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Content on Quora – How to Make Money Online by Asking Questions and Answering

We face several questions every day. It could be questions related to business, jobs and careers, education, laptop or phone breakdown, car maintenance, real estate investing, books and movies, home décor, and so much more. Or we could just be wondering about some crazy things like ‘Have you ever had any intimate experience with a stranger on a flight?’ or maybe ‘Do Germans and Japanese laugh?’.

make money online

And we look for answers. Some of us look for thoughtful summaries of the latest rhetoric, while others look for trendy, creative ideas. Some look for concise answers to their questions, while some want long, in-depth answers. This is where Quora, the 300 million users a month platform, comes in.

How to be successful on Quora and how it works

You can ask just anything on Quora and be sure of getting answers from different people. People who provide answers on Quora share their niche knowledge, real-life experiences, unique perspectives, viewpoints, and insights.

People who ask questions on Quora love the platform because the answers are human and not like typical Google searches that lead to blogs (most of which are written in a formal tone meant to impress Google search engine more than the actual readers) or from chatbots like ChatGPT.

To be successful on Quora, it’s not the number of followers alone that help you make money. It’s a combination of several things like your activity level, quality of your answers and questions, upvotes, downvotes, shares, comments, number of answers to your questions, etc. These different factors should not scare you, though.

Quora is like any other platform like Facebook, TikTok, Instagram, Google search engine, Twitter, Pinterest and others. Once Quora algorithms start favoring your profile, you will gain popularity. With it, making money online through Quora becomes easy.

Quora affiliate program

Best ways to make money online using Quora platform

Let’s talk about the ways to make money online using Quora. People looking for side hustles online or part-time online work that can supplement their main income is huge. All social media platforms and affiliate websites work as per some basic rules that help them gain visitors.

A high number of visitors and engaging content on your platform, whether a social media channel or a website, boosts your chances of earning money online and maybe even makes it full-time work if it meets your income targets. Like all platforms, Quora offers plenty of ways to make money easily online and here are the best ones.

Affiliate marketing on Quora

Affiliate marketing is the top method that users adopt to make money on Quora. In Quora Affiliate marketing, you offer some products or services from a main seller. You act as a mediator (third-party) in the form of a content creator (Content in the form of videos, blogs, answers to questions, images, etc.).

You embed unique affiliate codes provided by the main seller in your content, and when people click on them, they get directed to the main seller. Every sale conversion ensures a decent commission money for you as the content creator on Quora.

The affiliate link gets more visibility when you create high-quality content for your audience on Quora in the form of engaging and relevant answers to their questions. The more traffic you get on your content, the more the chance of your audience clicking on the affiliate links. This ensures more final sales.

The process of making money through affiliate marketing on Quora is quite simple.

  • Decide on a niche that you are strong in and will be easily able to answer the questions relating to that. Keep in mind that strong knowledge will ensure great answers, and it will enhance the engagement rate on your Quora content.

  • Get highly active on the platform. Surf questions from your niche and start answering the best way. On the other side, start framing Quora questions that will make users curious and prompt them to like, share or answer.

  • Choose an affiliate network in your niche and start promoting its links in your content. Do not make it ‘sales-like’ content. Be subtle and keep a solution-first approach.

  • The final step will work on its own. Once the users start liking your Quora content in the form of questions and answers, you will start getting clicks on your content, which will translate into higher traffic redirects and, finally, more sales. Making money online on Quora does not get easier than this.

Sponsorships from brands on Quora

This has to be the most obvious one. Quora is all about asking questions and getting answers from experts and experience holders. For more than a decade, Quora has been a leader in this model, and that has created a massive database for users with quality questions and answers.

The best way to make money on Quora is by answering the questions users put up and putting up questions that other Quora users answer. With time, your follower base increases and companies, big and small, start approaching you with lucrative offers.

You create content on Quora to form your personal experiences for a product or service, tell users about pros and cons, suggest the best ones, provide references to some businesses, etc. In return, just like social media influencers, you can charge fees for brand endorsements. Again, they should not be promotional, and your content should be highly geared towards being a relevant answer to user questions. Being pushy, salesy and irrelevant will get you nowhere.

Quora Knowledge Prize questions

Quora changed the game with this straightforward offer to help its user earn money online. Although it is no longer available, there’s a big chance that Quora will return with something similar or better soon.

Knowledge prize questions carry a reward with them. If you give the best answer, you stand a chance to win a reward ranging from $250 to $1000. These questions could be from anyone – companies or individuals.

The response to the program was outstanding, so the Quora team is certain to relaunch it in the future. There is another way you can make money on Quora with something similar. If you build a large audience, you can approach brands directly and ask for a fee to present their questions on the platform. For now, let’s wait for the updates from team Quora about the program relaunch.

Quora partner program active for various languages

The Partner Program is an invite-based plan by Quora that pays users to ask questions on the platform. The payouts are based on the traffic that the questions generate. Some say that users get an invite to join the Quora partner program once their posts achieve the 100,000 view mark, but others say that it’s not entirely true.

The invitation depends more on the quality of questions, the engagement it creates, or the value it adds to the platform. Earning money through questions on Quora with this program is easy. The following details will help you understand more about it.

  • Create a detailed personal profile. Use your photo and add professional details that show you as an authority in the niche.

