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With HyreCar, both drivers and car owners can make money. Drivers can find a car listed by the car owners and drive for any ride sharing app – Uber, Lyft, etc. As the site claims, car owners wanting to rent their cars can make around $720 a month per car. Considering the flexibility the platform provides, HyreCar is really a good option if you want to make money steadily with a reliable source.

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This is something trendy and revolutionary. As a gig worker who wants to make money easily, you can use the Bird e-scooter platform to find scooters and bikes in your locality that need charging. Collect the scooter and earn around $5 for each recharge.

Depending on where the scooter has been dropped off by a renter and how difficult it is to locate, you can make much more than the 5 bucks. The more you charge up the e-scooters, the more money you make and give power to your side hustle.

The platform can work out differently and benefit you if you own a large vehicle to transport e-scooters, have a warehouse space to store them (which you can easily rent) and have experience in marketing, you can become part of a revolution.

As a fleet manager for Bird, you can make more than $1500 per week (paid out weekly) with Bird’s e-scooters. It’s a growing business, and just a small investment can turn this idea or a small business into a big one. Making money with a trendy idea does not get better. Try it with Bird.


The Lime e-scooter and e-bike rental company is a direct competitor of Bird. It works on the exact same model. The charging gig workers on Lime are called Juicers, and locating the scooters to charge and collecting them is called harvesting. 

So the more you harvest e-scooters and bikes and juice them (battery charging), the more money you make as a side hustler. It pays almost similar to the Bird platform, so it is entirely up to you if you want to juice the lime or capture the bird. Even its fleet management program is similar to that of Bird in case you want to start a small business in this growing sector.


A site that’s exclusively for editing jobs, the average pay of $20 to $30 an hour and a continuous supply of new editing gigs is what expert editors can expect from the site.

The site is open to native English speakers with a minimum of a bachelor’s degree and exceptional skills in editing papers and meeting deadlines. Proofreading is worth working for if you want to work as a freelancer in the editing field.

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The brands that hire from a freelance platform speak a lot about the quality of jobs and freelancers available there. Amazon Studio, CVS, GM, McKinsey, Beats by Dre, Shutterfly and many more recruit regularly from Aquent.

The jobs on Aquent are mainly in marketing, creative, metaverse and gaming, technology, and design, but there are numerous subdomains where you can find a job that suits you best.


The site can help you find remote jobs in the following domains - virtual assistants, accounting services, website specialists and social media managers.

The client list on Belay is quite long and impressive, so the remote job platform hires only experienced and highly talented professionals in these four categories. If you need work that is more than a gig and enriches your career, apply to work on Belay.

Virtual Assistants USA

The award-winning company Virtual Assist USA hires virtual assistants and project managers for top brands. The pay is $15 an hour and more depending on a candidate’s skills and experience. The fields you can apply on Virtual Assist USA include administrative, marketing, web design, social media marketing/management, business strategy, and much more.

The company offers remote positions, but you work as an employee for them and not as a freelancer or as a third-party remote worker.

Priority VA

If you want to work for an industry leader as an executive assistant, Priority VA can help you with that. The platform offers both remote jobs and full-time jobs.

If your interest lies in remote jobs and you can devote more than 30 hours a week, Priority VA is the perfect site for you. Investment firms, SaaS companies, famous individuals – there are many options for you to choose from to work as an executive assistant.


This is a Veritext company and one of the best for transcription jobs online. If you are looking for remote work and want to make money online with ongoing freelance transcription jobs, Allegis Transcription is a good site to try.

You can work with a completely flexible schedule and be sure of a steady workflow, as the platform has been in business for more than 25 years and has a number of clients that you can choose from.


Earning $5 to $20 per audio hour from the comfort of your home is a cool thing. With Scribie, you get steady work and automated transcripts that can save you almost 60% of the typing effort.

You can easily make $400 a month as a beginner, $800 at the intermediate and $1600 at an advanced level, with all levels requiring 8 hours of work per day. The Scribie platform is more than 15 years old, has paid out over $4 million to its 50, 000+ transcribers globally and has transcribed over 8 million minutes.

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The TranscribeMe platform offers work in transcription, translation, annotation, and subtitling. There are both part-time and full-time opportunities available, and you need to complete just one job per month to stay active on the platform.

Each audio file ranges from 2 to 8 minutes. So if you are looking for freelance or remote job opportunities in transcription, TranscribeMe is the perfect option.

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