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Freelance content writing Blogs, ebooks, website content and much more

We offer freelance content writing and remote content writer services for businesses and individuals who want to make money online, through side hustle jobs, or want personalized services instead of hiring a digital marketing agency.

Content writing is one of our strong job areas. We work on a superhero level and know the ins and outs of web content and blogging to drive more traffic to your website. In a career spanning over a decade, I have worked in almost every niche and for clients from more than 40 countries – from the US to Belize, Indonesia to Estonia. This equips me with the right knowledge about every client’s content requirements. 

When it’s about content-rich websites, Zimbola features at the top of the list in the freelancer content writing world, and top-level digital marketers turn to us when they need content for their best clients.

Google-friendly content

With around 5.6 billion searches per day and 92% search engine market share, Google rules the internet. And to be a part of this massive setup, you need the best content - the one that GOOGLE loves. Content writing is a specialized field, so you must hire the best content writers online.

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Content Research

Trending keywords and topic ideas, catchy titles, the right post size, well-structured text, grammar and plagiarism-checking tools and using the best SEO-writing practices make Google rank your content. Producing researched content is the key to growing your website traffic and engagement.

Link-building is the number one factor to rank your website at the top of the Google search engine. Contacting the right websites with good content ideas and getting the post published requires high-quality content writing and developing relations with publishers. My SEO service is value-for-money oriented and the best in the market.

Repurposing and recycling old content on your website

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How do you feel when you search for ‘cybersecurity trends’ in Google and see some old post which shows the year of the post as 2016, 2018 or something like that? It’s a 100% guarantee that you will not click on it and go on to read the post. Same time, simply removing the date option from the posts is not the solution. 


Now, analyze this – You click on the post (because there is no date of posting the content there) and go inside to find that the data is outdated. How many seconds will you take to exit the page? A millisecond. That’s a disaster for SEO. Website/Page exit rate is a key factor in Google ranking and the success of your digital marketing strategy.

Old content is a goldmine for digital marketing goals. A hidden treasure. And to find that, you don’t have to be an Indiana Jones-level adventurer or a professional prospector. It’s simple because the content is already with you, and you need to add more words to it, making it trendy and something that follows the present. 


If your pagination goes beyond 20, 30, 40, 50, 70 or 100 or 200 or maybe 300, that means you already have a lot of content that Google is no longer finding valuable, and the audience is not finding it engaging. We consistently pick up old content from my client’s sites and repurpose them so they are never old. Isn’t it an amazing thing to follow the minimalist approach to content? Repurpose, recycle and reuse the content – right away. 


If you don’t offer a product or service anymore, if your old content addresses an issue that does not exist anymore or if your old content has not received a single click for long, this is the best time to make it reusable. It will save you money, save time and make every piece of content on your site loved by Google and your audience. 

Write downloadable E-books

This one always remains in fashion and is a hot favorite of every digital marketing specialist. A decent-sized, well-written, guide-form downloadable e-book on your website is a hot favorite of every visitor. For lead capturing, there is nothing better than offering a free ebook to the customers. If you are new to make money online ideas or looking for a side hustle online, start working on a downloadable ebook to attract new visitors. Gaining customer trust when you are new in content marketing and want to boost traffic to your website, the most loved freebie, an ebook, will be the game changer. 


And if you are a digital product seller who wants to become a seller on Clickbank or sell books on Amazon, you need ebooks that get clicks instantly. From trending ideas to superb content inside, a good ebook can turn your regular visitors into raving fans and followers. We write excellent ebooks in every niche – SaaS products, pets, health, how-to guides in ebook form and much more. 

Write fresh SEO-optimized blogs for your website and guest posts


I write powerful blogs that Google and the audience simply love. I follow the best practices in content writing because I know it is an integral part of every digital marketing process. I use the best writing and editing tools, check the content in premium plagiarism checkers and SEO-optimize with the best keywords and Google suggestions. 


A key thing that separates my content writing from many others is the simple language I use – absolutely no heavy vocabulary, no over-the-top jargon, no robot-like keyword fitting, no slang and no complex sentences. My idea is simple – professional tone, easy-to-understand words, easy-to-digest information, natural flow of sentences with best keyword usage, and address it to a global audience. What I write is easily understood by the target audience


The reason behind it is simple. Let’s understand it through an example. Your customer is facing a problem going to the dashboard of your SaaS product and finding the Settings. Before visiting your information guide, the customer is probably frustrated and has already tried their best to reach Settings. Throwing too much technical information at them and overwhelming them with unfamiliar words will frustrate them further and make them exit your page. 


The idea should be to provide what they really need at that point of time. Customers cannot be expected to be familiar with what you offer and how to use it or avail it the way you want them to. Be simple and address the pain points in their language, not the R&D language in your product manual.

Outreach (Link building/guest posting)

Guest posting has been an important aspect of Zimbola services. We offer professional-level guest posting services clients to help them reach on top of Google search engine rankings.


We have posted on hundreds of tier-1 and tier-2 sites while also offering author bylines to our clients if they wish to feature as an impactful personality in their work or business areas.

We know what it takes to approach a publisher, get the best price quote to post and get the link. Link building has become an integral part of our business as many clients have seen tremendous improvements in their link building results and saved a lot of money. We love it. And that’s what helps us get links for our clients consistently and drive forward their SEO caravan.

Some of the premium clients I have worked with

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