of funds. But with these best small business ideas that are service-based, you can overcome that problem too. These best service business ideas can be put into action with little or no capital.

You need passion, hard work, innovation, business acumen and customer service skills to succeed in these. Depending on how well you implement your plan and how hard you work, these trending service business ideas offer steady income, which rises quickly with time to make it a highly profitable service business.

In-demand and trending professional services

The first category is the professional services that remain in demand throughout the year. Changing times and the immense popularity of the internet have given rise to new service professions that anybody can try and see success quickly. From making money online to offline professions, the list has everything you need to start a small service business.

Watching educational videos of people who have excelled in these areas, pursuing online courses and gaining experience under an expert will help you even more in meeting your service business targets. Most of these service business ideas in the professional category have gained traction in recent times.

Some of them did not exist a decade ago. Some of them existed but were considered as mee side hustles for some extra money. With time, these part-time gigs or side hustles have gone mainstream. These service business ideas now have the potential to easily turn into a small business and even larger if you use the right business strategy. Seeing their current popularity and the great future they guarantee, you can pick the one you like the most and start immediately.

  • Stock market advisor

  • Loan agent

  • Insurance agent

  • Medical tourism consultant

  • Career advisory

  • Personal reputation management

  • Celebrity manager

  • Sports coach

  • Startup advisor

  • NFT/Digital artwork instructor and advisor

  • Social media influencer

  • Stock photography model

  • Product reviewer on social media

  • YouTuber or vlogging – DIY, travel, food, sports

  • Motivational speaker

  • Bouncer

  • Private security

  • Movies (acting, modeling, stuntman, art director, choreographer, animator, VFX specialist, camera operator, etc.)

  • Astrologer

  • Palm reader

  • Face reader

  • Caricature drawing specialist

  • Animation videos (songs and shows) specialist for live streaming, TV and YouTube (be the next Baby Shark-like creator)

  • Real game playing for kids on TV and YouTube (analyze the success Vlad and Nikki has achieved)

  • Live streaming – gaming, music, education, motivational speech/inspirational talks and much more.

Personal health and wellness services

Health is of prime importance for everyone. People need personal care, attention and on-time services related to health and fitness. The reason could be any – inability to take out time to visit the gym, health issues that affect mobility, need for exclusivity, or bigger goals than usual. For that, people pay a premium. These people can be your customers for your new service business idea. Offering personal services will slowly make you popular in the market. You can employ people and run a full-scale service business with this model.

Health and wellness is something people do not look to compromise on and don’t hesitate to pay good fees. It is because of increased awareness and willingness of people to spend on their health and fitness that has given rise to a number of health and wellness businesses.

health and wellness business

From losing weight to Zumba and Pilates, healthy meal delivery to yoga classes, everything is in trend and part of a big health industry, so starting a health and wellness business is a great idea. This could easily be one of the most profitable service business ideas.

  • Weight loss and body transformation expert (body shaping, weight loss, weight gain)

  • Personal fitness trainer– It includes celebrity trainers, group trainers, senior fitness trainers, CrossFit trainers, and sports performance expert

  • Mindfulness and meditation instructor

  • Health coaching

  • Yoga instructor (private yoga, yoga for health conditions, workshop expert, prenatal and postpartum yoga)

  • Spiritual guide

  • In-home masseuse/masseur

  • Acupuncturist

  • Chiropractor

  • Diet and nutrition consultant

  • Meal delivery service

  • Personal chef

  • Zumba instructor

  • Pilates instructor

  • Swimming coach

Academic consulting services

Education is a basic need, and with an increased focus on it, the industry is booming. Offline education was always one of the most profitable business ideas, with plenty of education consultants, admission counseling centers, private schools and colleges and much more.

The pandemic has taken the education business many steps further. Online courses, online education counseling services, and online tutoring have opened up a whole new education business world to those who want to make the best use of it.

So if you have a passion for helping students and make money while doing that, a service-based academic consulting or education business is the best idea you can capitalize on. From tutoring to helping people teach abroad and homeschooling to student accommodation experts, opportunities galore. This service business idea has plenty of scope as it offers a big return if done right.

  • Academic tutoring – online and offline tutor

  • Private school application consultant

  • Homeschool teacher

  • Wonderlic test preparation

  • Online English tutor

  • IELTS tutor

  • SAT tutoring and preparation

  • GED test preparation

  • TEFL coach (teaching English abroad)

  • College application consultant

  • College essay editor

  • Cover letter and resume writer

  • Education loan advisor

  • Study abroad consultant

  • Language coach

  • Local consultant for foreign students (travel, accommodation, acclimatization, safety and emergency help provider)

  • Scholarship advisor

Home maintenance and repair services

Home is where the heart is. And that is where the money is if you want to start a service business in home maintenance, home improvement and repair service domains. The kind of service you wish to take up in the home maintenance business is countless. There are main domains and then plenty of subdomains, as a lot of work requires specialists who know their job in and out. Some need a formal certification, but most of them are skill-based, which you can master with just a little effort.

