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2024 Buying Guide - The Best iPhone 15 Glass Screen Protectors

It’s natural for you to love your new iPhone 15 or iPhone 15 Pro. It’s a prized possession that’s associated with style. And it does not come cheap. So protecting it from scratches, screen breakage, smudges, etc. should be a top priority.

The iPhone 15 Pro has an aerospace-grade Titanium construction which provides a lighter, sturdier design and makes it long-lasting but it still does not mean that there is no chance of your getting scratches or not accidentally falling from your hand. The risk of complete breakage or cracks and scratches is always there and there are numerous cases every day, where phones are damaged and the number one thing to bear the brunt of a fall is the iPhone screen. This means spending $10 to $50 on an iPhone 15 Glass Screen Protector is a wise decision.

Screen protectors come at various price points. Starting from just $6, they can easily go up to $40 or beyond. Our top recommendation for protecting your new iPhone 15 or iPhone 15 Pro is the Supershieldz Anti Glare Matte Tempered Glass Screen Protector, chosen for its balanced combination of quality and affordability.

For users seeking additional features like a matte/glossy choice, a privacy screen, or a blue-light filter, we've come up with a comprehensive guide to help you buy the best glass screen protectors to ensure the best security of your recently purchased iPhone. The screen protectors here are good for all four models of the new iPhone 15 series.

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Supershieldz Anti Glare Matte Tempered Glass Screen Protector - Easily the number one iPhone 15 Glass Screen Protector


  • Anti-glare (matte) film

  • 2.5D rounded-edge glass

  • Unique edge-to-edge design

  • Precision-cut tempered glass with rounded edges

Tech Specs

  • Compatible Devices: iPhone 15 and all other models

  • Material: Tempered glass

  • 9H hardness

  • Hydrophobic and oleo-phobic coating

  • Matte finish but also HD clear

  • Unit Count: 2 Count

Supershieldz is a well-known brand among iPhone 15 Glass Screen Protector users who want a matte finish but also need ultra clarity from the screen. This unique ability comes from its tempered glass which is processed with great precision and the latest techniques. It's 9H rated in terms of glass strength and is oil and water-resistant which means it doesn't get fingerprints, or smudges and if sometimes does, it gets cleaned with a simple wipe. Another thing that makes it a top choice is its edge-to-edge design which covers your iPhone 15 screen entirely. With a combination of safety and experience, you really can't go wrong with the Supershieldz screen protector for your smartphone.


Spigen AlignMaster Screen Protector: A popular choice iPhone 15 Glass Screen Protector 


  • Super quick installation with the auto-alignment tray feature

  • Edge-to-edge precision

  • Coating for daily fingerprint resistance 

  • Made case compatible with Spigen case

Tech Specs

  • Compatible Devices: iPhone 15

  • Material: Tempered Glass

  • Surface Hardness: 9H

  • Product Weight - 0.85oz

  • Quick and responsive with every touch

  • Product Dimensions: 10 x 10 x 1.27 cm; 30 Grams

  • Finish Type: Glossy

  • Unit Count: 2 Count

The Spigen AlignMaster iPhone Screen Protector stands out as the top choice for safeguarding your iPhone 15. This tempered glass protector covers the entire display, including sensors and the front-facing camera. The package includes an auto-alignment tray for effortless installation, two refills, and cleaning wipes. The Oleophobic coating ensures a fingerprint-resistant surface, providing a seamless user experience. 


Mous - Hybrid Glass Screen Protector - High-selling iPhone screen protector


  • Made from 3-layer - TPU, PET and silicone blend

  • Impact-absorbing and shatterproof

  • Feels as good as your iPhone 15 original screen

Tech Specs

  • Compatible Devices: iPhone 15 all models

  • Material: PET and glass blend

  • Product thickness - 0.3mm

  • Hydrophobic (water repellent), oleophobic (oil resistant) 

  • Optical clarity PET, glass

  • Unit Count: 2 Count

Mous has always been a top contender with their as-real-as-screen iPhone screen protectors. They take the innovation a step ahead with the unique blend of PET and glass they use to make super solid protectors for iPhone 15 and all other models. This tempered glass protector is only 0.3mm thick, covers the entire display, including sensors and camera, and gives a real-like feeling to provide you with the best experience when scrolling. The package includes 2 screen protectors, an alignment applicator, a dust sticker, a cloth, a screen wipe, and an anti-bubble card. 


