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Robert F Smith - Richest African American, Third Richest Black Billionaire in the World

With a net worth of $8 billion in 2022, Robert F. Smith, founder of Vista Equity Partners, is the wealthiest African-American and third in the list of black billionaires, behind two Nigerian business moguls, Aliko Dangote and Mike Adenuga.

Richest Black Billionaire

The richest African American, Robert F Smith, is a billionaire with swag. Like Warren Buffet, he has succeeded by having an eye for promising companies and startups. His venture, Vista Equity Partners, acquires them at the right price, allows them to maintain independent functioning, and funds their development. The billionaire openly shares, “We have never lost money in a buyout.” The wealthiest African American happily says he has gotten rich by paying attention to his employees.

His firm operates on a philosophy that employees are an integral part of an organization. This is why it is important to listen to their valuable input before making any decision. Vista Equity Partners has a portfolio of more than 125 current and former companies, which surely is a big achievement for a person who started working in the corporate sector after graduating from Cornell University. Business wasn’t on his mind then, but he made headlines once he got into the groove.

Backed by his smart acquisitions, Smith combines his tech knowledge with finance to elevate his business. As per the billionaire, “That’s the hardest thing to teach, but if you get it right, it will last for decades.” “There is no greater time to be an entrepreneur in the technology sector. This is a wonderful time to be an entrepreneur.”

What an inspirational individual!

The Marketo Adobe acquisition put Robert F Smith in the limelight

Marketo Adobe acquisition captured the headlines in 2018, and the person in highlight was Robert F Smith, who made $3 billion in profits within three years of acquiring Marketo.

Marketo engage Adobe

The world takes notice when you sell a company for a $3 billion profit in a short period. Black billionaire Robert F Smith is an avid philanthropist and successful businessman who has been capturing headlines for his technology company acquisitions for over three decades. The founder of Equity Vista Partners (2000) focuses on making investments in promising software companies. It has been recorded that since its inception, Vista Equity has annually realized almost 30% return for its investors.

Robert F Smith - Vista Equity Growth and Expansion

The person behind Marketo Adobe acquisition is not a new face in the industry. Founded in 2000, his private venture capital firm, Vista Equity Partners, has almost $86 billion in assets under management. The firm has investments in around 50 tech companies and has almost 90 former companies on its list.

Vista Equity owner Robert F Smith, with his smart tech acquisitions, has successfully made the firm one of the wealthiest investment companies in the world. The proud owner of the largest BE 100’s private Equity Firm keeps acquiring promising tech companies rapidly. Today, Vista Equity Partners is the 4th largest software enterprise company, just after Oracle, Microsoft, and SAP.

Ever since the early 2000s, the black billionaire and the richest African American has been interested in cloud services, given the opportunities it provides.

Marketo Adobe acquisition: Robert F Smith pulls off one of the biggest deals

The private equity firm launched by black billionaire Robert F. Smith announced selling the cloud service company Marketo to Adobe in 2018. Marketo Platform is cloud-native with extensive opportunities meant for integration across Adobe Experience cloud.

Marketo Adobe acquisition

After the Marketo Adobe acquisition, the Marketo engagement platform continues offering an unrivaled set of versatile solutions. In a press release, Brad Rencher, executive vice president and general manager, Digital Experience, Adobe said, "The acquisition of Marketo widens Adobe’s lead in customer experience across B2C and B2B and puts Adobe Experience Cloud at the heart of all marketing.”

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