You can gain experience in a few months for some of these jobs from someone who is already established in a home maintenance small business. From there, you get work experience and also learn the other intricacies of business, which will ultimately make your service business idea take shape.

Starting a small business in the service domain does not get easier than this. With some years in any of these home maintenance and repair fields, you can give wings to your business and start a big firm by employing experts in various domains. The housing market is experiencing a boom, and every small and big city in the US is seeing millions of residential units being constructed. This means plenty of opportunities to grow your service business and be one of the successful entrepreneurs in the future.

  • Interior designer (designing, overseeing fit-outs, sourcing furniture, lighting, and décor items, styling and arrangement)

  • Handyman service

  • Roofing expert

  • Wooden flooring expert

  • Pool designing, servicing and maintenance

  • Lawn care

  • Locksmith

  • Home entertainment installation

  • Home inspection services

  • Interior painting service

  • Wallpaper installation service

  • Power washing

  • Carpet installation

  • HVAC expert - Air conditioning installation and maintenance

  • Plumber - Plumbing service

  • Appliance repair (TV, fridge, home appliances, fans, microwave ovens, etc.)

  • Porcelain repair

  • Home maintenance equipment rental

  • Electrician - Electrical repair and maintenance (wiring, lighting, installation, etc.)

  • Mover and packer

  • Tree removal

  • Pest control

  • Carpenter, woodworking specialist, general carpentry

  • Fence installer (barbed wire, wooden, electrical, chain link, etc.)

  • Deck repair and contractor

  • Artificial turf installer

  • Weed removal

  • Gardening

  • Landscaping

  • Solar panel installer

Personal concierge services

Life is busy. We all know that because we face it every day. There is a job to take care of or a business to look into. There are personal reasons, too – taking care of kids, devoting time to pursue hobbies, education, side hustles or anything that needs a good amount of time. And this is where the service business opportunity lies. Being busy in life means a lack of friends, lack of assistance from neighbors or anybody else that someone would ideally think of relying upon.

service business home ideas

Helping people get more time with your assistance means a serious personal service business these days. This is one of the unique service business ideas that need serious consideration. You can advertise yourself online to start a personal service business. Once things start rolling, you can expand your customer base through word of mouth, personal references, and marketing further through your website or social media. Making money while helping others get more time to do what they need is one of the best personal concierge service business ideas trending and offers good returns with only a little or zero investment.

  • Friend for rent

  • Grocery shopping and delivery

  • Errand-running

  • Dry-cleaning delivery and pick-up

  • Seamstress or tailor services

  • Window washing

  • Home cleaning service

  • Private car service

  • Cooking

  • Barbecue and grill specialist

  • Seafood recipe expert

Beauty and lifestyle service business ideas

This is one of the best service business ideas to make everything bright and beautiful for you. That’s because starting a business in beauty and lifestyle means being part of an industry that keeps growing, and the money involved keeps increasing.

The beauty industry is above $500 billion, and several factors contribute to its popularity and success. Even a small pie of it means big revenue if you manage to grow your business using the right strategies. To start a beauty and lifestyle service business, choose the domain that you think interests you most and will be able to change people’s lives. It could be anything – from making them look good to improving how they carry themselves.

Good results ensure returning customers and acquiring new ones through organic publicity. From helping people build meaningful relationships to ensuring their personal security in public and from giving them a perfect look for on-stage success to helping them dress the right way, the ideas are many, and some are unique service business ideas. Pick your idea and start a service business in the beauty and lifestyle category to experience a bright future.

  • Makeup artist (Special effects, bridal makeup, beauty and style, theater and stage makeup)

  • In-home hair stylist or hairdresser

  • Personal wardrobe stylist

  • Life coach

  • Relationship coaching

  • Online dating consultant/profile editor

  • Lifestyle manager

  • Personal fashion guide

  • Driving instructor

  • Etiquette coach

  • Personal bodyguard

Serving parents, babies, and small children

People lack time for themselves and their kids and parents. Nobody wants to be in such a situation, but life is demanding and leaves no choice. Whether a big city or a small one, people have to take care of many things – jobs, business, travel, meetings, social gatherings, etc. It is quite understandable that they cannot give the amount of time their kids ideally need. You can pitch in and make a difference in people’s lives. And do so with a smart service business idea.