MagGlass Blue Light Screen Guard: Top choice Blue Light iPhone 15 Screen Protector


  • Anti-Bluelight for Reduced Eye Fatigue

  • Also offers matte, HD and privacy variants

  • Installation tray.

  • Encased Limited Lifetime Warranty

  • Perfect, bubble-free installation guide included

Tech Specs

  • Compatible Devices: iPhone 15

  • Premium tempered finish

  • Glass Hardness: 9H

  • Laser cut for unparalleled accuracy and fit

  • Product Dimensions: 6.1 x 3 x 0.5 inches

  • Finish Type: Glossy

  • Unit Count: 1 Count

The MagGlass Blue Light Screen Guard goes beyond conventional protection by using a blue light reduction layer. This feature is especially beneficial for iPhone 15 users who spend extended periods on their phones, reducing eye strain and improving sleep quality. The full edge-to-edge display coverage and included applicator tray make for a bubble-free installation.


ZAGG InvisibleShield Glass XTR3: Highly rated and reviewed iPhone 15 Glass Screen Protector for Impacts


  • High screen protector strength

  • Shock-absorbing Hexiom impact technology 

  • Made with Recycled Glass

  • Filter blue light (435-440 nm)

  • Recycled glass content

  • Precise Installation system

Tech Specs

  • Compatible Devices: iPhone 15

  • Antimicrobial Treatment

  • Material: Tempered Glass

  • Item Hardness: 9H

  • TÜV Rheinland Certified Green Product Mark

  • Finish Type: Glossy

  • Unit Count: 1 Count

The ZAGG InvisibleShield Glass XTR3 offers advanced impact protection with its adhesive, honeycomb-like structure. Made with 30% recycled glass, this protector also features a blue light filter and anti-reflective technology. The EZ application system and anti-dust adhesive make the installation process hassle-free.


amFilm OneTouch Screen Protector: The number one budget iPhone 15 screen protector


  • 0.33mm thick premium tempered glass

  • Glass camera lens protectors

  • Auto-alignment tool for easy installation in 30 seconds

  • Ultra-clear high definition with 99.9% transparency

Tech Specs

  • Compatible Devices: iPhone 15

  • Bubble Free, Case Friendly

  • Advanced coating technology to provide a clear, visual experience

  • Material: Tempered glass, magnetic feature

  • Indestructible Ultra 9H Glass

  • Product Dimensions: 16L x 9W cm

  • Finish: Glossy

  • Unit Count: 2 Count and 3 for Pro Max

For budget-conscious users, the amFilm OneTouch Screen Protector is an excellent choice at just $10. The 2+2 Pack includes two auto-alignment tool kits, two installation accessory kits, and two glass camera lens protectors. The screen protector, pre-installed in the auto-alignment tool, is slightly smaller than the phone size, ensuring compatibility with most cases.


Ailun Privacy Screen Protector: Best and Cheapest iPhone 15 Screen Protector for Privacy and HD view


  • Three screen protectors are included, along with camera lens protectors.

  • The screen is only visible to those directly in front.

  • 0.3mm ultra-thin

  • HD Black - A darker display is more comfortable at night.

  • Face ID compatible, maintains the original response sensitivity and touch

Tech Specs

  • Compatible Devices: iPhone 15

  • Material: Anti Spy Tempered Glass

  • 9H Surface Hardness

  • Product Dimensions: 5.62 x 2.63 x 0.5 inches

  • Finish Type: Glossy

  • Unit Count: 3 Count

For users valuing privacy, the Ailun 3-Pack Privacy Screen Protector offers not only protection against scratches and bumps but also shields sensitive information. With a screen visible only to those directly in front, this protector enhances personal privacy during daily use.

