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Yelp for Business Owners Update - AI-Powered Review Summaries on iOS

Image Credits: Yelp

There was a time when people loved to advertise on Yelp and list their businesses. Its glorious time was declared to be over almost half a decade ago. Since then it has been a state of continuous decline. But there’s some news that might make Yelp for business owners relevant again. And that’s because of AI integration. 

Yelp for business owners is changing. The way customers see your business reviews on Yelp is set to change with this new update. In a move to enhance user experience, Yelp is introducing a new feature on its iOS platform. The feature uses artificial intelligence (AI) to condense and highlight user reviews at the top of a business's Yelp page. This innovative Yelp reviews addition aims to provide users with quick insights into a business they are looking for based on firsthand customer feedback.

Large Language Models for Insightful Summaries on Yelp

Yelp's AI-driven feature will use large language models (LLMs) to sift through user reviews. It will focus on key aspects such as a business location, popular dishes for people who look for ‘restaurant reviews on Yelp, amenities, etc. 

This streamlined summary, displayed prominently on the Yelp page, offers users a snapshot of what a business is renowned for, as described by recent customers. However, it differs from some competitors, such as Amazon and Newegg, as it doesn't delve into specific pros and cons cited by users. This might give Yelp for business owners some advantage as it will present information more positively. And of course, it might help to gain some ground that it has lost to Google reviews.

Triggered by Reliable Recent Reviews

Yelp's SVP of consumer products explains that the platform wants to enhance user experience and in this way, Yelp for business owners will also become more relevant. AI summaries will be triggered based on a reliable number of recent customer reviews. 

This is important to ensure users receive up-to-date and pertinent information and ensure that Yelp for business owners does not work in a way that unnecessarily harms business reputation. Notably, this AI-powered summary feature is currently exclusive to businesses operating in the restaurant, food, and nightlife industries but will roll out to all other local businesses soon. There is also some news on AI changes coming to the way businesses advertise on Yelp.

Exciting Additions to Yelp iOS App

Beyond the introduction of AI review summaries, Yelp is implementing several other features on its iOS app. This means Yelp for business owners will take a new shape. A refreshed home feed, infused with AI capabilities, will provide more relevant content and photos related to local businesses. The search experience on Apple iOS is also getting a makeover. It will incorporate more visual elements on the results page. These include carousels featuring popular dishes that users frequently search for.

Anticipated Features for Android Users

Android users can now enjoy the ‘surprise me’ option recently introduced on iOS. However, the broader suite of improvements, including AI summaries, enhanced search results, and an upgraded home feed, is set to arrive on Android devices later in the year. Yelp is committed to providing a seamless and enriched experience for users across both iOS and Android platforms. 

Image Credits: Yelp

Yelp for business owners goes the AI way

These changes mean Yelp for business owners will don a new look. Yelp restaurants, food, and nightlife will start seeing the changes now and other businesses are also a part of further plans. There might also be changes to the ways businesses advertise on Yelp but it might take some time.

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