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Here’s a big brand to work with and make driving a vehicle a profitable side hustle. With Lyft, you can get registered within 30 minutes. Your driving license, background check consent and insurance and other documents (if you decide to use your own 4-door vehicle) will make the registration process easier.


It is best for students and everyone else looking to make some quick money while driving in and around your city. Lyft is great because:

  • You get paid right after a trip is completed.

  • You have the option to drive either your own vehicle or you can get it from Lyft.

  • Extra income potential – through incentives and passenger tips that are 100% yours.


Live commerce is rising rapidly and will see new levels of popularity in the coming years. It is the best time to capitalize on the idea of live commerce, and WhatNot is an innovative platform that allows you to get the best return on your live selling skills. 


If you have inventory, a good social media following and a passion for selling, register on WhatNot to see your business growing with live-streaming ecommerce. Registration is simple, and you are approved quickly if you meet the terms mentioned.

  • Engage and connect with your audience through live streaming.

  • Payment delivery is within 48-72 hours once the customer receives the package.

  • Make up to $6000 a month or even more by showcasing your live streaming selling skills.


How about earning an average of $5k a month by working only 15-25 hours weekly? And if you cannot dedicate that much time, then maybe just 10 hours a week. And the work – it is the best in the category of make money online ideas.


You have to assist and provide live advice to customers looking for gear. It could be for fly fishing, camping, hiking, golfing, snowboarding, skiing and much more.


If you are an expert in gears, Curated will:

  • Help you register quickly on the platform – a 30-minute process and a video interview.

  • Allow you to work in flexi mode. Anything from 10 hours or more.

  • Interact directly with the visitors and help them make informed choices about what they want to buy.

  • Provide you with high earning potential through the platform.

  • You also get bonuses from the gear seekers.

freelancer club.jpg

Here’s a freelance platform that cares for freelancers. Yes, creative freelancers on Freelancer Club experience that in real. Started by a freelancer after an unpaid invoice left him broke and frustrated, the platform now works to strengthen freelancers with its outstanding features like:

  • Academy – helping freelancers learn and grow

  • Direct interviews with big brands.

  • No unpaid invoices or payment cancellations by clients after you complete the work.

  • Live masterclasses.

  • Discussion boards that provide solid advice from experienced creative professionals.

  • Plenty of jobs that you can apply to with a single click.


Students face a tough time in finding internships, placements and, most importantly, mentors. Experienced professionals who can be their mentors are difficult to find. The Commons is on a mission to help students find mentors who can help them build great careers. 

To become a mentor on The Commons, you need to have a minimum of 1.5 years of experience, a willingness to dedicate at least 2-5 hours per week and mentor bright students through live and online workshops, and team project working sessions, all during evenings and weekends.


With The Commons, you can:

  • Earn money by mentoring students.

  • Learn and grow with the help of other community mentors.

  • Find jobs for yourself.

  • Hire mentees.

  • Learn while teaching others and expand your knowledge base with it.


Over 250 000 video artists, podcasters, musicians, writers, educators, gamers, and more can achieve creative and financial freedom on Patreon. The platform is about exclusivity and building deeper connections with audiences that truly matter to you.


You can provide exclusive access to your work and build a community that goes beyond shares and likes. With Patreon, you can:

  • Build an audience that truly appreciates your work.

  • Unlock great earning potential with exclusive access to your content.

  • Build a membership business, hold events and much more.

share grid.jpg

Here’s a platform exclusive to photography enthusiasts. With ShareGrid, you can rent, buy and sell your camera gear. With 150,000+ members on the platform sharing more than $1 billion worth of gear, you can be sure of making money online by renting out camera gear.


With ShareGrid, you get the following:

  • To be part of a large community of more than 150 000 people.

  • To make money with your camera – by renting it to other photographers.

  • Freedom to accept or decline a request for buying or renting.

  • Buy camera gear from other members.

  • Insurance and coverage options for your camera gear.


Selling your clothes to make money online and help the environment is one of the best ideas you can come up with. Depop supports this idea as the platform allows you to sell your clothes and get the maximum buck.


With Depop:

  • You can register fast and start selling immediately on the store you create.

  • Sell any apparel you no more need.

  • Be part of a growing community that believes in reducing fashion waste.

  • Take advice from the seller team to grow your sales.


Making money as a photography and videography expert on Trend is easy as you connect with top ecommerce brands. You can choose anything you like from the long list of gigs that cover product photography, lifestyle photos, product in action videos, testimonial videos, unboxing videos, portrait-style photos or anything else that ecommerce businesses would love to have from you.

With Trend, you can:

  • Register for free.

  • Start with zero audience. No social media fan following is needed.

  • Access to new gigs every day.

  • Receive free products and also cash from online sellers.


This is one of the biggest names on our list of side hustles. If you own a property – apartment, villa, tree house, tiny home, spare room or anything that your guests would want to book and live in, Airbnb is the best option to make money online. 

List your property, make it guest-worthy (clean, basic amenities, add some features) and wait for guest reservations from the platform. Airbnb hosts have made hosting a full-time business over the years, as the platform has immense potential to ensure your business growth.


Airbnb offers:

  • Safe and secure payments with only a 3% charge on every booking.

  • Insurance coverage of up to $3 million.

  • Proven track record of being one of the best platforms where hosts make money through their properties. 

  • Access to a global audience - International guest reservations.

  • Opportunity to do business – no matter which country, state or town your property is located in.


Elance and Odesk merged to form Upwork, now the world's second-biggest freelancing platform after Fiverr. It functions in a very different way from Fiverr. On Upwork, you register as a freelancer, and if your application is approved, you can start applying to a number of jobs posted almost every minute. 


Upwork is very popular, so it's natural that there is a lot of competition on the platform. On every new job posted by a client, there can be more than 50 applications (called bids) on a job. A gig could be a long-term one that may last for many years and give you regular income, which might be as good as a regular job, but work is always done remotely. Or the gig could be a simple one with just $% on offer for some one-off task.


With Upwork:

  • You can have an unlimited income as the platform is renowned and has thousands of clients who post jobs regularly.

  • Be part of a large system and community where you learn and grow.

  • Increase your income as you keep receiving positive ratings and client feedback on the jobs you complete. 

  • Apply to as many jobs as you want by purchasing connects.

  • Work in any of the hundreds of subcategories – from legal to business, writing to engineering. There is something for everyone.

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