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A Glorious Career in Cybersecurity with the Best Online Programs for Beginners and Others

The moment we say, cybersecurity professionals or ethical hackers, we are reminded of the computer geeks from Bond, Bourne, or MI movies or the ones wearing hoodies and a mask like in the stock photos.

There’s always a certain level of charm with cybersecurity jobs, and this makes students and IT professionals look out for the best regular and online cybersecurity programs. When compared with regular coding and testing jobs, cybersecurity professionals have a greater career scope – growth, money, demand and basically everything that you want your corporate job to offer to you.

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No doubt, cybersecurity jobs impress many youngsters, and this is why they plan to be the next real-world hero. We all know the importance cybersecurity professionals have in the current digital environment, which is full of cybersecurity attack risks comprising malware, system hacking and data breaches. A cybersecurity job profile involves everything from protecting a simple smartphone app from hacking to ensuring the safety systems of production lines in a big manufacturing plant.

The demand for cybersecurity professionals means a high-paying and secure career

Respect, money, and a secure future, everything comes guaranteed with a career in cybersecurity. Buoyed by the rising demand for cybersecurity professionals, the best online cybersecurity programs in the USA are also seeing unprecedented popularity. The bachelor’s degree in the online cybersecurity program has great potential to be your course choice to get a job in cybersecurity with the best salary in every role - cybersecurity architect, IT auditor, incident and intrusion analyst, penetration and vulnerability tester or any other profile.

The best online cybersecurity program equips students to defend digital ecosystems with their skills and the expertise they gain with experience and education. Students undertaking the best cybersecurity degrees or top cybersecurity certifications gain a high level of advanced knowledge about the key aspects of cyber ecosystems and the flaws or threats surrounding them.

With the increasing rate of cybercrime worldwide, even the best companies have found them to be on the back foot. Owing to this, the demand for cybersecurity professionals has increased substantially.

The US has around a million workers in cybersecurity, but there’s still a big shortage. Currently, there are 715,000 job opportunities for cybersecurity specialists, and it’s increasing every year. There are various job positions available in this field, and there is an opportunity for everyone who successfully graduates or masters the necessary skills through any cybersecurity specialization course.

Importance of cybersecurity programs for finding the best jobs

Why should you take up a career in cybersecurity? Does this question leave you confused, and you think twice about taking up cybersecurity as a full-time career? With companies focusing on full automation and digitalization of their operations, cybersecurity professionals have become the need of the hour.

You can apply for free online cybersecurity certificate courses to become a professional cyber expert. If you have some experience in IT and you want to build a great career in this field, go ahead and apply for the Undergraduate Certificate in Applied Cybersecurity (ACS), enroll for Cybersecurity Certification from Coursera, or learn cybersecurity with online courses and classes.

Trending best online cybersecurity program for students

Cybersecurity: Managing Risk In The Information Age

Managing Risk In The Information Age by HarvardX is an online 8-week course and includes 8-10 hours of classes every week. The course has eight modules presented by highly knowledgeable tutors who will support you online at every step.

After completing the course:

  1. You will be able to develop your own strategies that will reduce and mitigate cyber risk. You will be conducting or pursuing legal steps against reported or non-reported cyberattacks.

  2. You will gain complete knowledge about various types of cyberattacks and seek the importance of cybersecurity in the digital world. You will also be able to determine risky business systems.

  3. You will obtain a certification that you are a cybersecurity professional from Provosts for Advances in Learning from Harvard’s VPAL and HarvardX.

Coursera introduction to cybersecurity specialization

Introduction to Cyber Security Specialization by Coursera by Tandon school of engineering is designed for beginners who choose to learn about cybersecurity from scratch. You can learn or develop skills by taking any course from the online portal. The learners can anytime end the subscription after completion of the selected course or level. Each specialization includes a mandatory hands-on project that will earn you a certificate claiming your performance and course completion.

Tandon school of engineering cybersecurity

There are four series of courses available that guide the student and teach all about cyberattacks, cyber threats, and real-time techniques to give a clear understanding of cybersecurity.

VIP membership at stationX cybersecurity School

The VIP membership at StationX cybersecurity school provides a complete library of resources that is required to become a cybersecurity professional. The membership of this go-to learning platform includes 140+ online training courses.

On buying the membership, you can become an expert by getting access to the full-fledged course. The course covers a broad range of topics like ethical hacking, penetration testing, cloud, data security, networking, and much more. These handpicked topics will help you to attain highly advanced knowledge of cyber technology.

The learner also gets an opportunity to interact with top-level experts and learn about their experience in the cyber world. You can also get unlimited support from other students by participating in an online forum.

Before completing the course, the learner has to appear for a practice exam and test his skills and knowledge about the subject. Genuine course certificates are also awarded on the completion, of course, that you can attach with your current resume.

edX essentials of cybersecurity

The online Professional Certificate in Essentials of Cybersecurity, by the University of Washington, is a 6-month long course that includes an introduction to cybersecurity as a whole. You will also learn about the role of CISO by studying the policies, procedures, and technologies involved in reducing the organizational risk of cyberattacks.

With this self-paced course, you will learn about the essential skills needed to become a cybersecurity professional. In the end, the learner is expected to self-assess and identify the most suitable career in this field.

Heimdal Security- cybersecurity course for beginners

Cyber Security for Beginners course offers free beginner training by delivering lessons right in your inbox. It covers all related topics explaining the basics of cybersecurity, the best tools to safeguard digital assets, the best ways to detect cyber threats and teaching useful skills. All this is well organized and packed in 20 lessons. All these are meant for general users that focus on home use only.

The main USP of this 5-week long course is that it is backed up by Heimdal Security, an esteemed firm that deals in providing the latest technologies and intelligence services that aim to end cybercrime.

Jobs galore in cybersecurity companies, and the future is bright

If you are highly passionate about cybersecurity and wish to dive deep into this field, you may choose any of the above-mentioned courses. There’s much more for you if you want a professional degree in cybersecurity. The top universities across the US and some in Europe offer the best degree programs and certificates in cybersecurity. With the cybersecurity industry expanding at a rapid pace, it is expected to offer more than a million job opportunities in the next few years.

Now is the best time to pick the best online cybersecurity program and enter the market that’s predicted to reach around $2 trillion in the near future.

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