Your clients will need you to serve their babies and small kids in many ways. They need a helping hand, and if you can offer high-quality professional service in this area, you can set up a small business with immense potential. Just like many other small business ideas, this one, too, does not need any investment.


You can start this business with zero investment. You just need to be compassionate, energetic, willing to help and work out of your comfort zone to help parents of small babies and kids. Other work areas within this business idea is helping kids who are a little grown up and need a professional to help them build skills, pursue hobbies and learn new things for development, which could range from dance and music to a new language learning. Help them grow, which in turn will ensure high growth of your service business.

  • Baby name expert/baby naming expert

  • Overnight doula service

  • Doula and birth coaching services

  • After-school care provider

  • Birth photographer, kids' birthday party photographer

  • Playgroup organizer

  • Lactation consultant

  • On-demand babysitter

  • Home baby proofing consultant

  • Nanny and au pair placement service

  • Private music teacher (singing, musical instruments)

  • Private dance teacher

  • Children’s party planner

  • Birthday party character appearances

  • Children’s entertainment services (magic shows, organizing picnics, tattoo artists)

  • Special education provider

  • Language classes

Elder care services

The older population is growing, and with it, the senior care business is also growing in demand. Not everyone is interested in senior home living, and this is why starting a senior care business will ensure a high growth rate and quick success.

To achieve success in this one of the best service business ideas, you need to be passionate, empathetic, energetic and willing to help the elderly. It could be anything – they might need a companion to spend time with or someone who can advise them in the best way regarding medical and dental treatment abroad or financial planning. There are multiple subdomains within the elder care business idea, so there is plenty to explore and pick the best suited to your business interests.

  • Elder companion and senior care provider

  • In-home physical therapist

  • Private nursing service

  • Insurance advisor – Medicare and Medicaid consultant

  • On-call emergency attendant for seniors

  • Medical tourism expert for seniors

  • Pension planning – finance, estate planning coordination, etc

High-end education-specific professional services

Education is transformative – we have heard this, we understand this, and a big chance is that we have experienced it. Every good job or service-based profession starts with great education. It can get you placed in your favorite company and get the best tech job in the Big 4 or place you in some Wall Street bank, fund or brokerage firm.

Possibilities are endless with education, and they get infinite when you use it to start a service business and be your own boss. This is really the easiest way to start a business and reach new heights. The business idea is straightforward – start practicing in an individual capacity in the field you are educated in.

Grow your service business by gaining new clients and slowly developing a brand. Once it starts working, hire people and make your small business grow into a large one. Within the profession you choose, there are a number of sub-areas you can choose from. A lawyer could work as a corporate lawyer or a personal injury lawyer. A doctor could be a general physician or a cardiac surgeon.

The list will be long if we cover every practice area. Your education will set you on course to be the owner of the next big business firm, and you will be able to grow much more than you would do in a job. Every profession listed here under this service business idea category sees high demand, and the money it gets is a lot.

  • Lawyer (corporate lawyer, personal injury lawyer, accident lawyer, employment lawyer, criminal lawyer, immigration lawyer, bankruptcy lawyer and other areas)

  • Doctor (psychiatrists, obstetricians and gynecologists, neurologists, radiologists, anesthesiologists, pediatrician, cardiologist, etc)

  • Dentist (general dentist, endodontist or pediatric dentist, orthodontist. endodontist, oral Pathologist or oral surgeon, prosthodontist and other fields)

  • Psychologist (clinical psychologists, counseling psychologists, cognitive neuropsychologists and others)

  • Cosmetic surgeon

  • Fashion designer

  • Architect (commercial architect, urban designer, interior architect and other)

  • Accountant (cost accounting, forensic accounting, auditing, finance accounting, etc)

  • Construction advisor

Pet care services

This is probably the cutest and loveliest business idea on the list of best service business ideas. Pets are an integral part of almost every household, and their owners treat them as family members.

Pets need love, care, grooming, training and everything that a human would need. They deserve everything that we deserve, and pet owners understand this thing more than anybody else. This is why they do not think twice about spending on their pets to keep them in the best shape. Their priority is to see them fit and want them to look good every day.

The pets accompany their owners to social gatherings, parties, airports, hotels, picnics and everywhere else that allows them to be there. Based on all of this and looking at pet industry trends, it is safe to say that any service business related to pets is sure to see success and make money for the business owners. This is why including this one on the best service business ideas list was a no-brainer.

