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Inside the Mind of Paddy Galloway: Unraveling YouTube's Algorithm Secrets

With 2.7 billion unique monthly visitors, YouTube holds more power than Facebook, Instagram, Wikipedia, and Amazon combined. That’s a staggering amount of visitors. And that means a lot of money to make from YouTube for content creators – whether it’s a side hustle or a full-time job. YouTube payouts are the best in the industry so it’s natural for content creators to flock to the site and try their best to engage the audience for maximizing the views and watch time. But cracking the YouTube algorithm is not easy if you don’t spend time on the platform learning the tricks of the trade. There are many who do it much better than others.


We at Zimbola are certainly one of the best in managing YouTube for our clients. To be on top of our game, we continuously learn from others and one of the people we find good in YouTube management is Paddy Galloway.

The YouTube consulting world is abuzz with excitement as the waitlist to hire acclaimed YouTube algorithm experts. We serve some of the top names on YouTube while providing excellent results time after time. And how do we do that? We have been following the same tricks that Paddy Galloway does. There is no real science behind it. Zimbola has been doing this for years. Paddy Galloway has been creating buzz after working for Mr Beast and many other top creators on YouTube. And there are many others. Let’s cover the strategy that Paddy Galloway, one of the top YouTube consultants follows.

With a clientele boasting some of the biggest names in the YouTube universe, including Mr Beast, Eric Ryan Trahan, and Noah Kagan, Paddy has proven himself as one of the best consultants for video content creators seeking the recipe for YouTube success. Here are invaluable insights into YouTube's algorithms based on what Zimbola, Paddy Galloway, and other top YouTube consultants follow.

The journey to becoming a YouTube algorithm expert

Paddy Galloway, a native of Ireland, has always had an innate passion for YouTube and its ever-changing algorithm. He began his YouTube journey by creating content that delved into the intricacies of the world’s most popular video platform. His breakthrough came when he made a viral video about MrBeast in 2019. This immediately got the attention of the YouTube star himself. This led to a collaboration with Mr Beast and that forever changed Paddy's career trajectory.


Working with Mr Beast: A turning point

Mr Beast's fascination with Paddy's content set the way for a remarkable collaboration. Within hours of receiving a DM from Mr Beast, Paddy found himself reviewing one of his upcoming videos. Mr Beast asked for feedback on his new video. This chance encounter soon evolved into a formal association. Paddy became an integral part of Mr Beast's team for five months. Their collaboration resulted in invaluable insights that helped MrBeast boost the quality of his YouTube videos.

Understanding the YouTube algorithm: Paddy's key tips

Paddy believes that understanding one's audience is the key to success on YouTube. Content creators must identify their target viewers and cater to their preferences. Rather than focusing solely on personal interests, creators should analyze their most successful videos. The creators should consider turning them into series or exploring similar ideas.

Another essential aspect is looking beyond the channel itself for inspiration. Analyzing other successful YouTubers within the broader landscape and adapting those ideas to one's niche yields excellent results. Additionally, leaving room for original thought and innovation sets creators apart and attracts new audiences. Of course, generative AI now plays a big role in this so you should use it for new and unique ideas.

Creating compelling content on YouTube involves more than just having great ideas. It's more about the words you choose to convey those ideas. It’s the words that can make or break your success on YouTube. Paddy Galloway, the YouTube algorithm expert, truly understands the power of word choice. While he doesn't appear on-screen in his videos, his carefully selected words and blank whiteboard aesthetic propel the story forward. This captivates audiences with every line.

Like all quality content creators or Paddy, creating the perfect script is no easy task. He devotes countless hours to writing and refining his content. This is because he knows that every word matters. In fact, he once spent an entire week crafting and recording 12 versions of a video's intro, pushing the boundaries until it aligned seamlessly with the YouTube video's core message. This dedication emphasizes the key lesson - your first draft can always be improved, and even your twelfth can shine with the right words.

In his YouTube consulting experience, Paddy discovered a common pitfall among creators - an over-reliance on fluff. To stand out on the highly crowded YouTube platform, he advises creators not to be afraid of leading with tangible numbers that truly capture their achievements. rather than cluttering the introduction with unnecessary context, the focus should be on numbers. His collaboration with Noah Kagan for a video, where the punchy intro of starting a $200 million business in a single weekend, made all the difference in hooking viewers' attention.