What is the Best iPhone 15 Glass Screen Protector? 

There’s so much to choose from but we have zero in on one particular glass screen protector for iPhone 15. The Spigen AlignMaster Screen Protector makes the cut as the best one for its balance of price and value. At $35, you receive two high-quality protectors. Its great design provides edge-to-edge coverage with anti-smudge coating and quick-touch responsiveness. The added auto-alignment tray simplifies installation so you can do it on your own without any worries.

Which iPhone 15 Screen Protector is Right for You?

As discussed above, the choice depends on your preferences. If you still haven’t been able to decide on the best screen guard for your iPhone, here's a quick guide to make it even easier:

  • Supershieldz Anti Glare Matte Tempered Glass Screen Protector - Tremendous features while keeping the price reasonable. Highly rated on all major ecommerce platforms.

  • Spigen AlignMaster Screen Protector: A popular choice due to its overall build quality. It’s a great option as it comes from a trusted brand. Offers easy installation.

  • AmFilm OneTouch Screen Protector: Budget-friendly without any compromise on the quality.

  • MagGlass Blue Light Screen Guard: Best iPhone 15 Glass Screen Protector for protecting your eyes against harmful blue light. Outstanding build quality.

  • Mous - Hybrid Glass Screen Protector - Popular among iPhone users for its host of features and solid build quality.

  • ZAGG InvisibleShield Glass XTR3: Highly rated for its solid protection ability with advanced impact technologies.

  • Ailun 3-Pack Privacy Screen Protector: Ensures privacy by restricting screen visibility.

Overall, when buying a screen protector, you need to look into things like which iPhone model you own, the amount of money you are willing to spend, and the features that are a must-have for you.

The Method We Used to Find the Best iPhone 15 Glass Screen Protectors

Our choice of these top five screen protectors for iPhone is the result of thorough research while going through a good number of reviews from actual users on popular platforms. Then we summed up all the information based on these important parameters:

Screen protector material type

To select the best screen protectors, our focus was on those that have a minimum thickness (usually around 0.3mm) and are built from 9H-rated tempered glass. 9H is known to be the toughest build quality that provides strong protection. This material has a superior resilience against drops and scratches compared to plastic alternatives. "H" refers to the device screen not being scratched by a 9H pencil

Number of pieces in the pack (Count)

Once you open the pack, your next move is to apply the iPhone 15 Glass Screen Protector. It’s an easy task but might not be so for everyone. It can prove to be challenging for some even though they are easy to install on your iPhone screen and there are plenty of videos to help you do that. We considered products that provide various count choices. So if you need protection for multiple iPhones or simply need a backup in case you face an installation difficulty and end up wasting one, the selected options offer flexibility.

The best features

The main role of a glass screen protector for iPhone 15 is to protect the screen from cracks, scratches, or even total damage in case of a fall. But there are some key additional features that protectors can offer. Our selection includes diverse features such as anti-smudge (fingerprints, oil or water marks/stains) technology, a blue light filter, and enhanced screen privacy protection. This will help you choose a protector that fits your specific needs.

The price - it really matters

The cost of the iPhone 15 Glass Screen Protector is always a sensitive thing. This is why we have considered various price ranges to make it comfortable for you to choose one easily. Ranging from just $10 to $50-$70, these options serve different budgets without compromising on quality.

Do I need both a screen protector and a case for my iPhone 15?

Accidents happen and it’s common for devices to break. Sometimes it’s a light fall and sometimes it can be heavy, leading to a screen break. If you're not one who likes to take unnecessary risks, you should buy both a glass screen protector and a case that’s friendly with the protector of your brand new iPhone 15. The iPhone 15 Pro comes with a Titanium construction. This build is popular as it offers durability and is lightweight. This leaves your phone bare and there’s a higher risk of cracking.

iPhones are costly – no matter which models you buy – so to keep your phone looking like a newly purchased piece, the best approach is to combine the protection of a screen protector with that of a sturdy case. A small investment to protect an expensive smartphone is a good deal at any time.

