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The OpenAI GPT Store - Create and Share Your Own Chatbots on the Platform


The recent days have been full of excitement for ChatGPT fans. Mainly for two things - the launch of the GPT Store and the announcement confirming that OpenAI is going to launch GPT 5.

In a groundbreaking move, OpenAI introduced the GPT Store after several delays. GPT Store has already registered over 3 million custom ChatGPT versions (GPT bots from users). For a new creators store, that’s a big number and shows the potential AI holds. Beyond being a platform, the GPT Store will serve as a place that promotes creativity. This will allow GPT users to showcase their talent and at the same time earn money through revenue sharing. Yes, you heard it right. Making money through ChatGPT is slowly becoming a real possibility.

The GPT Store is available to users of ChatGPT Plus and Enterprise plans, and also for the subscribers to a new tier called Team GPT. The TeamGPT feature was announced recently with an idea to allow users to collaborate on threads & prompts.

Decoding the OpenAI ChatGPT Store

Let’s understand in detail what GPTStore is, how you can make money on it and the ost exciting new thing - VideoGPT.

What is the GPT Store?

The GPT Store is an integral part of the ChatGPT ecosystem. The store serves as a marketplace for users to create, share, and explore personalized versions of ChatGPT customized as per specific requirements and a unique approach. GPT Store enables the exploration, sharing, and even monetization of unique GPT creations, basically the bots. This gives new ground to AI creators and developers to present their chatbots and earn a part of the revenue.

How to use the GPT Store?

The GPT Store is not available to free users. At present, the store is available to ChatGPT Plus subscribers and enterprise users. It is a curated online marketplace that will provide you with a wide range of custom GPTs. GPT Store provides you with a seamless experience, catering to both experienced developers and all other AI enthusiasts. With its user-friendly features, this unique and first-ever store that is exclusive to GPTs ensures accessibility for all with the final aim to promote a collaborative environment.

Diverse offerings in the GPT Store - Text to VideoGPT

The GPT Store has a wide range of chatbots developed by partners and members of the GPT community. These are from various categories that include DALL·E, writing, creative work, research and exploration, coding/programming, education and training, and lifestyle. 

Each category offers its unique applications, but the spotlight is on the VideoGPTs. The VideoGPT aims to create the perfect connection between text and video to redefine the AI interaction experience.

You can explore VideoGPTs that are custom-built for diverse applications, from personalized learning to immersive training sessions, book recommendations to solutions to fight misinformation and provide AI-enabled video creation to space exploration and research. These are just some of the possibilities with VideoGPT. The actual list of what video GPS can do is far too long to include here. 

Creating and sharing bots - Building your GPT

Creating a personalized GPT within the GPT Store is a simple process. It requires no coding skill or AI development skills. You can save your bots for public use and can also set them as private. The idea behind this is to give AI creators full control over their innovative contributions to the AI marketplace.

OpenAI has also set a new review system to ensure custom GPTs are in sync with its brand guidelines and usage policies. There are guidelines on how to report GPTs that users find harmful or unsafe.

Future plans - Revenue-sharing program

Making money online with AI is the new trend so you must be wanting to know how to earn money on ChatGPT platform. Here’s the news. OpenAI has already announced a revenue-sharing plan for GPT (chatbots) builders in the first quarter. 

This program will allow GPT creators to earn a part of revenue as per the overall user engagement on their particular GPT store. The move is to promote a community that is driven by creativity and entrepreneurship within the AI space. There are no details though on what exactly it will look like in practice.

To conclude

The ChatGPT Store is a marketplace within the OpenAI ChatGPT ecosystem that lets AI creators build their own chatbots (GPTs). The users share their versions of ChatGPT and stand a chance to earn money through a revenue sharing program from OpenAI. As of now, the platform access is for paid users only but there are changes expected in the near future. With GPT 5 already announced and the store launched, the company is set to come up with more expected and unexpected launches in the AI field in the future. Stay tuned on Zimbola for the latest AI trends.

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