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This is the largest events marketplace on the internet. Eventbrite helps you grow your audience with its powerful marketing tools and analytics. Through its professional event management team, the platform is open to both in-person and virtual events and offers customized packages for every need.


Eventbrite is best because: 

  • Charges zero fees for free events and a nominal fee for all other events.

  • It is the largest online platform for holding in-person and virtual events of all kinds.

  • Makes holding events a seamless experience for newbies.

  • Offers best-in-class event creation and ticketing tools

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With E-Pal, you make gaming friends from all around the world and earn up to $5000 a month while doing that. An Epal is a freelance gamer who provides a particular service in one of the gaming domains on the platform. 

As an Epal, you provide companionship to fellow gamers – discuss, teach and learn everything related to gaming, anime, comic books, movies or any other related thing.

On Epal, you:

  • Socialize, and be friends with gamers from all parts of the world.

  • Boost your income – depending on your gaming, socialization and time spent on the platform.

  • Learn gaming skills from a strong gaming community and raise your own skills with it.


It is one of the apps that stood against Apple’s 30% charge policy from app owners. The dynamic newsletter platform is a great choice for content writers and podcasters. On Substack, you can send your digital content (stories/blogs or podcasts) directly to your subscribers and make money with it. The income calculation is simple, which you can do easily with the Substack calculator. 

For example, if you have 50 000 subscribers and each one pays you $7, you earn $289 850 per month. Even with a smaller following, you can make a substantial amount of money with your content. So if you have just 10000 followers and you charge $5 from each, the money you can make is $40 550 per month.


Substack gives you:

  • Complete freedom over your content – publish content free or set it as paid.

  • Control over your content – decide what you want to write.

  • Full ownership of your content.  90% of your earnings to you.

Here is something for dog lovers. Wag! platform is best for people who want to be dog walkers, sitters, and trainers and make money online while doing that. Wag is active in more than 5300 cities and towns across the US and has a strong community of over 400 000 gig workers in the pet caregiving domain.

With Wag!, you can:

  • Set your own schedule, set plans for the week, and even make instant plans to walk a pet.

  • Work in any city or town you are located in. That’s because of the wide coverage the platform has.

  • Choose any work area - dog walking, overnight sitting & boarding, or training. 


With over 20 000 top brands on the platform looking for social media influencers, Collabstr is the way to make money online if you are an influencer. The platform supports Instagram, TikTok, YouTube, Twitch, Twitter and UGC. You get a custom URL when you create a profile and get direct offers from top brands in various niches.


On Collabstr:

  • Payments are safe as they are charged upfront from the client.

  • Top clients are available, so the chance of you getting a top brand deal is high.

  • You experience one of the simplest platforms to manage your influencer gigs.


By registering on the Papa platform, you become a Papa pal. As a pal, you provide companionship to the elderly in your local area and support seniors and working families in shopping, driving or any other personal concierge service. Working on a flexible schedule and supporting others in your free time to make money is as wonderful as it can be.


With Papa app, you:

  • Provide companionship, run errands and drive around for the members you choose.

  • Earn money while doing meaningful and social gigs.

  • Get familiar with how the process works through a detailed video.


With Meowtel, you get to be with lovely cats and care for them. Cat sitting is fun with Meowtel gigs – only a selected few get to work on the platform, so it means you are paid handsomely for your side hustle. The best cat sitters on Meowtel earn somewhere between $4,000-$6,000 per month. Other cat sitters make around $500-$1,000 per month.


With Meowtel, cat sitters can:

  • Make money and maximize their earning while caring for lovely kitties.

  • Work in any of the major cities in the US.

  • Work safely as they are fully insured and bonded.


The Rover platform is one of the oldest in the pet sitting business. It offers great flexibility as you get to choose the pet based on size, age, and any other pet preferences that suit you best. With so much flexibility from Rover, you can choose any dog you love to care for and make money through it.


With Rover:

  • You can make 2x more money if you offer boarding.

  • Work on a completely flexible schedule.

  • Get 24/7 vet assistance.

  • Make money regularly if you work from home. Provide pet boarding while you work and make extra money.

  • Get paid within two days after you complete a gig.


On Venku, you register as a host. The platform matches you with people looking for RV spots, campsites, stand-up paddle-boarding, sandboarding, hunting, horseback riding, fishing holes, hiking, mountain biking, birdwatching, ziplining, trail-riding, kayaking, canoeing, ATV riding and everything that is an outdoor adventure. 

As a Venku host, you can make money either by granting access to your property or by providing your expert-level outdoor service like hunting guides & outfitters, fishing guides, charter captains, eco-tour providers, adventure sports guides or anything that you think suits your outdoor activity skills best.


Venku provides you:

  • Free listing for your service and your property.

  • Get an interactive dashboard to carry out your side hustle.

  • Opportunity to make your side hustle idea into a serious business if you own the right property or have the right skills in any of the adventure or educational outings.


Sending newsletters builds audiences and boosts business. It gets even better when your newsletters can be used for brand partnerships. Selling ad space through sponsorships from leading brands is one of the coolest ways to make money online, and Hecto is the perfect place to do that. Collaborate with brands, offer them space in your newsletters, and get paid for that.


With Hecto, you can:

  • Focus on creating newsletters and let the platform get you deals for ad space in newsletters.

  • Set up your own page on Hecto and appear in searches when brands and marketers look for email newsletters to partner with.

  • Set prices and availability as per your choice – Hecto offers total flexibility.


Selling games and earning money with it is easy on the Nexus site. The platform allows you to showcase your work on the game store you create with it. Scaling your brand is easy as the platform serves as a central place where you can put up all your work and receive support or monetize.


With Nexus, as a game seller, you can expect:

  • Fair share for every sale through the platform.

  • Getting support from a large game community.

  • Total freedom – no restrictions, ads, affiliates or trackers.

  • Earn for every sale.

  • An expansive gallery to choose games from. Write reviews and build a strong presence with it.

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