Choosing the right combination of a screen protector and case will provide comprehensive protection for your iPhone 15. You will carry it confidently as it will look like new and will use it freely without the fear of any damage.

FAQ - Everything about glass screen protectors for iPhone 15 all models

Which one is a better choice for iPhone 15 models - Plastic or glass screen protector?

Every material has its pros and cons. But still, glass screen protectors are the winners by a long margin. They are generally considered better for iPhone models. They feel more like your original iPhone screen and provide better durability. Glass protectors also offer better scratch resistance and protect the screen from breaking due to a heavy fall - all of this is not really possible in plastic ones.

What's better, hydrogel or tempered glass phone screen protector?

Tempered glass due to the technology used in its manufacturing is considered better than hydrogel. Tempered glass has higher durability and better scratch resistance. It gives your iPhone better protection against any impact - a fall or a crash. Hydrogel is known to provide a flexible and self-healing feature, but it might not be as durable or protective as tempered glass. So if we consider the overall rating to decide on one, it’s safe to go with tempered glass instead of hydrogel.

Is UltraGlass better than tempered glass?

"UltraGlass" is a marketing term. The quality can vary between brands. Generally, tempered glass is a recognized standard for screen protection. The best advice from us would be to check the specifications and reviews of any specific "UltraGlass" product to ensure its quality.

Should I buy a matte or regular screen protector?

The choice between matte and regular screen protectors is entirely yours. Matte protectors reduce glare and fingerprints. This makes a matte finish a preferred choice for some phone users. Regular protectors are known to maintain the original screen's clarity and touch sensitivity.

Do you really need a screen protector on iPhone 15?

iPhones come with durable glass. But for extra safety of the phone, it is recommended to use a screen protector. Screen protectors add an extra layer of protection against scratches, minor impacts, and smudges which are usual things when you use a phone. So the iPhone 15 Glass Screen Protectors can extend the lifespan of your device.

What is the difference between a glass protector and a screen protector?

This is often confusing for many. Let’s explain it in simple words. A glass protector is a type of screen protector made of tempered glass, the most widely used material in screen protectors for smartphones and other similar devices like tabs. It offers more durability and scratch resistance compared to plastic protectors. A screen protector is a broader term. It can include both glass and plastic protectors.

Is a thin or thick screen protector better?

When we say 0.3mm thickness, it does not mean that a screen protector has an impact on its quality. The difference is that thicker protectors usually provide more impact resistance, while thinner ones give you a better and closer experience which is as good as the original screen. Quality and material are the main things that help in determining effectiveness rather than thickness.

Why are matte screen protectors popular?

Matte screen protectors for iPhone 15 are popular for reducing glare, minimizing fingerprints and other dirty marks, and providing a smooth, non-reflective screen. iPhone users also prefer the feel of a matte finish over the glossy feel of a regular protector. It’s more about the personal choice in terms of what you like more when choosing between matte and glossy. Both have their own pros and cons but yes, matte screens are slightly more popular these days.

What are the downsides of matte screen protectors?

We cannot call it a downside as such because users who love matte screens have some solid reasons to do so. Matter protectors may reduce screen clarity and brightness slightly but that’s just marginal - something which you might not actually feel depending on the brightness level you are used to. They might have a different tactile feel during touch interactions compared to regular protectors. Some users may find these downsides outweighed by the benefits and choose glossy protectors instead. As mentioned earlier, that’s entirely a matter of personal choice.

How to choose a glass screen protector for iPhone?

To choose the best iPhone 15 Glass Screen Protectors, consider factors like hardness (measured in H), thickness, clarity, and brand reputation. You should look for tempered glass protectors with a high hardness rating, thin profile, and good transparency. To make the best buying decision, go through the reviews and choose a good brand to ensure a quality product.