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Should You Buy Apple iPhone 15 Pro Max Titanium Model or Not?


Out of the latest 4 iPhone models, the iPhone Pro Max and Pro models have created a lot of buzz and that's because of their Titanium finish. Apple has this uncanny knack for coming up with something different on every launch at their Wanderlust events. The iPhone critics did not sound upbeat about the new features that were introduced on iPhone 15 models but the fans did not care much about it. And the titanium finish on iPhone 15 Pro Max and Pro - all four colors - Black Titanium, White Titanium, Blue Titanium, Natural Titanium took the market by storm.

The current iPhone 15 Pro Max and Pro models come in a Natural Titanium finish, which uses a special aerospace-grade titanium alloy. And without caring much about the price of iPhone 15 Pro Max Titanium, fans are ready to buy it - such is the popularity level right now.

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What makes the iPhone 15 Pro Max and Pro Titanium finish special?

Stronger and lighter than aluminum - The iPhone 15 Pro Max and Pro Titanium finish offers better durability and a slightly lighter weight compared to other standard stainless steel models.

Unique in appearance - It gives iPhone 15 Pro and Pro Max models a slightly muted tone which gives them a distinctive look and feel. It will appeal to everyone who appreciates a different aesthetic than on other iPhone 15 models.

Premium material - Titanium is rare and associated with ultra-luxury. Just the mention of it is enough to make people buy the Apple iPhone 15 Pro Max Titanium and Pro models. The finish creates a luxurious and durable feel which users really love.

Exclusivity - The Apple iPhone Titanium models are Pro and Pro Max. The other models including iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Plus do not have a Titanium finish. This makes the Pro models more expensive and less common than their aluminum counterparts. This exclusivity adds to their appeal to make it the first choice for buyers wanting a premium device.

Marketing and hype - Apple is a tech giant that leaves no stone unturned in marketing its products - whether it's the MacBook or iPhones or a range of other products. Apple heavily marketed the Titanium option when launching the iPhone 15 models. It greatly highlighted its strength and beauty. 

This generated buzz and excitement among gadget lovers and those who are highly fashion-conscious. It has lived up to the hype though as users have found it to be an outstanding feature in all four colors - Black Titanium, White Titanium, Blue Titanium, and Natural Titanium.

Association with high-tech materials - Titanium is used in various high-tech applications. Some of these include spacecraft and medical implants. This association adds a touch of sophistication and cutting-edge technology to the Apple iPhone 15 Titanium Pro Max and Pro models.

The positives of buying iPhone Titanium models are many. There is no doubt that it is exclusive and offers a premium feeling when you carry it around. But there are some downsides too. Let's discuss.

Potential downsides of buying Apple iPhone 15 Pro Max Titanium and Pro models

Cost - The price of a phone is a sensitive matter for many. The Titanium models are significantly more expensive than the aluminum Apple iPhone 15 and Plus. To give you a clear idea of this, here's the price chart of all iPhone 15 models.

iPhone 15 model price list

  • iPhone 15 - From $799

  • iPhone 15 Plus - From $899

  • iPhone 15 Pro Titanium - From $999

  • iPhone 15 Pro Max - From $1199

  • iPhone 15 Pro Max Titanium 1 TB - From $1599 

As you can see, the price difference between the iPhone 15 base model and the top-end 1TB iPhone Pro Max Titanium is around $800. Upgrading from iPhone 15 Plus to Pro is easy but you will have to compromise on memory.

Scratches - Titanium is generally more durable than aluminum but can still scratch. The sad thing is that these scratches will be more noticeable due to their darker color. However, you can save it with a Pro and Pro Max case and keep the screen safe with the best glass screen protectors for iPhones.

Weight - Titanium models are lighter than aluminum iPhones, but they are still heavier than some other flagships. So if you are someone who is conscious about those few extra grams, buying the Apple iPhone 15 Pro Max Titanium might not be a good idea.

Limited color options - Currently, there are only four options available if you want to buy the Apple iPhone Pro Max Titanium or Pro Titanium in different colors - Black Titanium, White Titanium, Blue Titanium, and Natural Titanium.

To sum it up - Is the iPhone 15 Pro Max Titanium or Pro a good buy?

The iPhone 15 Pro Max Titanium and Pro models popularity comes from their beautiful finish with the help of a material that's associated with strength and beauty. However, it's important to weigh the potential downsides before you buy it. 

Also note that the "Natural Titanium" finish is just a color option for the iPhone 15 Pro and Pro Max. It doesn't significantly change the phone's internal hardware or features compared to the other finishes on iPhone 15 and 15 Plus or other 13 and 14 models.

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