  • Although there is no official confirmation about the number of views, more is always better, so target to cross the 100,000 views in the quickest possible time.

  • The quality and relevancy of the questions are of prime importance on Quora, so do not post content without any logic. Be specific, be relevant and ask questions you are confident of getting answers to. To reach the mark quickly, do not trash the platform with irrelevant questions.

  • Quora is also an ad platform much like Google and Facebook so you get paid based on the number of views your question-based posts can create.

Making money through subscription on Quora – Monetization and earning

Under this program, you create paywalled content. It means the content you create is exclusive, and only paid members on Quora can access your content. Quora+ has a $6.99 monthly membership plan or a $47.88 yearly membership to Quora. Your earnings on Quora are proportionate to the number of paid Quora+ members reading or interacting with your paywalled content.

You can make some more money on Quora through a referral bonus. For every paying subscriber for Quora+ who signs up for memberships through your paywalled answers means a cash bonus in your account. Additionally, for creating paywalled content on Spaces on Quora, the platform will charge only 5% of the subscription fee. As the content creator, you can decide the subscription fee at your discretion.

Compared to many other platforms like Ghost and Substack, the 5% fee on Quora makes the platform highly competitive.

Selling your own products or services on Quora

Nothing is more advantageous than having several hundred thousand followers who believe in your suggestions or advice through answers. You can leverage this by offering digital products to your audience (online courses, consultancy, coaching, mentorship, worksheets and books).

Create niche authority with outstanding answers and putting up the best questions, present yourself as highly knowledgeable and show a keen approach to helping others with your knowledge. A loyal follower base will mean users’ trust in you; with it, you can offer your products to them, which can be both digital and physical (merchandise).

Driving traffic to your website or social media channels from Quora

Whether you run an affiliate website, an ecommerce store, social media channel that offers products or services, driving traffic to your intended platform is easy with a strong presence on Quora. Even a small percentage of your hundred thousand fans following on Quora can mean valuable traffic to your e-commerce or affiliate website or your social media influencer or shopping platform.

You can win the Google rankings and boost traffic to any of your social media handles on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, Pinterest, etc. The Internet is all about cross-traffic, and in a few easy steps, you can redirect traffic from Quora to the platform you want.


Are Quora make money online programs legit?

Yes, Quora has various programs that enable you to make money on the platform. Through paywalled content, subscription-based content on Quora Spaces, Quora+ membership program monetization and earnings are the best ways to make money through Quora content.

Is Quora better than Reddit?

You might be wondering about Quora vs Reddit or how Quora is different from Reddit, or which one is better. The answer is that Reddit is a more light-hearted platform where discussions happen mostly on current news and daily trends. It is highly geared toward technology, and most of its popularity comes from that. That makes Reddit more of a forum which is also like a news aggregator platform.

Questions and answers on Quora are more serious and detailed and go beyond daily news and technology. Quora, compared to Reddit, is more vast and limitless in terms of providing information to users' questions. Both are highly popular but because of the high-quality questions and answers that are answered by subject experts and experience holders make it better than Reddit. Both Reddit and Quora can be termed as platforms with crowd-sourced information.

Reddit and Quora are equally effective in ensuring business growth, driving traffic to websites and making money online (for a side hustle or part-time online work).

Who are the most popular people on Quora?

There is no definite answer to it. Many people are on the list, but Igor Markov is the most prolific Quora answerer, having won the top Quora writer title several times. He has provided almost 4000 answers and has a strong following of around 100,000.

Another Quora writer who is equally famous and won the title 5 times is Balaji Viswanathan. This is where the money on Quora is if you can learn to use it effectively. There are people with much more followers on Quora.

What are Quora’s latest features?

Quora keeps rolling out new features every year to make it more engaging for its users and provide more opportunities for answerers to gain popularity and make money online. Some of its popular features include Search Page, Monitor Questions, User Endorsement Page, Advertisement Rollouts, Mark as the Best Answer, Browsing Best Answers, Multilingual Expansion and so on.

Is Quora better than ChatGPT by OpenAI?

Of course. Quora vs ChatGPT is a no-brainer. ChatGPT provides robotic answers based on what data has been fed into it. Quora’s answers are from humans. They are experts in their niches and possess great knowledge, and know what their users want from them.

Similarly, people who share their general experiences related to some incident or anything related to their lives present them naturally. You can feel their emotional quotient in answers, whether it is sad, happy, tragic, quirky, funny or whatever in a given situation. This does not happen on AI-generated content from tools like Jasper, ChatGPT, and other AI content platforms.

Quora and Google

The main difference between the two leading online platforms is that Google leads you to websites that might have answers to your questions, whereas asking a question on Quora means you will get the answer on the platform itself without you exiting it.

The popularity of Quora can be observed from the fact that a large number of questions that you ask in the Google search engine lead you to Quora as it ranks on top. Since Google is known to give priority to websites that carry the most relevant answers, it is proof that many answers on Quora are relevant, as per the world’s largest search engine Google.

Quora founders and a bit of history

Quora was founded in 2010 by ex-Facebook employees D'Angelo and Charlie Cheever. Quora earns money through advertisements and paid subscriptions to the Quora+ program. It has 200 million active monthly users and a $2 billion valuation.

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