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TikTok Ads - 5 Key Elements for High ROI 

78% of digital marketers say that they received a positive ROI on TikTok ads and 56% say that they plan to increase their ads investment on the platform in the near future. On TikTok, it seems everything is falling in the right place for the marketers. A recent study by the creator marketing platform CreatorIQ in collaboration with TikTok presents some useful data on what makes TikTok ads really successful. The popular short-form video platform has now secured the second position as the most utilized platform for advertisers. The first choice still remains to be Instagram in terms of customer engagement but that might change soon with the consistent growth of advertisers who are ready to invest more in TikTok ads.

The study highlights that approx 40% of the total marketing campaigns now use TikTok ads. This marks a huge shift from a couple of years ago when the advertisers used the platform in only one out of 10 campaigns. This clearly shows the growing impact of TikTok ads as the preferred medium for brands that want to maximize their reach and impact through video content.

Analysis of Spark Ads

An experimental study states that Spark Ads generate about 250% more followers and a 150% boost in likes. Spark Ads is a TikTok advertising product that has a unique concept - Spark Ads sit between organic content and advertising.  This hybrid model is designed to promote videos originally published by creators. The study aimed to identify the key elements that contribute to the success of these ads.

Findings from TikTok's data spread over two years reveal that over 50% of users seeing a Spark Ad with a creator in it believe the ad to be trustworthy. This builds trust and confidence in the users for the associated brand. An impressive 78% of TikTok users stated that their product purchase is due to the "creator authenticity" factor.

The report further highlights that consumers tend to have a higher level of trust in creators compared to brands and celebrities. This perfect-level syncing between organic reach and native ad products proves to be highly impactful. It resonates positively with brands whose goal is to build a genuine and lasting connection with their target audience with TikTok ads. 

5 key elements for success in TikTok ads

TikTok has touched new heights as a marketing platform. With 1.5 billion active users on the platform, advertisers see it as a goldmine. And why wouldn’t they? With TikTok ads offering an average engagement rate of 5.69% in 2023, it truly stands out for advertisers. But like on all other platforms, creating powerful ads is not an easy task.

The study by CreatorIQ and TikTok shows the science behind successful Spark Ads in detail. It reveals the five most important elements that keep viewers hooked to the content on TikTok ads. Here they are.

1. The hook

TikTok may be pushing hard for the 10-minute videos now, but its strength has always been the short and snappy videos. After all, their chances of going viral is unmatchable. This is essentially what TikTok is mostly about – virality. Users love it more for its viral videos that are mostly short-form. Talking about the hook, as per the report, the first six seconds are golden. These six seconds hold 90% of the potential impact on ad recall.

Think of creators unboxing a tech or a beauty product with a big broad smile while looking highly excited to introduce it to you. Or think of a captivating scene that subtly integrates the brand. A good example here will be Matthew and Paul's Walmart ad. Mathew and Paul are an interabled couple beloved by millions, not just on TikTok but also on Instagram and YouTube.

Roping them in for the ad proved to be a wonderful decision by Walmart. The ad is bursting with personality and landing within the top 1% of all TikTok ads. The ad has also helped the brand get almost 2 million followers on TikTok. It really doesn’t get better – organic reach + high return on ad.

2. Face to face matters

We have been talking about the impact a creator can create with his video. A friendly "hi" from your creator works wonders. TikTok ads featuring greetings saw a 112% spike in brand recall. Ads showing the creator's face saw a massive 148% increase, especially in entertainment TikTok ads.

The best example here would be Peloton's Ajahzi Gardner (We Are Komodo fame). She warmly welcomes viewers into her cycling session. This TikTok ad is a masterclass in genuine connection giving a new height to the conversions. Her creative power and popularity which has gained her almost 3 million followers on TikTok was good enough to make the ads go viral.

3. Show, don't just tell

All talks and no show make the ad a dull affair. Users expect videos to show them the aspects they are highly anticipating. Plain talks won’t take your video ads far. Beauty brands, take note! Videos showcasing products in action experience an 89% boost in brand recall and a 47% increase in purchase intent.

Redken's ad featuring Kylie Vazzana (social media sensation with almost 5 million followers on TikTok) working her magic with their hair products is the perfect example. The TikTok ad by Redken ranked high in both ad retention and conversions and showed the power of influencers. Her comedic lip sync videos work outstandingly well with the users which has helped her to become a trustworthy name in the short video format.

4. Soundtracks and text overlays

Some new song by Taylor Swift or BTS or The Weeknd or maybe a superbly created in-house tune is a good idea. But is that enough for your TikTok ad to grab user’s attention? The trick here is to combine it with catchy text overlays.

Music and text can make or break your ad. Text overlays grab attention 1.4 times more effectively than bare videos. Catchy music can send brand recall soaring by 61% and purchase intent skyrocketing by 177%. Think fast-paced, energetic tunes and visuals that dance together to create an unforgettable experience through TikTok ads.

5. A clear call to action (CTA)

CTA is the key – whether it’s a blog or a YouTube video. And TikTok is no different in this regard. In short videos too, it is all about that final push with the help of a killer CTA. Videos with written CTAs see a 205% increase in purchase intent. This proves that TikTok ads that tell viewers exactly what you want them to do (visit your website, buy the product) bring outstanding results.

To wrap it up – TikTok ads truly rock!

1.5 billion people are in love with TikTok and the platform is slowly surpassing every possible social media record. These TikTok ads insights aren't just numbers on a screen – they're the roadmap to creating TikTok ads that resonate, engage, and convert. TikTok ads are all about following some basic rules – as listed above. Try these out when creating a new campaign and you will definitely see a higher ROI on your TikTok ads.

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