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Reddit Ads Success and Challenges - Making Your PPC Campaigns Effective


Building organic traffic is an activity that takes an immense amount of time and money. It pays off in the long run but depending on your business goals, you might choose PPC ads as they bring in quick results. Facebook ads and Google ads have always been the favorite of business owners closely followed by Instagram and TikTok ads

Another platform has made a surprise entry and people have been seeing it as a good option owing to the level of community engagement it enjoys with its 500 million user base. We are talking about Reddit. With a vast and diverse user base, Reddit ads offer a unique option to customize ads for specific subreddits, ensuring a higher relevance level. 

Successful targeting, coupled with cost-effective manual bidding, makes Reddit Ads a dynamic and impactful choice for marketers. But there have been a lot of reviews on people not finding success with Reddit ads. What makes them work and what not - let’s find out in this quick guide on Reddit ads.

Success stories on Reddit Ads: A closer look

Many digital marketers have reported success with Reddit Ads. These marketers customize their ad strategy according to the audience and content preferences of Redditors. Some of the key points that you should know while running Reddit ads include:

Targeting strategies

Reddit ad success stories often involve targeted approaches, such as focusing on single subreddits with native-appearing ads. Tailoring ads to specific audiences and platforms is a key factor to success on the platform.

Geographical and device considerations

Marketers have found success with Reddit ads by narrowing their audience geographically (e.g., USA, UK). Take the example of an app you are trying to sell. Focusing on specific devices (mainly iOS) targeting users for specific app installations and optimizing the ad campaign to encourage purchases within the promoted app might bring in the desired results. 

To help you understand this scenario better, let’s discuss further on why the iOS-specific audience is being targeted for the app installation. The decision to target iOS-only traffic for Reddit ads should be data-driven and depend entirely on your specific business requirement. The main reasons could be:

Demographic considerations

Focusing on iOS-only Reddit ads targeting makes sense if your target audience for the advertised product or service is more prevalent among iOS users. Certain demographics, industries, or regions might show a higher concentration of iOS users. 

Performance metrics

With Reddit ad campaigns for your app, you might see higher conversion rates, or more favorable engagement metrics with iOS users compared to Android users. Analyzing this data will help you optimize Reddit ads targeting.

User behavior

iOS users might exhibit different behavior patterns, responsiveness to Reddit ads, or a higher likelihood of app installations and purchases. This influences the decision to concentrate on this user segment.

Bot click reduction

Bots are big trouble for every marketer and it happens on every platform. iOS-only traffic might experience fewer bot clicks compared to other audiences. This can be a significant consideration when aiming for genuine user interactions with your Reddit ads.

B2B vs. B2C dynamics

The success of Reddit Ads may vary based on whether your advertising campaign is business-to-business (B2B) or business-to-consumer (B2C). In some cases, Reddit Ads have proven effective for B2B SaaS sales (Software as a Service) because of the strong community presence on the platform.

Reddit Ads being less effective - The challenges

Reddit ads, although serving a different type of audience that might not be present on any other platform have gained a reputation for some reasons. Some of them include:

Bot clicks and engagement

A significant percentage of ad clicks are believed to come from bots from click farms - and they could be from anywhere - US to some Asian countries. This affects the overall engagement and click-through rates. 

This is something that every PPC ad platform is affected by and the solution to tackle bot clicks and engagement is complex. Despite best efforts, all the advertising platforms have failed to curb this menace from click farms. Detection is difficult so the only way out is to keep a close look at unexpected results from a particular region and turn it off.

Reddit ads Cost Per Click (CPC) concerns

On average, the CPC on Reddit tends to be higher compared to other advertising platforms. This might pose a budget challenge for marketers.

Community resistance to Reddit ads

Reddit communities often show a dislike for ads. If they are not deemed relevant by Redditors, it could totally derail your marketing campaign ROI on Reddit. The negative sentiment from Redditors should be analyzed before launching the ad campaigns.

Reddit Ads success - The key factors

Reddit Ads can be a valuable addition to your marketing strategy if approached strategically. Success stories highlight the importance of tailored targeting, platform-specific optimizations, and a deep understanding of Reddit's user base. By addressing concerns such as bot clicks and community resistance, advertisers can get high ROI on Reddit Ads for both B2B and B2C purposes. 

Manual bidding to manage CPC effectively also plays a big role in your ad campaign’s success. Suggested bids might be high but to be a successful advertiser, bid lower to achieve competitive click-through rates. And lastly, community involvement is as important as ever. Engaging with the Reddit community, understanding its dynamics, and creating Reddit ads that align with the platform's unique language contribute to success.

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