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(Non) Gadget of the Year – Symfonisk Lamp, Picture Frame and Bookshelf That Provide Rich Sound


Going wire-free with Symfonisk

The moment you enter your home and move from one room to another, you see a number of gadgets in every corner and you feel as if every gadget is saying it aloud, ‘see me, I am a gadget.’ If you get that feeling, think of Wi-Fi speakers that blend perfectly with your home décor. It’s Symfonisk, a joint creation by Sonos and Ikea.

The speakers come disguised as artwork, reading lamps and bookshelf. Think of gadgets that won’t be visible to you or anyone and still perform at the level that leaves everyone mesmerized.

Symfonisk wireless sounds bars by Sonos and Ikea combined

Sonos, the company famous for its wireless music systems, has joined hands with Ikea to create Symfonisk. It offers a range of wireless speakers that come as a picture frame with the exchangeable canvas print, a table lamp with accent lighting and a smart-looking bookshelf that you can mount on the wall.

The idea behind the product range is to allow the customers to get rid of cords and clutter, optimal utilization of space in your home and quality that literally speaks for itself in the form of music. When a company that’s known for its crystal-clear wireless sound systems and another company that is an undisputed king in home furnishing combine to deliver a product that aims to provide the best of them, you can expect a gadget like never before.

Symfonisk wireless speaker range

There’s a lamp that provides cool accent light to brighten up the room and also the richly detailed sound of your favorite music. There’s a picture frame that’s as sleek as it should be and looks marvelous on the wall while also playing your favorite music that touches your senses with its superior sound.

And then there’s a bookshelf that you can mount on the wall where you can keep your favorite things on and use it when you want thrilling sound quality while streaming your favorite music. The speakers are affordable and come with the latest features, including Airplay 2.

Which is your favorite speaker brand? Sonos making inroads

The speaker industry innovates at the same pace as any other company in the technology sector. Customers want speakers that are portable, compact have a long battery life, offer wireless connectivity, and have rich sound and this is where Sonos has been innovating.

Sonos might be an unknown name for many in the US where the market is dominated by brands like Bose, Harman, Sony, Sennheiser, Philips, Klipsch, Bowers & Wilkins, Dynaudio, Bang & Olufsen, and some others.

Sonos has arrived with a bang and the figures speak for it. Its sales are predicted to be around $1.5 billion in 2021 and the company has set a target of $2.25 billion in annual revenue by 2024. That’s huge for Sonos, the rising American company in the audio market.

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