Embracing a bold and catchy title format, Paddy's 'The Man Who Broke YouTube' is a testament to his intentional wordplay. Inspired by a Wall Street Journal article titled 'The Man Who Solved the Stock Market,' Paddy adapted the concept for YouTube. He brainstormed several alternatives before settling on the perfect one. The result? A title that leaves YouTube viewers intrigued, eager to discover the secrets within.

So, for aspiring YouTube creators looking to make it big, remember that the power of your words is immense. Don't shy away from showcasing your achievements. Always be willing to refine your script until it resonates perfectly with your audience. With the right word choice, you can create a compelling narrative that sets you apart, just like Paddy Galloway. This is something we at Zimbola regularly do. Our high-quality YouTube script editors regularly focus on the power of ‘words’ and edit the scripts like true professionals – even if it takes more than 12 rounds.

Creating eye-catching thumbnails and utilizing numbers

Paddy Galloway's expertise goes beyond crafting engaging YouTube videos. He is a master at creating eye-catching thumbnails that entice viewers to click. One of his proven strategies involves using numbers in thumbnails to make content more compelling.

In one of his videos, Paddy used "How I Make $400,000 a Year" as a title, instantly grabbing viewers' attention with the substantial income figure. By including specific numbers in the title, YouTube creators can create a sense of authenticity. This makes the video content more appealing to potential viewers.

Diving deeper into thumbnail branding

Beyond using numbers, Paddy also focuses on thumbnail branding. He has established a recognizable style for his thumbnails. His YouTube thumbnails feature a graph format with his face and a bold red brand logo. The consistency in thumbnails allows his viewers to instantly identify his videos. This helps build brand recognition and trust.

YouTube content creators looking to establish themselves on the video platform can learn from Paddy's branding approach. This will make your content more recognizable and stand out on YouTube where millions of creators are doing their best to get more views.

This is exactly the same strategy we have been using for more than a decade. Thumbnail branding has come a long way from the simple combination of yellow and red fonts. To be on top of your game, get in touch with us for killer thumbnails.

The power of clickbait done right

While clickbait is seen as something negative, Paddy and all other top YouTube consultants emphasize that when done right, it can significantly boost a video's click-through rate (CTR). And while doing so, it does not disappoint your viewers. Here’s an example of a title he used for a video - "The Man Who Broke YouTube." The title captures viewers' attention without misleading them. It delivers on the promise of revealing Mr Beast's unique approach to YouTube success. Content creators should use intriguing titles and thumbnails to attract viewers genuinely interested in their content. While doing this, you should maintain transparency and authenticity.

How to write an intriguing YouTube intro

When viewers click on a YouTube thumbnail, they often think they already know what the video is about. They click the video but not in a state of real engagement and this leads to a higher drop rate. This is where a good intro comes in to play a key role. A good YouTube video intro challenges that ‘I know it already’ assumption. It gets viewers to click on the video to explore more – maybe till the last second.

An excellent way to write an intriguing YouTube video intro is to use language that makes viewers want to know more. So, like Paddy, instead of saying, "Mr. Beast is a YouTube genius," you could say, "What did Mr. Beast discover in May of 2013?" This ups people's curiosity. It makes them want to watch the video to know the answer.

Another way to write an intriguing YouTube intro is to tell a story. You could start by telling a story about how someone thought they knew how Mr. Beast grew his YouTube channel, but then they were surprised to learn the truth. This YouTube growth hack would make viewers want to watch the video to find out what the truth is.

In one of Mr Beast videos, Paddy crafted an attention-grabbing intro - "If I told you this guy was a YouTube genius, you'd probably laugh in my face." This intriguing intro instantly sparked curiosity and compelled viewers to watch the video further. Creators should focus on crafting compelling intros that hook viewers from the start. From there, your YouTube script should be able to keep them invested in the entire video.

I agree, no intro is perfect. But by following these YouTube intro tips, you can write an intro that will make people want to watch your video right till the end.

