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What led to the idea of Zimbola?

It’s because of a deep idea that I have had for many years. 

  • The first ever website went live in 1991

  • The first email was sent in 1971

  • The first ever ecommerce store was launched in 1982

  • The first social media platform was launched in 1997. 

It has been several decades for everything listed above. But there’s still a gray area. Millions of people want to own a website but keep their ideas on hold. Corporate professionals, small business owners, freelancers, consultants, service business owners, side hustlers wanting to make money through affiliate marketing/blogging/personal branding/ecommerce never make the move to own a website.

And why? It is because:

  • Even in this fast-moving digital world, the costs to get a website designed is extremely high. 

  • Website designing is a technical job and involves a complex set of strategies to achieve desired goals from a website. 

  • To build a website, you need a level of expertise, money and time. 

  • The website building platforms promise a website to be a 5-minute thing, but that is not true. It takes several days to set up your website, and most of the basic features are paid. In the end, you spend more than what was promised to you and also hire an expert website builder suggested by them. Overall, it’s a trap you fall into. And it is difficult to escape.

  • Hiring a freelancer from different platforms is tiring and costly because of the process involved. Posting a job, shortlisting someone, hiring a designer, chasing around to get your job done on time (because most freelancers cannot survive on your job alone, so they work way out of their bandwidth and take up multiple projects at a time, which significantly dilutes the quality of work), then the revisions and finally a dispute after which you hire someone new to get the job completed. 

  • And then, of course, you hire a content writer, SEO expert, PPC expert, on and off hiring for maintenance work - it’s a headache. 

  • The big wig agencies usually start their pricing from $10,000 or so, and that’s only for the website. It does not include additional services like extra features on the website, timely updates and content uploading, SEO, social media, PPC, etc.


I wanted to make the work easy by delivering websites that meet quality standards and are highly affordable. No multiple hirings, no extra money, no inflated invoices, no chasing around, no dependency on various experts. 


Another thing that motivated me to start Zimbola was the outsourcing that big agencies do. In many cases, a really big percentage of big wig digital agencies outsource their work to me. They charge their clients in 5 figures and pay me a small amount from that lovely big figure. I want to change it by raising awareness for people needing websites. 


Why enter into a contract with some digital agency that portrays itself falsely to bag the contract but in reality outsources its work offshore to talented people? The problem is that they label it as 'original' and 'in-office' work done by their 'staff.' That's unethical, against the customer's trust and breaks the contract terms.


So why not hire those talented professionals directly for website projects because they are the ones who always do the real work? No matter which London, New York or Los Angeles agency you set up a contract with - the work is finally done by someone not part of their team and based elsewhere. 


This led me to come up with Zimbola. The team at Zimbola is diverse, experienced, talented, service-oriented, dedicated, motivated, sharp and internet-loving. We are trying to change how things work in the digital marketing sphere. 


Isn't the Zimbola model more sensible, sustainable, productive and money-saving? So why make the website design industry the new unethical garment/fashion industry? 

Some of the premium clients I have worked with


Why partner with Zimbola?

Some crucial game-changing questions you need to ask yourself today

1. Are you spending the 'right amount' on your content, web design, social media management, link building and SEO efforts or paying 2x, 3x, or maybe 5x more.

2. Are you recycling/repurposing your old content to widen its reach and lifespan?
3.  Are you focusing beyond a beautiful-looking website and writing fresh content 'the way Google and your audience will love it''?
4. Are you targeting the right social media platform for your target audience and managing it consistently?

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