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DIY Home Renovation Projects You Can Easily Take Up and Save a Lot of Money

Work from home is the norm, and it will remain like this for a long time, maybe even forever. Sure, you love it and wish for it to continue the same way, but you need to address some issues that come up because of remote work. The most important thing is your health. Sitting is the new smoking and spending a lot of time hooked to your computer is not a good idea.

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So, what can you do to keep yourself moving and, at the same time, save some cool money? Exercising is a good idea, but it does not save you money. So keep exercising but on the side, take up some DIY home renovation project. It will keep your body flexible, make your house look beautiful and save you money in the process, or maybe even get more price when you list your house for sale. Does it get better? No.

You need not worry if DIY engineering or repairing work is not up your alley. There are plenty of easy-peasy DIY home renovation projects, from living room to kitchen and bathrooms to wooden flooring, that just need common sense, some free time, basic tools and a bit of willingness to do the job. Here are the five easiest DIY home improvement project ideas that are great for beginners.

Give a new look to the bathtub

Bathing is probably one of the relaxing activities that are part of your daily routine. It relaxes the mind, keeps you physically fit, and gives your day a perfect start. But if it’s dirty and worn out, you will not feel motivated to use it. Keeping it in the best shape is simple, though, and this DIY home renovation project can save you at least $500-1000. All you need is some tools and cleaning products like a scrub brush, cleaning detergent, paint, primer, sandpaper, etc.

Start by removing the dirt and grime from the porcelain bathtub by sanding it. Then use a brush or a spray gun if you have one for a thin, even coat of primer. Then go for the second coat when the first dries up, and finally paint it. You can go for high-gloss with a simple kit that you can buy online or from the nearest store.

Replace cabinet and drawer hardware

Cabinets are used rigorously. You take out something, then you forget something, and in a hurry, you again open it and then close it rapidly. Or even with simple usage, time takes its toll on the hardware. The channels, baskets, hinges, nuts, and bolts get rusty or break down or become faulty and start making a squeaky noise or get completely stuck, or maybe they are simply unattractive, and you want to replace them.

One of the biggest money mistakes you can make is to get the entire cabinet re-done instead of trying DIY kitchen renovation hacks. The best is to go to a local hardware store to buy baskets, runner channels, the parts like hinges, nails and screws, cabinet handles or knobs, screwdrivers to fix, etc. If you have a DIY home renovation enthusiast in you, consider it a job done quickly and easily.

Paint kitchen cabinets

Over time, paint fades and becomes dull. It starts chipping away if you don’t repaint at the right time. And now that you know how easy it is to DIY fix the kitchen cabinets with new hinges, baskets, runner channels, etc., you can easily take out the entire cabinet and paint it to make it look new.

Remove the old paint completely, and in some coats with the new paint, it will look marvelous. You need to make sure you buy the right quality paint that’s specifically for the kitchen cabinet material. Choose beautiful trendy colors that will look attractive and make you feel good every time you enter the kitchen.

Upgrade the lighting all around the house

The simplest DIY home improvement project is here. Let things shine bright. Changing old or non-working lighting with new ones is the best idea to lighten up your DIY talent. To save money and contribute to making the planet green, the first thing you do is update your lights from fluorescent or incandescent to LED. This will reduce your utility bill considerably, and the fixtures will also look smarter.

To optimize wall and ceiling space, you can buy a variety of adjustable, fixed, outdoor, twin or triple downlights and make everything in the house look beautiful. Bedrooms, outdoors, kitchen and bathroom, ceiling – you can go on experimenting with making things bright and beautiful.

Refinish wood floor the DIY way

Depending on whether you need a full replacement or just the repair work of your wooden flooring, it can set you back by $1000 to up to $2500. And with this much, you still won’t get the satisfaction that you would expect. Wooden flooring costs a lot and needs floor tile experts to install. But there are simply DIY wooden flooring improvement ways with which you can give a new lease of life to your old and worn-out wooden flooring. You can use a revitalizer, also called a wood floor restorer.

Wood floor revitalizer fills in scratches and restores the glossy shine of your hardwood floors. It also helps in protecting it from everyday wear and tear for a long time. If you plan to completely replace some old flooring, sand the new piece smoothly and then re-stain.

While working on this DIY wood floor project, ensure that you keep the grain of the new flooring pieces the same as the old ones. After the stain dries, use a sealer to replicate the original flooring. Finally, Replace the old flooring with new, and you will be left surprised at how great and matching it looks. And in the process, also feel great about your DIY home renovation achievement.

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