These are the most common mistakes content creators make when writing YouTube video intros:

· Using too much self-promotion. Showing yourself as a larger-than-life personality.

· Using too much jargon or technical language that not every YouTube viewer might understand easily.

· Not being clear about the purpose of the video. Writing an intro that is not in sync with the YouTube video.

· Making the intro too long. It’s not a movie. Mostly, the videos are between 4 to 15 minutes long so do not allocate more than 8-10% of that time to the intro.

Here are some pro tips for writing a human-like intro for your YouTube video:

· Use personal pronouns like "I" and "you."

· Tell real-like stories that people can easily relate to.

· Wherever possible, use humor to make people smile or laugh.

· Be passionate about the topic of your YouTube video.

The power of "Blue Ocean" content

"Blue Ocean" content refers to original, out-of-the-box ideas that resonate with audiences due to their uniqueness. Paddy Galloway cites his own videos as examples of "Blue Ocean" content. In his YouTube videos, he combines YouTube advice with the styles of video essays in engineering and science. Embracing this type of content can set creators apart and attract dedicated YouTube followers.

The success of "Blue Ocean" YouTube content lies in its ability to resonate with audiences who are tired of seeing the same content repeatedly. When video creators dare to think outside the box and offer unique perspectives, they attract dedicated followers. This approach differentiates your YouTube channel from others and fosters a sense of loyalty among viewers who appreciate fresh video content.

For aspiring YouTube creators, the lesson here is to be bold and experiment with fresh ideas. Rather than replicating what's already popular on YouTube, look for opportunities to combine different elements in unique ways.

Balancing storytelling and analytics

Paddy underscores the importance of striking a balance between storytelling and analytics. Creators should use analytics as a way to refine the YouTube content without sacrificing the narrative flow of the video. Sometimes, a minor dip in retention might lead to a more engaging long-term experience for viewers. Finding this balance is crucial for success on YouTube.

An example of a successful balance between storytelling and analytics can be seen in a YouTuber’s travel series. The travel vlogger may notice that the viewers tend to drop off during the more mundane travel preparation segments. Instead of cutting out this part of the video entirely to boost retention, the creator can use analytics to refine the pacing of these segments. This ensures that they still contribute to the overall narrative. This way, the audience gets valuable information, and the video idea remains cohesive and engaging

Embracing short-form content and YouTube Shorts

YouTube Shorts, the feature for short-form vertical videos, offers creators new opportunities to engage audiences. Shorts can act as condensed intros that require a solid conclusion. Top YouTube consultants recommend that video creators repurpose compelling moments from longer videos. You should use them as YouTube Shorts. This will keep viewers intrigued and drive traffic to the main YouTube channel. The same content can also be cross-posted on TikTok, Instagram Reels, Twitter (X) videos, Pinterest, and any other platform that you are active on.

Diversifying revenue streams

Apart from YouTube AdSense, top video creators derive income from various sources. They generate revenue from speaking engagements, affiliate marketing, consulting services, and brand sponsorships. YouTube creators should explore multiple revenue streams to secure their financial futures and expand their overall online reach.

The future of the creator economy

Paddy Galloway envisions a future where content creators will continue to dominate the online sphere. As storytelling and retention merge seamlessly, creators will find innovative ways to capture audiences' attention while keeping them engaged. Paddy predicts that more creators will gain prominence across different industries, asserting that YouTube's impact will only grow with time.

To sum it up – YouTube will always remain the video leader

Paddy Galloway's insights into creating engaging YouTube content extend far beyond YouTube's algorithm. Like all other top YouTube consultants, he excels at crafting thumbnails that stand out, utilizing numbers to captivate audiences, and developing consistent branding to boost viewer recognition. With an understanding of the fine balance between clickbait and authenticity, content creators can attract and retain a dedicated YouTube audience. By testing and analyzing thumbnails and leveraging captivating intros, you can elevate their YouTube growth strategy. Just as we at Zimbola, Paddy Galloway, and all other well-known YouTube channel growth consultants have done with some of the biggest names in the YouTube community, you can do it too. And if you need expertise to back you up, get in touch with us now to see your YouTube channel growth soaring.

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