Pandemic-related isolation saw people adopting more pets than ever, and this added 5 million more pets in the US. The pet care market is expected to touch the $118 billion mark by 2030. Does love for furry friends get bigger? Probably not. So to have a share in the pie, you need to think of the pet service business idea that you like, write a business plan, market your services and start making money right after that.

  • Puppy training and dog training

  • Pet sitting

  • Dog walking

  • Mobile veterinary services

  • Mobile pet grooming

  • Pet photography

Agriculture business ideas

This service business idea is for those who love to be in the open fields and farmhouses. Agriculture business ideas also suit those constantly looking for the most profitable business ideas for the future.

The agriculture service business idea is trending as more and more people want to break free from city life and spend a life that’s fully old-styled. There is nothing wrong with it, seeing that the agriculture business these days is a serious thing to get into as it has gained immense popularity in recent years. It is churning out more money than ever and gaining respect for the farmers.

The agriculture business is not limited to crop growing – it is way more than that – from aquaculture to animal nutrition and biochemistry to agronomy. Every field has a lot of potential as big companies and restaurants keep the demand high for raw food products. Fruits, vegetables, grains, herbs, chicken, fish, seafood, sugarcane, palm oil – the list goes on and on. Agriculture needs everyone: farmworkers, machinery and equipment, suppliers and sourcing agents.

The growing middle class across the world and the growing culture of dining out and buying processed food in the US have fueled the demand for agriculture products and services. This means there’s great scope in the agriculture business, and starting a service around one of the areas of agriculture can really do the trick.

1. Restaurant delivery straight from farms

2. Agriculture equipment operator

3. Farm worker sourcing

4. Crop sourcing specialist

5. Agriculture trading specialist

6. Agronomist

7. Seafood sourcing

8. Animal Nutritionist

9. Contractual farming for big companies

10. Animal Physiologist

11. Aquaculturist

12. Biochemist

13. Animal caretakers

14. Organic food grower

15. Vineyard operations expert

Real estate services

The good old real estate business. Real estate services have charm, glamor, big money, brand, fancy life and everything that means X factor attached to it. When it is real estate, larger-than-life things come to mind. Such is the environment that real estate creates. Entering this big business is easy, and money pours in if it works out well.

Flipping houses, constructing houses, mortgage specialists, buying and selling shops, offices and homes and marketing the inventory are some of the main areas in this business idea that make a lot of money for the service providers. It is a big ticket business, so things do not roll out easily, but if you show perseverance and deal with the right customers in the right area, things will happen fast with this one of the most profitable and best service business ideas.

Starting a real estate business is easy as you do not have to build or flip homes by investing money. You can start as a real estate agent and then slowly progress to the next level until you think you are confident and have the capital to navigate the market on your own.

In real estate, everything from a beachside cottage to an oceanside villa sells. The demand for housing and retail and office space is unending. Newer things like coworking spaces, Airbnb properties, student homes, etc., are creating unprecedented demand for ready space and raw land. There is plenty to try and make money from and be the next best real estate broker in America.

  • Real estate agent

  • Real estate broker

  • Home inspection specialist or real estate inspector

  • Real estate attorney

  • Real estate developer

  • Rental manager

  • MLS management

  • Technical fit-outs

  • Interior designer

  • 3D property walkthroughs expert

  • Property manager

  • Real estate consultant

  • Mortgage loan officer

Automobile maintenance and repair

Cars come with a big price tag. Whether it is a Tesla electric car or a Ford Bronco SUV, a vintage car or a new racing car, an RV or a truck, it is a big-ticket product. And like every machine, they break down, sometimes in the garage or on the road. The cars might need a mechanic for that or regular maintenance and servicing.

Although every company provides service in their workshops, non-company car mechanics play a big role in the market outside. Not every car owner goes to the workshop, especially after the service period or warranty period from the company expires. Other than that, there are plenty of problems that car companies are not able to fix, so the owners move to car mechanics in their local area to get that problem fixed.

The used car market is also large, with 2021 seeing a record number of old cars being sold. In 2021, the number of used car sales in the US was 40.6 million. And then there are car accessories, battery and tire services, roadside assistance, general inspection and much more. Overall, the scope of succeeding in the automobile repair and maintenance business is huge.

Starting a mobile car repair and maintenance service business is busy as you do not need to set up a car workshop. Simply focus on providing mobile services to the customers, and you will see this car service business idea doing wonders for you.

  • RV repair and maintenance

  • Mobile car wash and car detailing

  • On-call car mechanic

  • Vehicle inspection service

  • Windshield repair service

  • Roadside car breakdown assistance

  • Car battery service

  • Car modification services