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Food delivery is a cool way to make money in your spare time, and you can make it a full-time job if it suits you. Grubhub is one of the top food delivery options for drivers with a bike or a car. The app is very popular, which means you will get orders to deliver food consistently. With a small transaction fee of $0.50, you can cash out your money earned on the app. This is a good choice for gig workers who want to work in their local area driving their bikes and cars.


Base pay for every food and drink delivery and tips and other promotions from time to time make Doordash a popular choice for drivers in the US, Canada and Australia. The Doordash app is the leading food delivery app, so it ensures regular work for gig workers. 

Another cool thing that makes this app a popular choice for a side hustle is the flexibility – you work entirely per your schedule, and the base pay ensures you get a minimum amount of money on every delivery. Doordash is really safe, flexible and enjoyable for all side hustlers.


The popular Postmates app was acquired by Uber in 2020. With it, all its fleet business has gone to Uber, but the job profile and opportunities to drive and deliver remain as it is. With Postmates, you deliver food and drinks, groceries, and other things. When you sign up to deliver food and make money through this side hustle, you work directly for Uber Eats instead of Postmates.

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This is the most downloaded food ordering app in the US. This means plenty of work for side hustlers on the Uber Eats app. Becoming a driver on Uber Eats is easy – you sign up as a driver, start receiving orders through the app and get payment in your account for every food delivery. Unlike many other food delivery apps, Uber Eats allows gig workers to work on a flexible schedule. This means there are no fixed hours, and you work for as much time as you want to.

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Education first, or EF, offers various educational programs - study abroad, student exchange, educational travel and language learning courses. EF is present in over 55 countries and has a strong team of more than 50 000 people working in different domains. 

There are many regular and hybrid job opportunities with Education First with which you can travel and broaden your horizon, but there are plenty for remote workers too. So if you want to work from home or any location of your choice, you can apply to EF as a teacher, technology expert, or sales and marketing specialist for local markets.


If you own a property and make money through guest bookings from a reputed portal, FlipKey is a perfect choice. Flip Key is managed by Trip Advisor, which is one of the largest travel portals on the internet. A massive number of users on the site ensures regular guest bookings for your property. The portal is flexible to use, so you can set bae rates and seasonal rates to maximize the earnings from your guest rental property.


Over 200 000 cities and a strong community of more than 14 million people make Couchsurfing the perfect place to make money from. There are two key differences between Airbnb and Couchsurfing that makes the latter a good choice for both travelers and property listers – Couchsurfing is more budget travel-oriented and aims to help travelers explore local places and their people. So whether you own an air mattress, a spare room or a spare bed, list it on Couchsurfing and start making money from this cool business idea.


It is the Airbnb of storage. The concept is the same – it is just that StoreAtMyHouse focuses on storage and Airbnb on guest accommodations. The site is popular with hosts who want to make money from their free space by renting it out for storage purposes. So whatever the size of your free space, you can earn an income from that by renting it to people who need to store their items due to lack of space in their place or any other reason.

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MTurk by Amazon is really the king when it comes to bite-sized tasks. As a gig worker, you can complete many kinds of tasks on Mechanical Turk by Amazon – image quality rating, video transcription, research study, writing, market research, product categorization, moderation, data extraction and much more. 

You can make quick money with side hustles working on Amazon gigs. The tasks can be completed within a browser, which makes it the perfect work from home side hustle for busy moms, students or anybody looking for a second income to support their main income.


Want to make money from your car? If you don’t drive around much or your overall car usage is less, or you have a spare car, you can use it to create a steady income stream with the Getaround car renting platform. Insurance coverage for every trip, predictive pricing, unlimited bonuses, listing for all car types and the potential to make anything from $700 to $3000 a month depending on your car model and renting availability make Getaround a cool platform for side hustlers. You can start making money with your car right after listing it on the platform. What’s even more cool is that you can give your car a ‘name’ – isn’t that cute?


An average annual income of $10500+ with one car and success stories mentioned on the platform showing side hustlers earning more than $50000 make Turo a cool avenue for making money with your car. Whether you own one car or two or even more, you can list them on Turo and start making money immediately.

The unique thing about Turo is that it works in favor of car owners and gives them opportunities to scale the car renting business through the platform. Many success stories on the website show people who have become small business owners and are successful entrepreneurs, all with the help of the Turo app.

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