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Top 10 Features of macOS Sonoma Tech Enthusiasts Can’t Stop Admiring

For tech enthusiasts, there’s nothing more exciting than update releases on Apple systems. MacOS Monterey or Ventura, Apple Watch, or the new Apple iPhone launch – every new launch keeps gadget lovers on their toes. The excitement gets even higher when there’s a macOS update announcement.


The highly-anticipated macOSSonoma was released in Sep 2023 and introduced some outstanding features that MacBook users simply love. Updates keep happening and features keep getting better but for now, here are the 10 super cool things about macOS Sonoma that will leave you in awe of these. The new macOS Sonoma updates are about greater productivity and seamless communication and at the same time, add an X factor to the overall experience of using the OS.

Here are the top 10 features of the new macOS Sonoma that techies can’t stop admiring.

PDF AutoFill Feature

Seamless Integration: It’s an AI world and there is a lot of focus on making content creation and document handling simpler. So here’s the best part of macOS Sonoma in this category. AutoFill in PDFs identifies key fields such as addresses and phone numbers which simplifies the tedious task of manual data entry. With a single click, you can seamlessly extract relevant information from your Contacts app. This simply means improved efficiency and accuracy.

Versatility: AutoFill extends its functionality beyond PDFs to websites, forms, and other document types. This versatile feature ensures a seamless and unified data entry experience across various aspects of your workflow.

Messages Enhancements

Catch-up Arrow: This unobtrusive yet powerful feature takes message navigation to the next level. The catch-up arrow swiftly guides users to the first unread message in the conversation list. This means you don’t have to sift through extensive threads.

Tapback Stickers: The tapback menu introduces an entertaining array of stickers. It takes you beyond conventional emojis. You can add a personalized touch to their conversations with a quick tap. This improves the expressive quality of your messages.

Wireless Shazam Integration

Effortless Song Recognition: Your favorite song playing somewhere in the background – in the café or in the taxi – and you wildly looking for your phone to use Shazam? Well, here’s something new. On macOS Sonoma, Shazam's integration takes a leap forward by seamlessly identifying songs, even when using AirPods. So this means you don’t need to take out your Apple phone – you can instantly recognize the song playing around you when working in a cafe or checking emails while taking a ride in Uber or for that matter, any place where you are working on a Mac.

Always-On Listening: It doesn’t get simpler. With a simple "Hey Siri" command, Shazam is at your fingertips for continuous music discovery. This always-on listening feature ensures an instant response to song identification queries.

Weather Widgets

Personalize Your Desktop: The introduction of weather widgets means you can customize the desktop according to your preferences. From hourly precipitation updates and daily forecasts to sunrise and sunset times, these widgets give you a comprehensive and personalized weather overview.

Comprehensive Information: Going deeper into weather details, you can access air quality readings, "feels-like" temperatures, and wind speeds.

These widgets offer an all-encompassing snapshot of weather elements. So whether you are planning to play golf during the weekend or go to the beach with your lovely dog, trust macOS Sonoma weather widgets to give you the latest updates seamlessly.

Predictive Typing on macOS Sonoma

Effortless Communication: Typing is a hard job and because of that you even postpone some tasks. But here’s a solution from macOS Sonoma. The best thing is that you don’t need to subscribe to some odd AI tool to do your typing job. macOS Sonoma has a predictive typing feature that anticipates individual words and entire phrases. This means a greater level of accuracy to ensure typo-free communication. This time-saving cool feature adds to the overall efficiency of textual interactions. So when writing emails or working on documents, you will find a true AI assistant to hold your hand.

Multiple Timer Support

Juggle Like a Pro: On macOS Sonoma, you can now manage multiple timers simultaneously. This means easiness in multitasking, ultimately leading to a higher level of productivity. With this feature, you can effortlessly juggle various tasks without the stress of handling a single-timer. Isn’t that cool?

Efficiency Presets: Presets add an extra layer of efficiency. This allows you to launch timers for specific tasks with a single click. Yes, that’s true – just one click. This time-saving functionality boosts work productivity and keeps you on schedule for all future tasks.

Game Mode on macOS Sonoma

Optimized Gaming Performance: Here’s something for the gaming enthusiasts on macOS Sonoma. Game Mode prioritizes a Mac's resources for optimal gaming performance. By minimizing distractions and optimizing system resources, you can immerse yourself in your favorite games. Enjoy gaming without experiencing lag or interruptions.

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Sensitive Content Warning

Enhanced Privacy: MacBooks are kids' favorites too. Or maybe they use yours for some important work. MacOS Sonoma introduces a sensitive content warning feature that allows you to blur sensitive photos and videos before viewing them. This toggle provides an additional layer of privacy. So not just kids, it’s safer and provides a more controlled online experience to you as well.

Web Apps in Your Dock

Streamlined Access: This is a feature that you can use to reduce your phone usage time because you get the same phone experience on macOS Sonoma. You can break free from the clutter of browser tabs by pinning any website to their Dock. This transforms the website into a native app on your Mac. This provides instant access and a clutter-free browsing environment on computers.

Hand Gestures for Expression

Interactive Expressions: macOS Sonoma has introduced interactive expressions through hand gestures. You can share your feelings with 3D AR effects like hearts, confetti, and fireworks. It is controlled by simple hand gestures. The interactive expressions add a playful and expressive touch to communication to enhance the emotional dimension of interactions on your computer.

Wrapping Up - macOS Sonoma top features

macOS Sonoma offers richness and functionality embedded in each feature. With it, you can explore the intricacies and unlock a more personalized and enriching Mac experience. So if you are planning to buy a new Mac or have one and wish to upgrade to Sonoma from Ventura or Monterey, do so without hesitation. There are some problems reported on macOS Sonoma but they are rare. Common macOS Sonoma issues can be resolved easily so you should feel free to upgrade from macOS Ventura or Monterey to macOS Sonoma version.

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