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OpenAI ChatGPT 4 Free - The 10 Best Options Right Now

ChatGPT-4 for free is the first thing that comes to your mind when you see the pricing. It’s $20 per month for their GPT 4 mode for individuals and $25 per user billed monthly for teams. It might look reasonable for a minute considering the way it powers your creative work but the problem is that this is not the only tool you have to use. Every AI tool and even others are subscription-based and adding all that cost will easily set you back on your budget. We understand why you are looking for Chat GPT 4 free options. 

The high cost and no GPT 4 free trial available means there is a need to look for options elsewhere. These 10 best ChatGPT 4 free options will help you use the powerful AI model from OpenAI for free.  So stop worrying about the cost, login to any of these sites and experience the AI power without paying anything.


Hugging Face

With an OpenAI API Key, you can experience ChatGPT 4 for free on Hugging Face website. For example, this space created by user 'ysharma' provides you access to GPT4 - Experiment as much as you want to with text prompts on Hugging Face.


Perplexity AI

Commonly hailed as one of the best alternatives to ChatGPT by OpenAI, Perplexity AI

is popular. To use ChatGPT 4 free, visit the official Perplexity AI website at and sign up. Skip the pages asking you for subscriptions. 

Toggle on "Copilot" in the chat window. It will turn green and that means you have activated ChatGPT4 for free use. Ask questions or use prompts in the search bar for the truly great GPT experience.


Visit website ( Sign up for an account. Go to the setting and change the model to GPT-4. You are all set - start using the "Playground" tab to interact with ChatGPT 4 for absolutely free.


Merlin (Chrome Extension)

Visit the Merlin official website or the GPT4 free access page directly on to install it on Chrome or your iPhone or Android phone. To use it on your computer, add the extension to Chrome and choose GPT-4 to interact with the bot while browsing. It's absolutely free and offers many other features because of which we rate it as the number one option to access ChatGPT4 for free.


Accessing ChatGPT 4 free on is simple. Visit at Go to the relevant section to interact with ChatGPT-4 and ask questions with the help of its user-friendly interface. The best thing about this platform is that there are no limits or queues. Enjoy uninterrupted usage with no message limits or waiting queues and to make it even better, you get immediate responses. To use ChatGPT 4 free, this is a stand-out option due to the ease it offers in access.



This is the most popular way to experience ChatGPT 4 for free. Almost 2 billion chats took place on the platform last year through Edge and Bing. To experience it, visit the official Bing website ( or open it directly (  

That's it. Set it to creative mode or the tone you prefer and start asking questions or providing prompts. You even get an image generation option through Dall E 3 - text to image creator for free!


Forefront AI

To use ChatGPT 4 for free, visit the Forefront AI website at and sign up. Go to the Assistants tab and choose a persona for your chatbot. That's it - you can start chatting with your personalized chatbot powered by ChatGPT-4. And if you want to reset a persona, switching between models is possible.



This method through OpenAI API is not exactly free but has a lot of benefits making it a must-try. OpenAI now offers its GPT4 model through its API. OpenAI has a free trial tier with which you can experiment with a limited number of requests. So if your usage is not high, it's a free option to use ChatGPT4. 


AI model marketplaces for ChatGPT 4 free options

There are some platforms like AI21 Labs, Cohere, or AI Dungeon, which usually offer free access to GPT4 or similar models. The offers are for a limited time as part of promotions or trials so try these different sites and check where it is available. You'll definitely find it on at least one of these.

Consider educational or research access

If you're a student, researcher, or affiliated with an academic institution, explore potential partnerships or programs that might grant you access to ChatGPT4 for educational or research purposes.

To sum up - The 10 best ChatGPT 4 free options

There is no free trial ChatGPT 4 available or a free option on the official website. This is why knowing these 10 methods to use Chat GPT 4 for free will help you save money while experiencing the power of AI fully. Try any of these that you find out best.

Some workaround will save you almost $240 a year (OpenAI ChatGPT 4 price is $20 a month). Seeing that it’s not one subscription that you have to pay for but there are many tools you have to use in the creative field and each one costs a lot, looking for a free GPT 4 option is a wise decision.

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